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30-Minute Telephone Chat

Marriage SOS telesession 30 minute phone chat

Are you wondering whether I’m the right practitioner for you? Perhaps you want to see if we have a good rapport before booking a full-length telephone session. Or perhaps you’re wondering whether one of my crash courses might be a faster, more economical option, but you have a few questions.

Well, wonder no more. Instead, book a 30-minute discovery telephone chat. I speak with clients across the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. You can quickly run your relationship problem(s) and goals by me: I’ll tell you whether I think I can help you and how I might do that, and I’ll try to give you a tip or two to get you started. The sooner the better, frankly.

This short and sweet conversation can help you no matter what larger option (i.e. full-length telephone session or crash course) I recommend or you end up choosing. If you go on to book a telephone session, we’ll already have some groundwork done. If you go on to select a crash course, I can give you some ‘bonus’ personalization in advance.  If you decide not to move ahead, you should at least have a new tip or two to try. So regardless, it’ll be time well-spent.

You can also book a 30-minute phone session to wrap-up or supplement a crash course. It’s the best of both worlds: essential info streamed at your pace, topped off with a personal Q&A chat.

Click here to book a 30-minute discovery phone chat or book via the main telephone sessions page.  Please keep in mind: while these phone chats can be very helpful, they are not a substitute for a full-length telephone session. They work best for discovery meet-and-greets and for specific Q&A’s following the completion of a crash course.

(Note: My incoming call will be private and will not show caller ID.)

While you’re here, take some friendly advice: Receiving professional relationship help has changed. No longer do you just flip through the yellow pages (anyone remember those?) and choose the first counselor that you see. No longer must you cater to a counselor’s agenda or limitations, settle for a local practitioner just because they’re within driving distance, or choose ongoing psychotherapy sessions or couch counselling because that’s all that’s out there. Nowadays, you have options. Know them. Think about them. And then choose the one that’s right for you, whether that’s me or someone else.

  • Their practice is exclusively devoted to couples: do not choose a generalist.
  • They specialize in your areas of conflict (i.e. affairs, communication, midlife crises, etc.).
  • They are married and have never been divorced.
  • Their approach and service options conveniently suit your lifestyle and schedule.
  • They have an established method and you feel it is appropriate for you.
  • They have recognized credentials and extensive real-world experience with clients.
  • There is no hidden religious element.
  • They are unbiased and non-judgmental; however they are not “neutral” on divorce.
  • They are able to offer practical strategies as opposed to just listening to you talk (or complain).
  • They focus on the positive and on the future, instead of focusing on the negative and dwelling on the past.