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Telephone Sessions

Telephone sessions are offered across the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.  They allow me to ask the same questions and provide the same information that I would during an office visit, all in a low-key way that facilitates faster progress. Get specialized, one-on-one help from the convenience of your own couch (or car, or office desk, or park bench…).  Scroll down for scheduling info.

Marriage Tele-SessionsWhat a difference an hour and a half can make… Telephone sessions are available on a one-time, as-needed or ongoing basis. I’ll provide you with an inventory of must-know information, usable insights and practical skills/strategies that you can incorporate into your relationship ASAP.

Or keep it short and sweet… Test the waters with a 30 minute discovery chat to see if we’re a good fit. This is also the perfect amount of time to address any questions that may remain after listening to a crash course. This is a popular, cost-effective approach – essential info streamed at your pace, topped off with a personal Q&A chat with me.


If both partners are participating, I will have separate telephone sessions with each one. This allows me to get partners on the same page, working toward a common goal, as quickly as possible. Regardless of the issue, this “one partner at a time” method of relationship coaching provides the kind of low-conflict, collaborative and encouraging help that struggling couples require.

If only one partner is ready to participate, I offer strategies that can help that partner improve his or her situation. This is a much better approach than forcing or begging a reluctant partner to participate. There are many things one partner can do to improve matters, which in turn can motivate a resistant partner to either participate or change his or her behavior for the better.

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