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Phone Consults

Phone Consults

woman holding mobile phoneMarriage troubles? Maybe your spouse won’t agree to get help. Maybe they won’t even agree to stop doing what they’re doing. If so, don’t panic. Book a 1-hour, one-on-one intensive phone consult with me instead. I specialize in situations where one spouse is currently more motivated to fix the marriage, and I’ll do my best to offer usable help in a single session.

Many of my phone consult clients have already listened to the relevant Marriage SOS™ online crash course for their situation (e.g. an emotional or physical affair, partner’s midlife crisis, etc.) and obtained the majority of guidance they need that way.

Nonetheless, they may still have a lingering question (or two) they just can’t let go of, or simply need a little clarity or reassurance that they’re on the right track. And if that’s the case, they may want to speak with me directly.  

Of course, phone consults can also be booked by those who have never taken one of my online programs. In such cases, and in the time allotted, I will try to provide usable insight and a fresh perspective of your problem, answer direct questions, and offer key strategies that can help you reach that all-important pivot-point in your marriage—the point when things can start to change to your benefit. 

While phone consults can be intensive, they are nonetheless informal, relaxed, and friendly, with a plainspoken and solution-focused style that many people prefer. My goal is not to book ongoing sessions, but rather to help you make some headway as quickly and purposefully as possible. That’s what my practice is all about.

So if you feel an intensive phone consult is right for you, book a time that works, get yourself a good cup of coffee, and find a private place to talk, whether that’s your car, your couch or a park bench. It can be an hour very well spent, and I will always do my best for you. 

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