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Marriage Tele-Sessions

** My apologies, but I am not currently accepting new telephone clients ** 

Marriage problems? Spouse won’t agree to get help? Maybe he or she won’t even agree to stop doing what they’re doing. Well, don’t panic. And don’t keep fighting about it! Book a one-on-one telephone session with me instead. We’ll figure it out.

In fact, I specialize in cases where one spouse is trying to motivate an unfaithful or uncooperative partner to change. That’s how it often is – one spouse is eager to make a change and the other is resistant. That’s okay.  We can work around that.

Every day, I speak with someone like you – someone who is frustrated, hurt, confused and worried about what the future holds. Someone who doesn’t know what to do and who is looking for the kind of eye-opening insights and game-changing strategies that can help them turn things around in their marriage and life.

As an international marriage author and conflict specialist, I can offer you the kind of top-tier, targeted relationship help that your marriage deserves – all in the privacy of your own space and at your own convenience.

Perhaps you’ve taken one of my online marriage-saving crash courses, but still have a question…or just need a sounding board. Or perhaps you haven’t taken a course and prefer to speak with me directly, finding that my no-nonsense approach appeals to you.

You can book a 1-hour session; however, I highly recommend booking a 1.5 hour “intensive” session if possible. This is definitely the best way to make the greatest amount of headway in the shortest amount of time. And that’s what I’m all about.

Either way, I will do my best to help you tackle your marriage problem(s) in the most sensible, effective way possible.

(Please note: course-takers requiring course-care phone consults will find booking information in their program.)

Book your session below – Fees: $250 USD per hour

(sorry, appointments currently unavailable)