Don't Panic. You Can Save Your Marriage.

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60-Minute Breakthrough Intensive

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Marriage problems? Spouse won’t agree to get help? Maybe he or she won’t even agree to stop doing what they’re doing. Well, don’t panic. And don’t keep fighting about it!

Book a one-on-one 60-minute breakthrough intensive phone consult with me instead.

Together—just you and me, without your unwilling or uncooperative spouse to derail the process—we’ll dive in and see what can be done. In fact, I specialize in cases where one spouse is trying to motivate an unfaithful, distant or otherwise resistant spouse to change. That’s how it often is: one is eager to make a change while the other, for varying reasons, isn’t quite there yet… at least not consistently. That’s okay. We can work around that.


I’ll begin our consult by asking you a few standard questions and then I’ll have you provide some background. As soon as reasonably possible, we’ll turn to potential solutions for your situation and the specific behaviors you’re facing. I will share various insights and strategies, including what has (and has not) worked for other people in your circumstances. Throughout the consult, I will also do my best to answer your questions as directly as possible. 

You can therefore expect our time together to be solution-focused, flexible, collaborative and very casual in tone. I speak to each client as if they were a friend sitting at my kitchen table—hard language, tears and heavy sighs don’t bother me (I expect it, actually).

The goal of a 60-minute breakthrough intensive phone consult is for you to gain a different perspective of your problem(s) and acquire at least one (hopefully more!) usable insight or practical strategy that is significant enough to prompt a positive change—a breakthrough—in your situation. 

If all of this sounds helpful to you, scroll down to my online scheduler and find a time that works. 

Then get a good cup of coffee, find a private place to talk—your car over your lunch break or your favorite park bench will do nicely—and wait for my call. I look forward to speaking with you.

(Note: If there is no availability below, you may wish to review my Marriage SOS™ Online Crash Courses for instant-access, intensive guidance that includes the same kinds of insights and strategies that I share in phone consults; however, an online program delivers these in greater number and detail, and at an accelerated pace.) 

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