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Telephone Sessions

**I am not currently accepting new telephone clients – please check back soon!

Marriage problems? Spouse won’t agree to get help? Maybe he or she won’t even agree to stop doing what they’re doing. Well, don’t panic. And don’t keep fighting about it! Book a one-on-one telephone session with me instead.

Together  – just you and me, without your unwilling or uncooperative spouse to derail the process – we’ll figure what your best plan of action is. In fact, I specialize in cases where one spouse is trying to motivate an unfaithful or uncooperative partner to change. That’s how it often is – one spouse is eager to make a change and the other is resistant. That’s okay.  We can work around that.

Every day, I speak with someone like you – someone who is frustrated, hurt, confused and worried about what the future holds. Someone who doesn’t know what to do and who is looking for fresh, usable insights and strategies to help them turn things around in their marriage and life. My approach can help you do that, all in the privacy and comfort of your own space – in fact, most people talk to me from their cars nowadays. Regardless, conversations are always casual and as positive as possible. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to talk to me.

While some people prefer to speak to me “cold” – that is, without having first taken one of my Marriage SOS online programs – I recommend that you review these programs and consider listening to the most relevant one before booking a phone session. Not only is this the fastest and most focused way to receive help, it is the most cost-effective for you: each program contains content that would otherwise take me multiple appointments to convey.

This being said, I am still happy to speak with individuals who have not taken a course – some people simply prefer to talk to someone.  Either way, I always do my best to help my clients tackle their marriage problem(s) in the most effective way possible.  I look forward to speaking with you.


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**I am not currently accepting new telephone clients – please check back soon!