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Telephone Sessions

Talk to Me, One-on-One

PLEASE NOTE: Phone sessions now ONLY available to those enrolled in a crash course.

Marriage Tele-Sessions

Telephone sessions are available to English-speaking clients worldwide. They are now offered exclusively to those who are currently enrolled in, or who have completed, one of my online audio/video crash courses. By prioritizing course-takers, I can speak with them much sooner and provide a better service.

My advice is this: As you work through your course, keep an inventory of any questions you have regarding your situation. Like most course-takers, you will likely find that all your questions are addressed in the course; however, if one or two remain that are unique to your circumstances, you can book a phone session with me.

Crash Course + Telephone Session

Not all course-takers go on to book a phone session. In fact, the majority find their course to be more than comprehensive enough and therefore do not want or need a phone session. That being said, some people do like to touch base with me after their course. They may have a specific question or they may simply want to run something by me to ensure they’re on the right track. Regardless, this combination – a crash course topped off with a personal Q&A phone consult with me – provides the fastest, most focused and affordable way to receive high-quality relationship help.

First, you’ll do the essential groundwork. Your course will cover your specific marriage problem – whether an affair, an opposite-sex friendship, an apathetic spouse, a husband’s midlife crisis, etc. – in great depth and detail. Within hours, you’ll learn must-know insights and strategies that would take countless weeks of costly, inconvenient appointments to obtain.

Second, following your course (or during if you just can’t stop yourself!) you can book a telephone session with me and we’ll tie up any loose ends. Or if you just need an encouraging voice to help you figure things out, I’m here for you. You can book a half-hour session if you only have one or two questions or you can book one hour if you need a little more time.

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