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Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy To Passion

A Marriage-Saving Crash Course

Tired of feeling unwanted and undesired? Tired of feeling like roomates? Debra Macleod’s trusted on-demand audio/video crash course can jump-start a stalled marriage. If your spouse’s love is fading, you don’t have time to waste. Press “play” on any device, then listen and learn. Things can change faster than you think!

This empowering and unconventional online program is a concerned spouse’s secret weapon in the fight for her or his marriage. (Scroll down for audio sample.)

Apathy has become an epidemic in modern marriages. It chips away at a marriage, bit by bit, year after year. It’s a root cause of many relationship problems, from arguing and affairs to midlife crises and grey divorce.

An apathetic marriage also takes a toll on a person’s well-being.  It causes uncertainty, heartache and fear as a spouse struggles with feelings of being rejected or unimportant to the person they love most – their own husband or wife.  If you’re here, you may be struggling with those feelings yourself.

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.comINSTANT ADVICE ON ANY DEVICE

Maybe you’ve done everything you can to connect with your spouse in a more fun, passionate or meaningful way.  You might be desperate to hear a warm, loving tone in your spouse’s voice.  You might be desperate to see a sign of life!  A sign that they still care, that they don’t take you for granted and that – if you walked out the door – they would chase you and beg you to come back.

We spent so many years working our asses off to get ahead and get these kids out the door and on their way.  And then when we had the time and money to enjoy each other – nada.  He sat on the couch and watched TV and I sat at the computer and lived on social media.  It seemed like such a waste.  I begged him to go for a walk, a bike ride, take a trip, take a class, say something.  Nada. What I loved about this course was that it taught me how to spark a huge change in such a subtle way.  He didn’t see it coming and that’s probably why it worked.  Thanks Deb, from the great state of Texas.  Love ya xo – Melissa, Frisco, TX

When You Want to be Wanted

If it’s been a while since you’ve felt “wanted” in your marriage, it’s definitely time to make a change.  Because you deserve better.  You both deserve better.  So stop doing what isn’t working – stop complaining, stop asking your spouse questions, stop crying, stop spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Let’s get some traction under this!

In this online audio/video course, I’ll give you eye-opening insights and assertive strategies to help you make a tangible, noticeable difference in your marriage – a difference that your spouse will see and feel, and that can prompt a real change in his/her feelings, attitude and behavior toward you.  The goal is to peel back that layer of apathy that has settled on your marriage – to rip it off, if need be! – so that you can fall in love all over again.  And yes, it’s better the second time around.

What an uplifting, refreshing and USABLE course.  I dove right into it.  I locked myself in my office, got into the zone with the video in the background and followed every word in the workbook.  I thought, “I’m just going to do every single thing, without thinking about it or making excuses.”  I don’t have to tell you how it worked.  But it did.  Brill stuff.  🙂 – Elizabeth, Bristol, UK

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AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.  Cost: $100.00 USD.  This streamlined course is valued at over $2800.00 in private sessions. It can be accessed from all devices: cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. Listen “on the go” or watch, listen and learn at home. Includes over 2 hours of intensive audio learning (and/or audio with calming video) and a variety of multimedia supporting material. Unlimited access for 1 year.


How Is This Course Unique?  Why Should I Choose It?

My course is unique – and effective – for a number of reasons. First, it is issue-specific and direct. I provide clear insight and precise, step-by-step strategies to help you overcome the particular problem you’re facing – apathy. I have found that this “bull’s eye” approach works better and faster than trying to implement general relationship ideas or theories. Being advised to “have fun together” doesn’t help you if your spouse never looks up from their phone. You can expect more from me.

In the same way, my approach falls on the assertive and forceful side rather than the “be nice and wait it out” side. That kind of advice is easy to dish out – that’s why so many practitioners do it – but it doesn’t empower you and it won’t help you take charge of your life. Plus, it wastes precious time. If your marriage is struggling, you don’t have the luxury of time. Every moment matters. You’ll also find that many of my strategies are unconventional and purposefully counter-intuitive. That’s good. You may need to do the unexpected.

I had a front row seat to a dying marriage.  We didn’t openly fight – oh no, that would’ve been too much work!  I bought relationship books.  Sex toys.  I tried other programs.  I was ready to give up.  Can’t blame me, a person can only take so much rejection and you get sick of being the only one who is trying.  I have a girlfriend who used another one of your courses and recommended your service.  I suppose I owe both of you.  Very happy now and very thankful for your wonderful and unique course. – Mary Ann, Toledo, OH

Unfortunately, many counselors and coaches have little or no actual experience working with couples in conflict (and yes, apathy is a type of conflict); however, I have extensive “in the trenches” experience working with people in your situation and successfully resolving this type of problem. My background in mediation equips me to balance the needs and positions of both you and your spouse while strengthening the overall partnership. I can show you how to do the same – manage yourself, manage your spouse and wake-up your marriage in the process.  Because transforming a marriage involves transforming two people – you and your spouse.

Finally, I don’t dish out “hearts and roses” advice and I won’t spring a hidden religious element on you. I don’t recycle stale theories by slapping a new label on them. I don’t suggest over-used ideas like “date nights.” I don’t pretend to have magic secrets to save your marriage – I don’t need gimmicks. I’m trained, experienced and the professional method that I have pioneered works very well. Let’s make it work for you. You and your spouse deserve a marriage that makes both of you happy, that keeps your family together and that provides a place of comfort and friendship for many years to come.

My wake up call was finding his online dating profile.  He hadn’t contacted anybody, but he was definitely spending time on there, I think just trying to feel something, anything! I don’t know if he would’ve cheated on me or not (I don’t think so) but it breaks my heart that that even crept into our marriage.  What I loved about your course was that it didn’t go into a bunch of theory because to be brutally honest I didn’t care.  I just needed real things to try.  I’ve listened to the course twice and will review it now and then to stay on top of things. – Mariel, Norfolk, VI

My wife was addicted to her phone like some kind of mindless drone. I went from feeling mildly irritated at being ignored to feeling absolute contempt for her. The sight of her staring at her phone like an automaton disgusted me. She wasn’t present, she just took up space. I’d ask her to put it away and it was always the same response. “I just have to check one thing” or “I’ve hardly been on it today.” If she did put it away, well, then we were both irritated for different reasons. There’s a ton of good stuff in your course but the best thing I learned was how to get her off that phone. Can’t thank you enough for helping me break through that “tech based” apathy that was killing my marriage because I would’ve divorced her before living with it much longer. I’m not exaggerating. So far so good, though. – Jeff, Gold Coast, AUS