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Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy To Passion

Tired of feeling unwanted or undesired? Fed up with feeling like roommates?

This empowering and enjoyable online “crash course” audio program can jump-start a stalled marriage before it breaks down. Start listening today for a more passionate tomorrow.

Apathy is an epidemic in modern marriage...

…it chips away at a marriage, bit by bit, year after year. It’s a root cause of many relationship problems, from arguing and affairs to midlife crises and grey divorce. This inventive audio-based program has the insights and strategies you’ve been looking for to add a little color to your fading romance. You’ll know it’s the right resource for you if any of the below have you nodding your head in frustration:

  • An increasingly “chilly” vibe in the marriage
  • A loss of emotional connection or leading separate lives
  • A decrease in physical intimacy and desire
  • Feeling unloved by your spouse
  • The presence or risk of infidelity
  • An existing or looming midlife crisis
  • A lack of fun or laughter in the marriage
  • Too much “screen time” on devices
  • An overly predictable routine or lifestyle
  • Feeling bored with the marriage or each other
  • Worrying your husband or wife is going to leave you
  • Loss of personal identity or love of life

When you want to be wanted

Maybe you’ve done everything you can to connect with your spouse in a fun or meaningful way. You might be desperate to hear a warm, loving tone in your spouse’s voice, or to see a sign of life!  A sign that they still care and don’t take you for granted. A sign that that they cherish the years they’ve shared with you and are looking forward to many more.

If you long to feel “wanted” in your marriage, don’t just live with it – try something different. Because you both deserve better. Put some color back into your fading marriage.

You can lead the way for both of you

This program provides usable insights and innovative strategies to help you make a tangible, noticeable difference in your marriage – a difference that your spouse will see and feel, and that can prompt a real change in their feelings, attitude and behavior toward you. 

The goal is to peel back that layer of apathy that has settled on your marriage – to rip it off, if need be! – so that you can fall in love all over again.  And yes, it’s better the second time around!

I had a front row seat to a dying marriage. We didn’t openly fight – oh no, that would’ve been too much work! I bought relationship books. Sex toys. I tried other programs. I was ready to give up. Can’t blame me, a person can only take so much rejection and you get sick of being the only one who is trying. I have a girlfriend who used another one of your courses and recommended your service. I suppose I owe both of you. Very happy now and very thankful for your wonderful and unique course. – Mary Ann, Toledo, OH

COST: $90 USD 

What’s Included:

  • Instant access to over six intensive, engaging hours of Debra’s best insights and strategies via the core audio component
  • Core audio (as above) with optional calming video background
  • Three-part workbook / program supplement
  • PDF book: 30 Lifelines to Revive Your Marriage in One Month
  • Q&A audio clips from real clients

PLEASE NOTE: Although this program can be purchased on its own by clicking “get started” above, it is currently available as a no-cost bonus when you buy Stop “Fighting” to Get Along // For Individuals & Spouses. CLICK HERE to visit the Stop “Fighting” program page.

What an uplifting, refreshing and USABLE course. I dove right into it. I locked myself in my office, got into the zone with the video in the background and followed every word in the workbook. I thought, “I’m just going to do every single thing, without thinking about it or making excuses.” I don’t have to tell you how it worked. But it did. Brilliant stuff. – Elizabeth, Fairmont, MN

Don't let this relationship storm get worse

If you’re feeling unloved or undesired, the worst thing you can do is nothing! Eventually you and/or your spouse may begin to feel hopeless about your marriage, and feel the only option for a better life is separation. That’s how the storm gets worse. This program provides a lifeline that can help you navigate that storm and pull yourself to shore.

Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy to Passion effectively replaces thousands of dollars in private sessions with me. The program can be streamed (repeatedly) from most devices: phone, tablet desktop. Take your sessions “on the go” as you listen on your commute. Or watch the calming background video at a coffeehouse or at home while you work through the program supplement and other supporting material. Course enrollment is for one year and includes all updates and additions to the program during that time (no-cost re-enrollments are available upon request).

This crash course is designed for you to take alone, without your spouse. Why? Because in my professional experience, it is counterproductive to pressure or to keep asking an apathetic spouse to work on the marriage. After all, they’re apathetic so they probably won’t! It’s often more productive to prompt a change yourself and to surprise your spouse with that change. Chances are, your spouse will notice the difference and will make some positive changes of their own.

We spent so many years working our asses off to get ahead and get these kids out the door and on their way. And then when we had the time and money to enjoy each other – nada. He sat on the couch and watched TV and I sat at the computer and lived on social media. It seemed like such a waste. I begged him to go for a walk, a bike ride, take a trip, take a class, say something. Nada. What I loved about this course was that it taught me how to spark a huge change in such a subtle way. He didn’t see it coming and that’s probably why it worked. Thanks Deb, from the great state of Texas. – Melissa, Frisco, TX