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Stop “Fighting” to Get Along // For Individuals & Couples

If your marriage is struggling with negativity, arguments, defensiveness, blame, or unpleasant personality traits (among other things), stop living in misery.

Start listening now to this online “crash course” audio program. It can help you become lovers, not fighters!

Does your marriage feel like a battle zone? It's time to find peace

Maybe there are open hostilities or maybe it’s more of a cold war situation. Either way, this indispensable program has what it takes to help you bring peace, harmony and happiness to your marriage. It can be especially valuable if you are trying to prevent or recover from a serious marriage problem, such as an affair, opposite-sex “friendship” or midlife crisis.

It used to take me months of office sessions to provide this information; however, this format allows me to do it in a matter of hours. This online audio-based program shares the usable insights and strategies that have worked for my other clients – no inconvenient office visits, no empty theories. Just must-know content delivered in a candid way. You’ll know it’s the right resource for you if any of the below (whether on your spouse’s part or your own!) seem all too familiar: 

  • Defensiveness or refusal to look at own behavior
  • An inability to communicate without arguing
  • Walking on eggshells
  • A lack of affection
  • Impatience
  • Emotional outbursts or oversensitivity
  • Short fuses
  • Negativity or constant criticism
  • Unflattering personality traits (i.e. narcissism)
  • Self-focus or self-interest

It’s time to have a warmer marriage

Stop “Fighting” to Get Along can help you tear down the entrenched behaviors that have been sucking the life and love out of your marriage, and rebuild your marriage on the foundation of a romantic friendship – a friendship filled with affection, comfort and happy stability for you, your spouse and your family. The usable insights and practical strategies in this course can help you make that happen in a way that is respectful and fair to both of you.

happy couple

You can lead the way for both of you

I designed this program to appeal to even the most defensive of people – its content and convenient, non-confrontational delivery can help challenging personality types remain open-minded and willing to look at themselves. In fact, this may be the only way some people can be reached. But even if your partner won’t participate, take heart. You have the power to create huge changes on your own. So take the first steps toward a happier marriage and home life.

We went through counselling, coaching, therapy and a really, really creepy couples retreat. That’s how desperate we were to stop fighting and just feel a glimmer of love or hope again. I cried at the end of this program. Not because it was bad but because it left me thinking, “I am not going to let one more day go by fighting with this person that I love more than anything.” You were the ONLY person that showed me how to do that instead of just throwing irrelevant theories or vapid love quotes at me. – Kristen, Victoria, BC

COST: $275 USD 

What’s Included:

  • Instant access to over six intensive, engaging hours of Debra’s best insights and strategies via the core audio component
  • Core audio (as above) with optional calming video background
  • Three-part workbook / program supplement
  • PDF book: 30 Lifelines to Revive Your Marriage in One Month
  • Q&A audio clips from real clients
  • What NOT To Do! reminder sheet
  • Bonus Program (Getting Through the Day, $90 value), as below:

Limited Time Bonus Program – “transform your marriage”

If you’ve decided to make things better, why not go all-in? Right now, when you purchase Stop “Fighting” To Get Along, you’ll receive Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy to Passion at no-cost. This empowering combination of courses has you covered. The Stop “Fighting” program helps you repair those bigger cracks in your relationship, while the Transform Your Marriage program offers creative, positive ideas to help you bring color back to your fading romance.

I could weep when I think of how many years we WASTED fighting about bullshit nothingness. This hit every single nail on its head. Bang. Bang. Bang. It made absolute and total sense from the first word to the last word. I really love the way you simplified what I’m sure are some very complicated strategies and showed us how to just slip them right into the marriage, like they’d always been there. Just beautiful. – Carter, Kodiak, AK

Don't let this relationship storm get worse

If conflict, hard feelings, negative interactions, and unflattering personality traits are coming between you, don’t wait any longer to make a change. The longer you wait, the more hopeless you feel – that’s how the storm gets worse and people feel they have no option but to separate. This program provides a lifeline that can help you navigate that storm and pull yourself to shore.

Stop “Fighting” to Get Along // For Individuals & Couples effectively replaces thousands of dollars in private sessions with me. The program can be streamed (repeatedly) from most devices: phone, tablet desktop. Take your sessions “on the go” as you listen on your commute. Or watch the calming background video at a coffeehouse or at home while you work through the program supplement and other supporting material. Course enrollment is for one year and includes all updates and additions to the program during that time (no-cost re-enrollments are available upon request).

This engaging and highly usable program is versatile – you can take it together, as a couple, perhaps taking turns listening to it and working through the content. Alternatively, you can take it alone if your spouse isn’t ready or willing to participate. You can lead the way. Don’t stay stuck in misery or conflict! Move forward, even if you have to take those first steps alone. Chances are, your partner will notice the difference and will like it.

You delivered some really ugly messages with equal parts cold truth and warmth. You took the gloves off but I knew you were fighting for us the whole time. – Arpita, London, ON