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Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship

Tired of feeling like there are three people in your marriage? Stop worrying and having pointless arguments about it. Start listening now, from any device, to this online audio/multimedia “crash course.” It’s your secret weapon in the fight for your marriage. 

Marriage is made for two...you can get there again

Are you worried about the friendship your partner has with another woman or man? Maybe it’s a new co-worker at the office or an old flame on social media. It could be anyone. Regardless, those red flags are waving. Your partner is telling you they’re “just friends,” but their secretive behavior and the way they seem to protect this friendship has left you in a state of worry and hurt. 

My empowering program can help you successfully manage this marriage problem, from start to finish, in a sensible, dignified and plain-spoken way. My goal is to help you motivate your spouse to end the “friendship” before it transitions into an affair or “love triangle” situation, so that both of you can enjoy a more loving and mature marriage.

It used to take me months of office sessions to provide this information; however, this format allows me to do it in a matter of hours. Listen from your mobile or tablet, listen in the car or at your desktop. Whatever you choose, these private “power sessions” can help you achieve real results. I will give you an uninterrupted stream of usable insights and precise strategies that have worked for my other clients – no small talk, just must-know content. You’ll know my approach is right for you if any of the below behaviors on your spouse’s part have you nodding your head in frustration: 

  • Denying or downplaying the relationship
  • Saying you are paranoid, controlling or insecure
  • Being secretive with their phone (i.e. deleting texts)
  • Refusing to be transparent with passwords, etc.
  • Seeming more protective of their friend than of you
  • Prioritizing the friendship over the marriage or family
  • Responding in anger or defensiveness when questioned
  • Believing that their friendship is special or unique
  • Refusing to end the friendship when asked
  • Making up “excuses” to continue the friendship
  • Refusing to set boundaries for the friendship
  • Acting confused about their feelings for the other person

A no-nonsense approach to saving marriages

Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., is an international marriage author and conflict specialist. Her extensive experience, unconventional approach and discriminating clientele make her the only choice when it comes to top-tier relationship help. After years of running a successful office practice, she streamlined her innovative method into issue-specific course format and expanded her practice online. It is now the premier destination for online marriage-saving “crash courses.” You can listen to the audio introduction of this program below, and read testimonials from people – just like you – who found the help they needed.

Clear, confident strategies for people who are serious about prompting a change in their marriage

This empowering program shows you how to manage this situation in such a way that your partner wants to limit or end the friendship and recommit exclusively to you. That sounds better than crying, begging or having the same pointless conversation again and again, doesn’t it?

Why it's okay for a woman to need a man | Debra Macleod

An ounce of prevention

…is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is that more true than problematic “friendships” within marriage. The fact is, the vast majority of full-scale emotional and physical affairs begin as “innocent” opposite-sex friendships that transition into intimate relationships. So be proactive.

Unfortunately, a partner who has this kind of “friendship” is unlikely to end it on their own. You may have to prompt a change. I’ll help you do that in the smartest way possible.

Contains over 3 hours of intensive audio guidance plus a variety of multimedia supporting content: video, workbook and print materials, Q&A’s, etc.  COST: $125.00 USD.  (Available for purchase only in the United States, Canada and Australia.)

This online-only program is worth thousands of dollars in private sessions with leading marriage author and conflict specialist Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B. It can be streamed from most devices: mobile phone, tablet, computer. Take your sessions with Debra “on the go” as you listen on your commute. Or watch the calming background video at a coffeehouse or at home while you work through the program supplement and other supporting material. Course enrollment is for a one-year period and includes all updates and additions to the program during that time.

Why this program works so well...

This crash course is designed for you to take alone, without your partner. Why? Because in my professional experience, many married people who are having an inappropriate “friendship” tend to be unwilling to end it. A “couples” approach can be pointless or counterproductive; however, a “one spouse” approach can help a concerned spouse gain the insights and strategies they need to properly manage the situation. Don’t stay stuck! Move forward, even if you have to take those first steps alone.

As a practitioner, it frustrates me that spouses in your situation are getting advice that is either useless or works against them in the long-term (i.e. Just tell your partner that you’re worried!). You deserve better and I sincerely want you and your spouse to reconnect in a loving, lasting way. I do not fall back on this kind of easy, empty advice. I know you need more than that.

Don't wait any longer to protect your marriage

Many marriages problems get worse, and ultimately lead to divorce, because people hesitate to get help, are too passive, or don’t know what to do when their spouse won’t participate. This online course is perfect for people who are looking for a more proactive, assertive way to deal with this common yet serious problem before it takes an even greater toll on their marriage.

This online program is only available for purchase in the United States, Canada & Australia.

Were they in love with each other? I’m not sure. If they weren’t, it was getting there. She was almost obsessed with him. She couldn’t go more than ten minutes without checking her phone, and if I said anything – look out. The fight was on and it was always my fault. I feel like I caught it just in time. The most surprising thing to me has been how ending that friendship has given us a new beginning as a couple. There’s a more mature and united feeling to “us” now. – Josh, Shelbyville, TN

To me, the course was like being sprung from jail. You broke me out of my victim role. – Adrian, NYC

When I listened to the course, it was already to the point where I felt like they were married to each other and I was the annoying outsider who couldn’t take the hint to leave them alone. Talk about degrading. Worst part was, my wife knew exactly what she was doing to me. She was doing such a damn good job, though, that it took this course (hard to listen to at times, Deb, but so necessary) to make me clue in. Thank you for that and for giving such clear instruction. It’s one thing to know it’s happening and another to know what to actually do about it – you did it all. – Terry, Lakeville, IN