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Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship

Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship

If you feel like there are three people in your marriage, you need to stop worrying, wondering, and having pointless arguments about it. If that hasn’t worked yet, it isn’t going to.

Instead, immerse yourself in this Marriage SOS™ online program. It can help you put an end to your spouse’s overly close friendship in a positive way, one that gives your marriage a fresh start. 

This program is your secret advantage in the fight for your marriage

Are you worried about the close friendship your spouse has with another woman or man? It could be a new and exciting friend, a nostalgic old flame, or a fresh-faced co-worker. It could be anyone. 

But if it’s causing a problem in your marriage and you’ve had enough, this specialized, detailed, and candid program can help you reclaim your marriage and reconnect with your spouse as quickly and clearly as possible—because every day this friendship comes between you, you and your spouse drift a little further apart. Hence my “crash course” approach.


Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship contains my strongest guidance—it is packed with the carefully compiled and concentrated equivalent of months of private consults—delivered in a convenient format. By learning how to handle things smartly in your situation, you can break your marriage free of this problematic friendship. And you won’t find a more determined program to help you make it happen.

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Your spouse's behavior, decoded

It isn’t an affair… not really. Yet your red flags are waving. You’ve tried to talk to your spouse about it, but you only end up having the same argument, the one that leaves you feeling like you come second to your spouse’s friend. Instead of feeling reassured, you only feel more concerned.

If this sounds familiar, don’t panic! I’ll make sure you’re able to decode and manage your spouse’s behavior, everything from downplaying or defending the friendship to saying you are to blame, and everything in between.

Avoid the "love triangle"

Very importantly, the guidance you’ll find in this course helps you handle things in such a way that your partner wants to limit or end the friendship and recommit to you. That sounds better than crying, begging, or having the same fight again and again, doesn’t it? It certainly sounds better than you issuing demands that only cause more problems.

The overarching goal of this crash course is to catch this friendship before it transitions into the dreaded “love triangle” situation, and/or a full-scale affair. But we won’t stop there. When that’s done, we’ll move on to rebuild your marriage on the foundation of a romantic partnership, so that your marriage emerges from this as a more devoted version of itself. 

Change starts now

Many worried spouses mistakenly think (or hope) that time will naturally solve this problem; however, things don’t usually change on their own… unless they get worse.

You can hasten a positive change by starting this crash course today. It can be streamed (repeatedly) from most devices: listen “on the go” on your commute or while you exercise. Or watch the calming background video at home or at a coffeehouse while you listen and work through the program supplement.

You can also take advantage of the diverse supporting material and new content I add to the course, something I do to ensure the usable guidance in this top-tier program remains as engaging as it is effective.

Manage your marriage like a pro—now and always

My crash course approach combines conciseness with comprehensiveness. You’ll get detailed expert guidance plus “insider tips” for an extra advantage. That’s because I want to make you the expert in your own marriage.

That way, you can resolve this crisis and avoid future ones. That’s important when it comes to these kinds of friendships, since they can recur if not handled properly. And both you and your spouse need to see that you are handling things with clarity and purpose.

Which leads me to my last point. In light of this challenging behavior, and the nature of overly close friendships, many people who take this course choose not to tell their partner they’re doing so. They worry that if they said, “I learned this in a course,” their partner might become defensive or marginalize their efforts. For that reason, you may wish to simply initiate changes on your own, with quiet confidence. It has to come from you. Otherwise, it means nothing. That’s how this program is your secret advantage in the fight for your marriage. 

Because you and your spouse deserve to recapture the happiness, security, and successful partnership of your marriage.


  • Instant access to over three streamlined hours of specialized, step-by-step core audio guidance presented in three key parts
  • Core audio (as above) with optional calming video background
  • Printable workbooks / program supplements
  • Must-watch video shorts and inventive exercises to reconnect with your husband or wife
  • Audio/video Q&A clips: “Hard Questions, Straight Answers – from Deb’s Desk” (Note: new Q&A’s are added regularly, so you can keep benefiting from fresh insights and tips to handle the toughest scenarios)
  • Other purposeful content (e.g. “marriage lifelines” to keep your marriage afloat, “What NOT to Do!”)

$185 USD

(Sorry, courses are not currently available in Europe.)