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Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship

A Marriage-Saving Crash Course

Prevent infidelity // End their inappropriate friendshipTired of feeling like there’s three people in your marriage? Stop having the same argument with your spouse or telling them how you feel. That’s only helping the “friendship” while harming your marriage. This instant-access audio/video online program shows you how to motivate your spouse to end their inappropriate friendship and get their priorities straight! It’s your secret weapon in the fight for your marriage. Listen now, from any device.

Are you worried about the friendship your partner has with another woman or man? Maybe it’s a new co-worker at the office or an old flame on social media. It could be anyone. Regardless of who it is, those red flags are waving.  Your partner is telling you they’re “just friends,” but their secretive behavior and the way they seem to protect this friendship, even prioritize it over the marriage, has left you in a state of worry, fear, hurt and frustration.

It used to take me months of office sessions to help a wife or husband in your situation understand what’s happening and figure out what to do about it. Now I can do that for you in a matter of hours. Why? Because I get to do all the talking! I’ll tell you what has worked for spouses in your situation, and what hasn’t. That’s because partners who have these “inappropriate friendships” behave in shockingly similar ways. I’ll give you the precise “do’s” and “don’ts” to turn things around, so that your spouse wants to end the friendship and devote himself or herself entirely to you.

After many years in successful practice as an international marriage author & conflict specialist, I have full confidence in my no-nonsense, innovative method.

That’s why you’ll find the program’s audio introduction below. You are in an urgent situation – you don’t have time for guesswork. You need to know what I can do for you. You’ll also find a number of testimonials from real course-takers on this page. (And please, beware of copycat products – always make sure you are enrolling in an authentic Debra Macleod Marriage SOS crash course.)

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.comINSTANT ADVICE ON ANY DEVICE

Take your “sessions” with me on the go as you listen from your mobile phone. Or watch the calming video at home as you listen and work your way through the printable workbook and other multimedia supporting material.

There is no faster, more effective way to put my game-changing advice to work for you. As a practitioner (and wife!), it frustrates me that spouses in your situation are getting advice that only works against them in the long-term. You deserve better, and I sincerely want you and your spouse to reconnect in a loving, lasting way.

When I listened to the course, it was already to the point where I felt like they were married to each other and I was the annoying outsider who couldn’t take the hint to leave them alone.  Talk about degrading.  Worst part was, my wife knew exactly what she was doing to me.  She was doing such a damn good job, though, that it took this course (hard to listen to at times, Deb, but so necessary) to make me clue in.  Thank you for that and for giving such clear instruction.  It’s one thing to know it’s happening and another to know what to actually do about it – you did it all. – Terry, Lakeville, IN



Contains over 3 hours of practical audio guidance plus a variety of multimedia supporting content (video, workbook and print materials, Q&A’s, etc.). COST: $150.00

  • Fees are in USD as the standard worldwide currency; however, currency conversion (GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, INR, PHP etc.) is automatic at checkout.

This comprehensive, urgent-help program is valued at over three thousand dollars in private sessions. It can be streamed from any device: cell phone, computer, tablet. Many marriages end in divorce because people hesitate to get help; however, with this online program, getting top-tier help has never been faster, more affordable or more convenient.

I read one of your anti-opposite-sex friendship blogs a couple years ago and thought you were crazy.  Yeah.  Then I saw the picture my husband’s “work out buddy” sent him.  Her toned tummy and, yep, everything south of there too.  All the predictable stuff followed.  The downplaying, saying I was overreacting, and then eventually admitting that he found her “amazing” and was just so drawn to her.  Ugh.  I am indebted to you for saving my marriage and my self-respect.  Your course was equal parts inspiring and instructional. With a good kick in the ass for good measure.  – Kay, Miami, FL

When You’ve Had Enough of the Threesome…

You know something isn’t right.  Perhaps your partner is locking or guarding their phone – it’s never more than an arm’s length away, and they get defensive if you ask to see it. Or perhaps it’s gone beyond that. Perhaps you’ve seen the intimate things they’ve been saying or sending to each other – declarations of affection or desire, private revelations, or even explicit pictures.

You feel angry, sad, betrayed and second-place to this other person; however, every time you express yourself, your spouse finds a way to shut you down.  They downplay the friendship or say you’re overreacting, insecure, jealous or controlling.  Or they accuse you of not wanting them to have any friends.  Or they get angry or give you the silent treatment. Regardless, you’ve had enough of biting your tongue or trying to explain – always to no avail – why the friendship is wrong.  You’re tried of feeling less important than this other person and having to suppress your own fears and feelings.

To me, the course was like being sprung from jail. You broke me out of my victim role. – Adrian, NYC

Enough is enough.  It’s time to take back your first-place standing in your own marriage.  But you have to do it correctly – you can’t complain, threaten or issue an ultimatum.  You can’t drag your partner kicking from the friendship.  Your partner has to want to reject this person and re-embrace you with renewed passion and devotion.  And the sooner you can motivate them to do that, the better – because the last thing you want is for this friendship to transition into a “love triangle” affair between your spouse, their friend and you.  If it gets to that point, you’re in for a whole new level of pain and drama, and divorce becomes a real possibility.

Yes, you can reclaim your partner and enjoy a more loving, stable marriage – the kind that insulates you from pain instead of inflicting pain. That’s the goal of this audio/video online course.  In it, you’ll learn to tackle this problem in a realistic, proactive and comprehensive way.  You’ll learn to assess the friendship and your situation, and then formulate a step-by-step plan that encourages your spouse to end the friendship.  You’ll learn how to decode your partner’s resistance and difficult words or behaviors.  And then you’ll learn how to strengthen the foundation of your marriage so this never happens again.

Were they in love with each other?  I’m not sure.  If they weren’t, it was getting there.  She was almost obsessed with him.  She couldn’t go more than ten minutes without checking her phone, and if I said anything – look out.  The fight was on and it was always my fault.  I feel like I caught it just in time.  The most surprising thing to me has been how ending that friendship has given us a new beginning as a couple.  There’s a more mature and united feeling to “us” now. – Josh, Leicester, England

I spent a year of my life second-guessing myself and feeling my stomach sink every time my husband leapt from his chair to text her back. That whole year I was either on the verge of tears, panic or rage.  Your course gave me the knowledge and the fearless attitude I needed to break free of that.  I never would’ve thought so (especially in the thick of it) but he dropped her fast once he knew he couldn’t have it both ways.  It actually made our marriage better.  There’s no doubt he values me more now. – Hina, Canberra, AUS

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