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Overcoming Infidelity // The Package

Marriage-Saving Crash Courses

So…it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and a newly discovered affair has just rocked your marriage. What do you do? Well, you each start listening to your respective Overcoming Infidelity crash course – one for the betrayed spouse, one for the unfaithful spouse – so that you can both take the right steps, find solid ground and navigate your way through it, as a team.

Or…you’ve been languishing in the aftermath of an infidelity or indiscretion for weeks, months or even years, but it’s still rocking your marriage. Perhaps you never really faced it. Perhaps one or both of you are behaving in ways that are keeping you stuck in the past. Perhaps you went to a counselor (or two, or three) but that got you nowhere. What do you do? Well, you each start listening to your respective Overcoming Infidelity crash course so that you can finally get unstuck.

“I begged him to come to counselling, but there was no way that was going to happen. I begged him to read a marriage book, but he never made it past the first page. I streamed this crash course on his phone and asked him to listen to it on the way to work, and he did. He listened to it every morning and day by day I could see things changing as it “clicked” with him. I think he needed the space to absorb it without getting defensive. Whatever the reason, it worked and I am truly grateful to you, Debra. You’re one in a million.” – Kate, Toronto, ON

When used collaboratively, my Overcoming Infidelity multimedia crash courses (audio + print) provide an effective, low-conflict way to get you both on the same page as quickly as possible. This approach encourages you to work together to save your marriage – each in the privacy of your own time and space – and to rebuild it on the foundation of a romantic friendship.

Cost: $300.00 (USD)

Contents:  This package includes the audio content, program supplements and bonus exercises for two separate and complete crash courses: Overcoming Infidelity: For Betrayed Spouses as well as Overcoming Infidelity: For Spouses Who Stray  (Note: purchasing both programs separately would cost $400.00.)

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.comInstant advice on any device. Click for more info on crash courses.

“We were your classic ‘talking it to death’ couple. I listened to my program in the bathtub and he listened to his while jogging. It was a brilliant solution for us, with both of us learning so much on our own timeline while breaking out of that vicious circle of butting heads about it and constantly rehashing it. I can’t think of a better way to get past an affair. Basically you get to work together but you avoid a ton of arguments.” – Sara, Victoria, BC

“I know my husband wanted to fix it, but counselling was a nightmare. He hated the counselor and swore he’d never go back. I asked him to do a crash course with me instead of going to another counselor and he jumped at that. This actually sank in and he listened to the whole thing which is totally unlike him.” – Anjana, Portland, Ore

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