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Overcoming Infidelity // For Spouses who Stray

Whether you succumbed to an affair or a stupid mistake, whether you don’t care about the other person or you have feelings for them, this online “crash course” helps you restore calm, see the situation clearly and keep your marriage together. Start listening today for a better tomorrow.

You've made a mistake - now what?

You’re struggling to cope with the aftermath of your affair – or maybe the affair is still ongoing and you can’t decide what to do. The whole thing is taking its toll on your hurt spouse and on you. It seems like no matter what you say or do, it’s the wrong thing. Well, the insights and strategies in this realistic, highly usable program can help you make things right.

It used to take me months of office sessions to provide this information; however, this format allows me to do it in hours. These candid, private Marriage SOS streaming sessions can help you handle what is happening. You’ll know this resource is right for you if you’ve wished for some sensible, practical direction to manage the challenges you’re facing, including: 

  • How to restore calm after the storm - your behavior and your spouse's
  • Responding to your spouse’s questions or demands
  • Dealing with your spouse’s emotions and assumptions
  • Deciding what is “reasonable” in terms of transparency
  • Regaining your spouse’s trust and affection
  • How to handle your affair partner or intimate opposite-sex "friend"
  • Your feelings for the other person vs. your feelings for your spouse
  • How to “talk about it” without arguing
  • Achieving forgiveness
  • Restoring intimacy and moving forward toward a better marriage for both of you

Recover and rebuild your marriage so that you can stand strong together

Make no mistake – overcoming infidelity cannot be done in a “hearts and roses” fashion. It is a marriage-altering situation that needs to be handled realistically, with equal parts understanding and action. That is the only way to ensure you truly get past it and do not have to live with the fallout forever. The usable insights and practical strategies in this course are your map to a better life.

What you need to hear

I’ll tell you what you need to know with candor. That’s what it’ll take to overcome this, to get on with life and to ensure that affairs or opposite-sex “friendships” – on the part of one or both spouses – do not become a pattern in your marriage.  I’ll help you manage your spouse, yourself and the “other person” with clarity. I’ll give you the tools you need to avoid falling into temptation in the future and show you how to rebuild your marriage on the foundation of a romantic friendship. That sounds like a better way to live, doesn’t it?

Our marriage had been unhappy for a long time. I wasn’t sure I had the motivation to fix what I’d done. I wondered whether it was worth it. Your crash course made me realize that I wasn’t just fixing things for my husband, but for me, too. I found it struck a balance between making me account for what I’d done but respecting that the marriage had to work for me, too. That’s what kept me motivated to work through it and it paid off. – Joy, Atlanta, Ga.

What is included?

Within minutes, you’ll be listening to over six nonstop hours of my best insights, strategies, and “do’s and don’ts.” This is information that someone in your situation simply must know – information that comprehensively addresses this issue. You’ll also have access to multimedia supporting content (audio with calming video, Marriage Lifelines, Q&A clips, etc.). *COST: $275.00 USD

*As an experienced marriage expert who specializes in infidelity, my office/phone sessions are billed out at $275/hour and often booked a month+ in advance; however, most clients now prefer to “binge listen” (and re-listen) to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, via my Marriage SOS online programs.

I had very strong feelings for a good friend and was really struggling to end it. Your program helped me see what I was doing in a BIG PICTURE way that made me look at it clearly and rationally and make some decisions about my life. You helped me see it from all angles which I definitely wasn’t doing. I know without a doubt this saved my marriage because my husband was close to leaving me, although I was too caught up in things to see that. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Alexis, Austin, TX

Why this course works so well...

This online service effectively replaces thousands of dollars in private sessions with me. The program can be streamed (repeatedly) from most devices: phone, tablet desktop. Take your sessions “on the go” as you listen on your commute. Or watch the calming background video at a coffeehouse or at home while you work through the program supplement and other supporting material. Course enrollment is for one year and includes all updates and additions to the program during that time (no-cost re-enrollments are available upon request).

This program is designed for you to take alone, without your partner. Why? Because there are certain insights and strategies that can help you work through things on a personal level, while at the same time equipping you with the information you need to ease your partner’s pain and regain their trust. Much of what you’ll learn in this program can prevent problems from escalating or becoming entrenched. The more your partner can see that you care and are taking the initiative to heal as a couple, the faster you will be able to put this past you and rebuild a better marriage.

Don't wait any longer to save your marriage

Many marriage problems get worse, or lead to divorce, because people hesitate to get help, are too passive, or don’t know what to do when they and their spouse are disconnected. This online course is perfect for people who are looking for a more proactive, assertive way to deal with the challenges they are facing in their marriage.

“I’ve walked out of two counselors offices because they were $%#@ing patronizing, religious, clueless, or all three. I know I can be defensive, but I can’t listen to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I got goosebumps listening to you, itemizing and simplifying exactly what I was doing and feeling. I can’t believe I sat through the whole thing, and then the next day, played it again. It was like you wrote it for me. Sorry for swearing.” – Louis, Augusta, Maine