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Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses

If your spouse has been unfaithful and seems unwilling to prioritize your marriage, it’s time to stop crying, arguing or pleading. It’s time to start doing things differently.

Whether it’s your starting point or your last ditch effort, this online “crash course” audio program provides urgent, usable and at times unconventional advice to pull you off the dead-end path an affair has put you on. 

Please note that while active enrollments are unaffected, our programs are moving to a new platform and are therefore unavailable for new purchase at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience!

This is your secret weapon in the fight for your marriage

If your spouse has broken your trust by having an emotional or physical affair – whether with a co-worker, a new friend or an old flame – and especially if they are being uncooperative or ambivalent, my empowering program can help. I’ll show you how to manage this ordeal from start to finish in a sensible, dignified way – yes, on your own. Frankly, that’s where it often has to start.

It used to take me months of office sessions to provide this information; however, this format allows me to do it in hours. This streaming online program shares the usable insights and strategies that have worked for my other clients – no inconvenient office visits, no empty theories. Just must-know content delivered in a candid way.

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Your spouse's behavior, decoded

This program’s refreshingly candid content helps you understand and manage a spouse’s challenging behavior: denying or downplaying the affair, blame-shifting, defensiveness, refusing to answer questions or make reasonable changes, illicit texting, maintaining contact with the affair partner, etc. It helps you handle things in a way that is firm but yet respectful and fair, so that your marriage can grow into a more mature and committed version of itself.

Even if your partner is currently cooperative, that may not last. Unfortunately, many unfaithful partners re-connect with their affair partner or re-engage in dishonest behavior. Some are apologetic for a while, but soon lose patience with their spouse’s questions or sadness. Still others will feign cooperativeness for a while. You must know how to deal with changing emotions and events as they arise. This program can keep you prepared. It can also teach you how to ensure something like this never sneaks up on you again, since infidelity can become a pattern.

Why should I take this program alone?

In an ideal situation, once an affair is discovered, the unfaithful partner will end it and both spouses will work together, honestly, to move past it. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. In my professional experience, many people who have had an affair will continue to be uncooperative or dishonest even after the affair is discovered. A “couples” approach can be counterproductive in such cases; however, a “one spouse” approach, and the information in this program, can help a betrayed spouse equalize the balance of power despite their partner’s behavior, thereby prompting change.

That’s why most betrayed spouses choose to not tell their partner they’re taking this program. They worry that if they try to initiate change by saying “I read this in a book” or “I learned this online,” their partner will become defensive and try to marginalize or deflate their efforts. Perhaps that’s already happened. Spouses may have better success when they simply initiate the changes they need to make on their own, with quiet confidence. Your partner needs to know these changes are coming from YOU. They need to be surprised, to some extent, by your new behavior – otherwise it just won’t make an impact on them.

The best thing about your course was learning how to make that “shift” from me doing all the work (asking questions, buying marriage books, checking his phone) to him waking up and realizing he had to step up and fight for our marriage. He was the unfaithful one. I shouldn’t have to convince him that his behavior was wrong or beg him to work on our marriage. Like you said, he should be tripping over himself trying to win me back. I tried your strategies and they worked exactly like you said they would. They were crystal clear and direct from the get-go. Thank you for showing me how to make it about “us” instead of just about him, and for still managing to keep things positive and fair to both of us. – Seanna, Jersey City, NJ

overcoming infidelity for betrayed spouses

COST: $275 USD 

What’s Included:

*Note: Sorry, Debra’s programs and services are not available in Europe/UK.

I can’t imagine finding a more forthright or useful course to help a person get through something like this and come out with a stronger marriage. You have a personal yet sometimes forceful tone, and I needed that.  Loved the Questions & Answers you included from clients, too.  All those little ‘extras’ (the lifelines, self-assessment, What NOT to Do!!! etc.) were so helpful. – Anika, Sacramento, CA

Don't wait for things to get worse

If the affair is still coming between you, and if your spouse is being manipulative in any way – even if they’re not purposely doing it to hurt you, or not fully aware they’re doing it – or if you’re still confused by the whole thing, you must be able to successfully manage the situation. If you don’t, you’ll continue to live in anxiety and hurt, the distance between you will continue to grow, and this storm that has blown into your marriage will continue to wreak havoc. This program provides a lifeline that can help you navigate that storm.   

Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses effectively replaces thousands of dollars in private sessions with me. The program can be streamed (repeatedly) from most devices: phone, tablet desktop. Take your sessions “on the go” as you listen on your commute. Or watch the calming background video at a coffeehouse or at home while you work through the program supplement and other supporting material. 

I read the hyped-up books by big-name psychologists and dragged him to counseling. Those had ZERO effect. All they did was prolong the miserable status quo of his behavior and me putting up with it, always hoping tomorrow would see a change. They worked AGAINST me. Your course cut through all the BS and double-talk and was truly the voice of clarity and reason. I probably listened to it six times – you really have been my “lifeline.” Me and my marriage are getting stronger every day. You have a hug and a nice cup of tea waiting for you if you’re ever in town. Love ya xo – Constance, Galveston, Texas