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Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses

An Online “Crash Course” Available in the USA & Canada

Overcoming Infidelity for Betrayed SpousesIf your spouse has been unfaithful and often seems unwilling to prioritize your marriage, don’t waste time crying, arguing or pleading. Start listening now, from any device, to my online audio/multimedia crash course. It’s your secret weapon in the fight for your marriage.

If your husband or wife has betrayed your trust, and especially if they are being ambivalent or uncooperative (i.e. denying or downplaying it, blame-shifting, maintaining contact with their affair partner, refusing to answer questions or work on the marriage, lying, failing to show remorse or be transparent, etc.), this empowering course can help you turn things around. It shows you how to manage your partner’s affair (emotional, sexual, co-worker, etc.), illicit texting, commitment issues, untrustworthiness, manipulations and feelings for the other woman or man.

It used to take me months of office sessions to provide this information; however, this program lets me do it in a matter of hours. I’ll help you move through this ordeal start to finish, in a sensible, dignified and plain-spoken way.

This course can change the course of your marriage. After many years as a marriage author and conflict specialist, I am confident in my no-nonsense method.

That’s why you’ll find the program’s audio intro below. It walks you through the specifics of what this course covers – you’ll see it is indispensable. You’ll also find testimonials from real course-takers on this page.

Listen to the audio anytime, anywhere. Also includes video, print materials and other supplementary content.

Take your “sessions” with me on the go as you listen in the car from your mobile phone.  Or watch the calming video at a coffeehouse or at home as you listen and work your way through the workbook and other supporting material.

This course contains clear, confident strategies for people who are serious about prompting a change in their marriage.

As a practitioner, it frustrates me that so many infidelity resources provide vague or piecemeal advice only. That, or they provide advice that works against a betrayed spouses’s interests in the long-term. You deserve more and I do my best to provide you with detailed and thorough content. I sincerely want you and your spouse to reconnect in a loving, mature and devoted way.

The best thing about your course was learning how to make that “shift” from me doing all the work (asking questions, buying marriage books, checking his phone) to him waking up and realizing he had to step up and fight for our marriage. He was the unfaithful one. I shouldn’t have to convince him that his behavior was wrong or beg him to work on our marriage. Like you said, he should be tripping over himself trying to win me back. I tried your strategies and they worked exactly like you said they would. They were crystal clear and direct from the get-go. Thank you for showing me how to make it about “us” instead of just about him, and for still managing to keep things positive and fair to both of us. – Seanna, Jersey City, NJ



Contains over 6 hours of intensive audio guidance plus a variety of multimedia supporting content (video, workbook and print materials, Q&A’s, etc.). COST: $275.00 USD  ** Available only in the United States & Canada **

This empowering, effective program is worth thousands of dollars in private sessions with leading marriage author and conflict specialist Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B. It can be streamed from any device: cell phone, computer, tablet. Many marriages end in divorce because people either hesitate to get help or don’t know what to do when their spouse won’t participate; however, with this online course, getting top-tier help has never been more accessible, convenient or affordable. Course enrollment is for a one-year period.

An invaluable course with broad scope and real-world guidance. I did every page of the workbook, although it didn’t feel like work. It felt like a weight being lifted off of me as I felt myself taking my power back. All the pieces fell into place. I learned how to trust myself – it WAS an affair, not an innocent friendship – and I learned what to do about it, other than arguing and crying. I can’t imagine finding a more forthright or useful course to help a person get through something like this and come out with a stronger marriage. You have a personal yet sometimes forceful tone, and I needed that. Loved the Questions & Answers you included from clients, too. All those little ‘extras’ (the lifelines, self-assessment, What NOT to Do!!! etc.) were so helpful. – Anika, Sacramento, CA

Why choose this crash course?

Infidelity is complex, unpredictable and often recurs in marriage, whether in the same or a different form. The insights and strategies you’ll learn in this course can lead you through the specific circumstances of your current crisis; however, they can also teach you how to ensure it, or something similar, never sneaks up on you again. That is especially so if your partner is being uncooperative. They need to recommit to the marriage so that you can tackle your problems as a team.

Yes, it’s possible to recover from this and rebuild your marriage on a stronger, happier foundation. Yes, it’s possible to have a loving, devoted marriage that insulates you from pain instead of inflicting pain. This program can help. From stabilizing the situation to healing as a couple, it is a thorough and realistic resource that walks you through this crisis.

For me, it wasn’t really a course…it was more like a road map that kept me “on course” through the whole thing. It gave me that big picture idea of how to get through my husband’s infidelity – what was reasonable to expect or ask for, how to deal with the “Other Woman,” how to react to his impatience, how to come together again and actually start to pick up the pieces despite all the pain and flashbacks. You covered it all and I’ve relied on this course very heavily through it all. – Hannah, Tampa, Florida

Even if your partner is cooperative or honest right now, that may not last.

Unfortunately, many unfaithful partners re-connect with their affair partner or re-engage in dishonest behavior. Some are apologetic for a while, but soon lose patience with their spouse’s questions or sadness and become defiant. You must know how to deal with changing emotions and events as they arise, how to forgive and heal, and – ultimately – how to rebuild your marriage on the foundation of a romantic friendship. That’s the knowledge this course can give you.

As if my wife’s affair wasn’t bad enough, she kept flip-flopping between saying she’d end it and saying she wasn’t sure, since our marriage might not survive anyway.  So she didn’t want to risk ending the affair. And yet she was willing to risk our marriage? It made no sense – until I listened to your program. It was like the clouds parted. Her behavior became so obvious to me and I finally knew how to handle myself with confidence. Your course wasn’t just informative, it was inspiring to me personally. I finally felt like I could get through it and once she saw that change in me, she knew her gig was up. We are doing better now than we have in many years, Deb, and I’ve used every part of this program over the past few months. – Chris, Los Angeles, CA

I read the hyped-up books by big-name psychologists, dragged him to counseling and tried a different person’s method before yours. They had ZERO effect. All they did was prolong the miserable status quo of his behavior and me putting up with it, always hoping tomorrow would see a change. They worked AGAINST me. They were just too weak, too watered down. Your course cut through all the bullshit and was truly the voice of clarity and reason. I probably listened to it six times – you really have been my “lifeline.” Everything you said was so spot-on that I just kept shaking my head, thinking “Why didn’t I find this first?” If I had, the last few months would have played out a lot differently, I’ll tell you that. I will never go back to the way it was. And now that I know what’s really happening and what to do about it, I don’t have to. Me and my marriage are getting stronger every day. You have a hug and a nice cup of tea waiting for you if you’re ever in town. Love ya xo – Constance, Galveston, Texas

I stumbled upon your program less than 48 hours after I found out about my husband’s year-long affair. He was stubborn and refused to end it. I was almost in hysterics, thinking I wasn’t young enough, slim enough, pretty enough. Your voice calmed me down and got me thinking straight. I had my doubts that a program like this would work, but I read your background and decided my marriage was worth the risk. I listened to your advice and did what I thought was best. He ended the affair at that point. Your course helped me see there were many reasons the affair happened, and my husband and I are now working together for a better tomorrow. I often re-listen to you to regain focus when I need to and still rely on the material. Thank you for saving my marriage. – Iris, Charlotte, North Carolina

I learned more in an evening of listening to this than I did in weeks of useless couples counseling. You checked off every box.  Even now I’ll re-listen to certain parts if I feel us slipping and then we’re good again. I’ve also recommended it to a couple friends who are dealing with their own nightmares. Thank you, Debra. – Allen, Vancouver, BC

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