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Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses

A Marriage-Saving Crash Course

Overcoming Infidelity for Betrayed SpousesHas your partner’s betrayal shaken your marriage? Debra Macleod’s trusted on-demand audio/video crash course gives you the eye-opening insights and powerful strategies you need to conquer infidelity, motivate a resistant spouse and rebuild a marriage. Press “play” on any device, then listen and learn. Things can change faster than you think!

This assertive, world-recognized online program shows you how to manage your partner’s emotional or sexual affair, secretive behavior, untrustworthiness or manipulations. No more guessing what to do or endlessly analyzing your partner. You’ll learn to decode their words and behavior, and how to handle them, yourself and the situation with clarity and purpose. That’s information you can’t go another day without knowing. (Scroll down for audio.)

If your partner has betrayed you, and especially if they are being uncooperative or manipulative (i.e. denying or downplaying it, blame-shifting, maintaining contact with their affair partner or “friend,” refusing to answer questions, show remorse or be transparent, etc.), this course can educate you and empower you to turn things around.

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Yes, it’s possible to recover from this and rebuild your marriage on a stronger, happier foundation. Yes, it’s possible to have a loving, devoted marriage that insulates you from pain instead of inflicting pain. This online multimedia course can help. From stabilizing the situation to healing as a couple, it is a thorough and realistic resource that walks you through this crisis, start to finish. 

The best thing about your course was learning how to get my husband to fight for our marriage. He was the unfaithful one – so why should everything revolve around what he’s willing to do or not do? Like you said, it has to be the other way around! He should be tripping over himself trying to win me back. I shouldn’t have to convince him that his behavior was wrong or beg him to work on our marriage. I tried your strategies and they worked exactly like you said they would. They were crystal clear and direct from the get-go, and your course was the ONLY place I learned anything truly NEW. Thank you for showing me how to make it about “us” instead of just about him, and for still managing to keep things positive and fair to both of us. – Seanna, Jersey City, NJ

Why choose this crash course?

Infidelity is complex, unpredictable and often recurs in marriage, whether in the same or a different form. The broad knowledge and targeted strategies you’ll learn in this course can lead you through the specific circumstances of your current crisis; however, they can also teach you how to ensure it, or something similar, never sneaks up on you again. That is especially so if your partner is being uncooperative. They need to recommit to the marriage so that you can tackle your problems as a team.

Even if your partner is cooperative right now (i.e. ending the affair, cutting contact with the other person, being honest and transparent, etc.) that may not last. Many unfaithful partners re-connect with their affair partner or re-engage in dishonest behavior. Many are apologetic for a while, but soon lose patience with their spouse’s questions or sadness and become defiant. You must know how to deal with changing emotions and events as they arise, how to forgive and heal, and – ultimately – how to rebuild your marriage on the foundation of a romantic friendship.  That’s the knowledge this course can give you, start to finish.

When I found out about the affair, I Googled for help. It was obvious the market is flooded with books and programs, but all of them seem to borrow from each other (unfortunately I wasted some time and money before I tried you). You have a very authoritative voice and approach, and you were critical in helping me know what was going on in my wife’s head and heart…which was tough to hear at times, but necessary for the greater good. I appreciated the course’s strong and specific instruction. My thanks. – Jeff, London, England

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AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.  Special: $160.00 USD.  (Regular $320.00.)  This streamlined on-demand course is valued at over $6000.00 in private sessions with Debra Macleod. It can be accessed from most devices – cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. Listen “on the go” or watch, listen and learn at home.

Includes over six intensive hours of audio learning (and/or audio learning with calming video) and a variety of additional material. Click for more info.

How Is This Course Unique?

My course is unique – and effective – for a few reasons. First, it is issue-specific and direct. I provide clear insight and precise, step-by-step strategies to help you overcome the particular problem you’re facing – infidelity and broken trust. I have found that this “bull’s eye” approach works better and faster than trying to implement general relationship ideas or theories. Being advised to “focus on forgiveness” doesn’t help you if your spouse is obsessively deleting their text history. You can expect more from me.

In the same way, my approach falls on the assertive side rather than the “be nice and wait it out” side. That kind of advice is easy to dish out – that’s why so many practitioners do it – but it doesn’t empower you and it won’t help you take charge of your life. Plus, it wastes precious time. If your marriage is struggling, you don’t have the luxury of time. Every moment matters. You’ll also find that many of my strategies are purposefully counter-intuitive. That’s good. You may need to do the unexpected.

An invaluable course that gets right to the point. It had broad scope, a huge instructional component, incredible detail and application, and a personal, sometimes forceful tone that kept me going. I learned how to trust myself – it WAS an affair, not an innocent friendship – and I learned what to do about it (other than arguing and crying!). I can’t imagine finding a more forthright or useful course to help a person get through something like this and come out with a stronger marriage. – Anika, Sacramento, CA

Unfortunately, most resources take a passive approach and “tiptoe” around the unfaithful spouse. That’s because some of these people can be hard to handle, and because many counselors and coaches have little training or experience working with couples in conflict. They are unable to predict and balance the interests of two people with competing needs or emotions; however, my background in mediation equips me to do this. You’ll get the full benefit of that background in this course.

I have extensive “in the trenches” experience working with people in your situation and successfully resolving this kind of conflict. I know what behavior on your part is likely to work, and what behavior isn’t. I know what your spouse is probably thinking and doing, and what it will take to shift momentum so he or she turns back to you. I’ve helped real couples navigate affairs and betrayal and emerge with a more loving, devoted and secure marriage: a marriage that meets both their needs, keeps their family together and provides a place of comfort and friendship. My courses do not contain a hidden religious element. There are no false promises and no magic secrets – I don’t need gimmicks and neither do you.

Finally, you’ll find that I don’t just tell you what you want to hear in this course – I tell you what you need to hear.  I don’t dish out comforting but ultimately counterproductive advice.  That might make you feel good for a while (i.e. focus on forgiveness, learn to trust, have date nights, etc.) but it doesn’t actually help you manage an uncooperative spouse’s behavior. So if you’re looking for real help, not just warm fuzzies, this is the course for you.

My wife has been doing this our whole marriage…constant flirting and ‘friendships’ with other men, always dismissing my concerns as controlling or paranoid. After almost ten years of it, I was sick of it and done. I listened to your crash course for betrayed spouses and saw how I was enabling it. I instituted your strategies and was willing to walk away if she didn’t change. She surprised me with her openness to listen to the program for unfaithful spouses and surprised me even more by changing. Maybe it was as much of a wake-up call to her as it was for me. Maybe she realized I saw through it all now. I guess it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we’re doing very well and I’m not going to live like that anymore.” – Glenn, Los Angeles, CA

All I can say is…holy **** did this open my eyes to what was happening, and FAST. I’ve taken back control of my life and marriage and I’ve never felt so confident in either. I thought this course might be vague, but the detail was unbelievable. You checked off every box and then some. I can honestly say we’d be divorced if I hadn’t listened to it. It pulled the curtain back on everything – why it happened, her behavior, what to do, how to recover, all of it. Even now I’ll re-listen to certain parts if I feel us slipping and then we’re good again. I’ve also recommended it to a couple friends who are dealing with their own nightmares. Thank you, Debra.  – Allen, Vancouver, BC

I listened to the whole thing in my car on an overnight road trip. Not only did it keep me awake, but it served me better than three months of counselling with two different counselors. Absolutely life-changing stuff, Deb. You hit every nail on the head. After a year-long sexual affair and being a regular on dating sites, he’s a changed man and treats me like solid gold now. – Hannah, Melbourne, AU