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Getting Through The Day // Stay Strong, Smart & Focused

Getting Through The Day // Stay Strong, Smart & Focused

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Stop letting your fears, emotional outbursts or obsessive, over-analyzing thoughts get the best of you! Stop letting them prevent you from doing what you know must be done to save your marriage.

Start listening now to this Marriage SOS™ crash course for more peace, better control, and greater perspective—not just of your marriage, but of your life, too.

Are you your own worst enemy? 

You know what you should be doing (or not doing!) to move past your marriage problems—that’s because you’re taking one of my other crash courses and you’ve decided how you are going to handle yourself and your spouse. You know how you’re going to respond to the upsetting things your spouse says or does. And yet you can’t seem to do it! You keep giving in and making the same mistakes over and over again. You wish you had the strength and focus to stick to your plan!

Well, today’s a new day, and this unique ancillary crash course shares uber-practical strategies and tips that can make that wish come true. You’ll know it’s right for you if any of the below behaviors have you nodding your head:  

Overcoming Marriage Problems Happens on Two Levels

The first is the relationship level. It’s the insights you have into your problems, the interactions between you and your spouse, and the strategies you use to resolve conflict. What are you going to say and do to make things better? How are you going to deal with your spouse’s challenging behavior? These are the things my other crash courses cover.

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This program focuses on the second level—the personal level. It’s about you, as an individual, working to get your own emotions, thoughts, and actions under control, so that you can continue to do the things that you know are in the best interests of your life and your marriage in the long-term. And while this program can stand alone, it is best used to support course-takers as they work through one of my larger programs, such as Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses or Conquer His Midlife // Strategies for Wives. (Note: this program, like all of my programs, is not therapy or counseling, nor is it a substitute for those: if you require mental health support, contact an appropriate practitioner.)

Yes, you CAN do this

And when you realize that about yourself, you will love it. You will love the effect it has on you and how you feel about yourself. You’ll feel more empowered, more dignified, more clear-headed, and you’ll have more perspective when it comes to your marriage problems. You’ll love ending each day knowing that you did everything “right” on your end. No more kicking yourself and wishing you could have a do-over. You can do better than that and you know it.

From today on...

It doesn’t matter how you handled things yesterday. From today on, both you and your spouse are going to see a stronger and more focused version of you! Because as important as it is for you to feel more confident and clear in terms of what you need to do, it’s equally important for your partner to see that change in you. This crash course, which is designed for you to take alone, can go a long way toward doing that. It can be streamed (repeatedly) from most devices: listen “on the go” on your commute or while you exercise. Or watch the calming background video at a coffeehouse or at home while you work through the program supplement and other content. Let today be the last day you wish you could have a do-over. 


  • Instant access to over two intensive hours of core audio guidance presented in three key parts
  • Core audio (as above) with optional calming video background
  • Printable workbooks / program supplements
  • PDF book: 30 Lifelines to Revive Your Marriage in One Month
  • Must-watch video shorts and exercises to improve spousal interactions and intimacy
  • Audio/video Q&A clips: “Hard Questions, Straight Answers – from Deb’s Desk” (Note: new Q&A’s are added regularly, so you can benefit from fresh insight and new tips to handle the toughest scenarios)

$120 USD

(Sorry, courses are not currently available in Europe.)