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Conquer Her Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Husbands

A Marriage-Saving Crash Course

If your wife is showing signs of a midlife crisis, you need the blunt, straightforward advice that only Debra Macleod’s trusted on-demand audio/video crash course can provide. She’ll help you put an end to the misery and madness – not weeks or months from now, but starting today. Press “play” on any device, then listen and learn.

This revealing and practical online program is a husband’s secret weapon in the fight for his marriage. (Scroll down for audio sample.) 

No more pointless arguments or endlessly analyzing your wife. No more feeling powerless, trying to ignore the sense that what’s happening isn’t fair to you. This world-recognized course decodes her words and behavior, and teaches you how to handle her, yourself and the situation with clarity and purpose. This is information you can’t go another day without knowing. As a marriage author-expert with a reputation for “telling it like it is,” I’ll tell you what you need to hear, even if it isn’t always what you want to hear, and even if it isn’t always politically correct.

Right now, your wife may be rewriting your history and saying things like, “I don’t know if I was ever happy” or “You were never there for me,” despite all you have done for her. Maybe she’s blaming you for her unfulfilled dreams or for the problems in the marriage. Maybe she’s withdrawn, quick to anger or cry, or immersing herself in new interests and ideas. Maybe she’s secretive and introspective, saying she “needs space.” Maybe she’s sending mixed messages, like “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

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She may seem confused about her feelings for you and uncertain about her commitment level to the marriage. She may be critical and cold one day, loving and warm the next. She may be socializing more or having a “friendship” with another man, saying things like “he just gets me!” You may have suspicions – whether confirmed or not – that she is having an affair; however, if you ask her about it, you’re met with accusations that you’re “paranoid” or “controlling.” You’ve never seen her behave in such self-indulgent, self-focused ways. You miss the way she was and the way you were as a couple.

Society has this idea that men are just mindless hunks of meat that bring home the bacon and are clueless about relationships. No, I wasn’t perfect but I always supported my wife and I KNOW that I was a good husband. I was there for her and our kids for 25 years of marriage.  But when she started to say that she “loved me but wasn’t in love with me,” and she started going out with men (including the one she eventually had an affair with) where was the help I needed to deal with that?  All the stuff I read about women and midlife basically held women out as misunderstood or mistreated by their husbands.  That isn’t always true.  If anything, it was the other way around in my marriage.  I cannot thank you enough for being honest about what goes through the minds of some women and how a “good guy” should handle it. – Jeffrey, Orlando, FL

When Her Crisis Becomes a Marriage Crisis

This set of behaviors, when seen in middle-aged (30 to 60 year old) women, is generally described by the term “midlife crisis.” What you’re seeing may be a variation of this. Regardless, this crash course can help you get a handle on what’s happening.  

Part “midlife wife survival guide” and part powerful marriage course, you’ll wonder how you managed to get by this long without it. So get started, because you and your wife deserve to rediscover each other and your marriage. That can happen, but you need to see things from a different perspective. You also need an inventory of usable insights and practical strategies you can draw upon to do your part and make things better.

The biggest skill this course taught me was how to knowing what was on ME, and what was on HER. And yes, I promise to use my powers for good, not evil! – Conor, Vancouver, BC

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AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.  Cost: $320.00 USD.  Special: $160.00.  This streamlined course is valued at over $6000.00 in private sessions. It can be accessed from all devices: cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. Listen “on the go” or watch, listen and learn at home. Includes over 4.5 hours of intensive audio learning (and/or audio with calming video) and a variety of multimedia supporting material. Unlimited access for 1 year.


I prefer your matter-of-fact experience as a mediator and your “take it or leave it” advice over the psychologists out there.  That includes the counselor we saw who seemed to side with my wife before I opened my mouth.  You were unbiased but not afraid to call a spade a spade.  Thank you for providing a desperately-needed resource for men. – Maxwell, Bristol, UK

How Is This Course Unique?  Why Should I Choose It?

My course is unique – and effective – for a few reasons. First, it is issue-specific and direct. I provide clear insight and precise, step-by-step strategies to help you overcome the particular problem you’re facing – a wife’s midlife crisis.  I have found that this “bull’s eye” approach works better and faster than trying to implement general relationship ideas or theories. Being advised to “communicate more” doesn’t help you if your wife won’t say a word.  You can expect more from me.

In the same way, my approach falls on the assertive and forceful side rather than the “be nice and wait it out” side. That kind of advice is easy to dish out – that’s why so many practitioners do it – but it doesn’t empower you and it won’t help you take charge of your life. Plus, it wastes precious time. If your wife has a foot out the door, emotionally or physically, you don’t have the luxury of time. Every moment matters. You’ll also find that many of my strategies are unconventional and purposefully counter-intuitive. That’s good. You may need to do the unexpected.

Equal parts professional and “pull your head out of your ass.”  I’m not sure many pros could pull that off, but you managed. – William, San Antonio, TX

Unfortunately, most resources pander to the wife’s needs during a midlife crisis. Many men have found that there is a bias in the relationship help industry, one that favors the female perspective and experience. This isn’t fair to men – and frankly, it isn’t fair to women either, since the overarching goal is to maintain the marriage, not pit partners against each other. My background in mediation equips me to balance the competing needs and perspectives of both you and your wife for the overall good of your marriage. You’ll get the full benefit of that background in this course.

My wife was withdrawing, delving into self-help, saying I never listened to her – I did, but probably not enough.  She wrote me a list called “25 Complaints Over 25 Years.”  Everything was my fault and look out if I said that I didn’t feel appreciated or that I didn’t like the way I was expected to say nothing no matter what she did, including sending 100+ texts a day to another guy.  I love my wife very much but that isn’t right.  I never said I was perfect.  I was busy.  I was never an asshole.  Anyway, I definitely came at things with more confidence and clarity after my “sessions” with you (that is, my workouts where I listened to the course).  Greatly appreciated. – Nathan, Paris, France

I have extensive “in the trenches” experience working with men in your situation and successfully resolving this kind of conflict. I know what behavior on your part is likely to work, and what behavior isn’t. I know what your wife is probably thinking and doing, and what it will take to shift momentum so she turns back to you. I’ve helped real couples navigate the so-called “female midlife crisis” and emerge with a more loving, devoted and secure marriage: a marriage that meets both their needs, keeps their family together and provides a place of comfort and friendship. Finally, my courses do not contain a hidden religious element. They offer no false promises, no magic secrets, no gimmicks. I don’t need them and neither do you.

I learned more about women in this five-hour course than I did in seventeen years of marriage. There’s no just beating around the bush with you, is there? – Kurt, Malibu, CA

Was beginning to feel real emasculated here, Deb, and the word “divorce” was being kicked around by both of us.  Thanks for giving me my balls back.  I listened to half the course waiting in the airport, and the other half in the air.  I could feel the knot in my stomach letting to by the minute.  By the time I landed, I was shaking my head at how different the whole shit-show seemed to be now.  Clear as glass.  Funny part was, it was almost like my wife was more relieved by the change in me than I was.  Maybe she was waiting for me to take the lead. – Frank, Norfolk, VA.

I admit that men can be really defensive.  At first I had my back up a bit – like, wait a minute, it’s all her fault – but as I went through the course I saw where you were going with that.  I am doing a much better job of being aware of what she’s going through in life and loving her, but at the same time not letting her cry or lie her way out of everything. You’re right that it has to be about both of us being happy. – Gavin, Perth, AUS