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Crash Courses (Audio/Video)

No gimmicks, psychobabble or pandering advice. No drip-fed information or inconvenient office visits filled with finger-pointing. Just intensive insights and strategies to conquer your marriage problem and motivate your unfaithful, uncooperative or apathetic spouse to change. Press play on any device and binge-listen your way to a better relationship with my issue-specific online audio/video courses.

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Marriage-Saving Crash Courses

MODERN MARRIAGE HELP: My on-demand multimedia courses (audio, video, print) provide a fast, comprehensive and convenient way to tackle relationship problems and get immediate high-quality help – on your own terms and in your own time and space. I’ll give you eye-opening insights, essential information and real-world strategies to help you confidently manage your situation and then rebuild your marriage on the foundation of a romantic partnership. These courses aren’t about theory – they’re about practical, positive, proactive changes.Marriage SOS Audio Crash Courses

The content in each streamlined, issue-specific “crash course” would cost thousands of dollars in private sessions with me. This may therefore be one of the best investments you ever make in the future of your marriage. You’ll soon see why these remarkably user-friendly, affordable courses are revolutionizing the way people receive relationship help.

HOW IT WORKS: Crash courses can be streamed on-demand from most devices, from your phone and tablet to your desktop computer, so you can access it just about anytime and anywhere.  Each course includes: a) an audio-only component conveniently divided into three parts according to subject matter, b) an audio component with calming video, c) a three-part PDF program supplement (workbook, review tool, action plan) and; d) a variety of bonus material.

The audio-only and the audio with video components contain the same information; however, this dual format gives you the option of streaming the audio “on the go” (i.e. in your car, exercising, doing chores) or watching the calming video online in the comfort of your own home as you simultaneously listen to the audio and work your way through the program supplement and other materials.

Once you purchase a course, you simply sign-in to your online account and click on the part of the course you want to access. Each audio portion is time-marked for your convenience. You can listen to your course as many times as you like for a one-year period: this gives you ample time to absorb and implement its content.

To provide you with the best learning experience possible, I regularly update both the audio and print content of the program with new or additional content. You therefore have one year of unlimited access to the latest leading-edge strategies.

New or additional content may include a variety of relevant material, such as practical exercises or templates, exclusive articles, marriage “lifeline” skills, clips from my weekly radio segment and the latest Q&A’s from my clients and course-takers.  

Finally, if you can’t decide which course is right for you – perhaps more than one applies or you have multiple problem areas you wish to target and tackle – consider taking advantage of the Marriage Makeover 6 Course Bundle.

Marriage SOS Crash Courses

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This outstanding bundle gives you access to all six of my crash courses at a savings of over 60% (compared to enrolling in courses separately at regular price). This bundle includes 30+ hours of audio/video content and a variety of other material.

I am confident my crash courses provide the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to receive game-changing insight and take-charge strategies to help you turn your situation around and save your marriage.

So if you’re looking for innovative, assertive and solution-focused content, they may be right for you.  I wish you, and all my course-takers, the very best in your marriage and life. – Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., Marriage Educator

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.comINSTANT ADVICE ON ANY DEVICE