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“Most people spend the largest part of their adulthood slogging through committed relationships, and they need books like this.” – Library Journal

“This book could kick-start a wreck of a relationship back into high gear.” – Sue Johansen, Oxygen Media

“For a sagging relationship, you can get the spark back if the book’s instructions are followed.” – The Washington Post

Couples in Crisis: Overcoming Affairs & Opposite-Sex Friendships: A Fast & Innovative Approach to Rebuild Trust and Revive Your Marriage (Not Talk It To Death!)

Relationship author-expert and couples mediator Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., provides a ground-breaking, plainspoken approach to coping with infidelity. She outlines an innovative way for highly cooperative and highly motivated couples to work as allies to rebuild trust and repair their marriage: the betrayed spouse reads Part I of the book, while the unfaithful spouse reads Part II. Each part contains frank insight and workable advice that is relevant to each spouse’s circumstance.

IMPORTANT: This book is tailored for couples who are both willing to be honest, transparent and accountable for their own behavior. This book is not a substitute for an online audio program and is not suitable in cases where an unfaithful partner is displaying apathetic, untrustworthy or uncooperative behaviors, neither should it be suggested to such a partner.

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Marriage SOS: 30 Lifelines to Rescue Your Relationship in One Month

In Marriage SOS, Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., has gathered her unique brand of practical, plain-spoken marriage advice into book format. Part “emergency” marriage manual and part wake-up call to couples, Debra has created a month-long relationship saver that each day gives spouses a new “lifeline” strategy to rescue their relationship. She also offers a general overview of common issues that can drain the life out of a marriage. This pragmatic and user-friendly book should be essential reading for all couples, whether as a remedy for marriage ills or as preventative medicine.

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