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“Most people spend the largest part of their adulthood slogging through committed relationships, and they need books like this.” – Library Journal

“This book could kick-start a wreck of a relationship back into high gear.” – Sue Johansen, Oxygen Media

“For a sagging relationship, you can get the spark back if the book’s instructions are followed.” – The Washington Post

Couples in Crisis: Overcoming Affairs & Opposite-Sex Friendships: A Fast & Innovative Approach to Rebuild Trust and Revive Your Marriage (Not Talk It To Death!)

Relationship author-expert and couples mediator Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., provides a ground-breaking, plainspoken approach to coping with infidelity. She outlines an innovative way for highly cooperative and highly motivated couples to work as allies to rebuild trust and repair their marriage: the betrayed spouse reads Part I of the book, while the unfaithful spouse reads Part II. Each part contains frank insight and workable advice that is relevant to each spouse’s circumstance.

IMPORTANT: This book is tailored for couples who are both willing to be honest, transparent and accountable for their own behavior. This book is not a substitute for an online audio program and is not suitable in cases where an unfaithful partner is displaying apathetic, untrustworthy or uncooperative behaviors, neither should it be suggested to such a partner.

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Marriage SOS: 30 Lifelines to Rescue Your Relationship in One Month

In Marriage SOS, Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., has gathered her unique brand of practical, plain-spoken marriage advice into book format. Part “emergency” marriage manual and part wake-up call to couples, Debra has created a month-long relationship saver that each day gives spouses a new “lifeline” strategy to rescue their relationship. She also offers a general overview of common issues that can drain the life out of a marriage. This pragmatic and user-friendly book should be essential reading for all couples, whether as a remedy for marriage ills or as preventative medicine.

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The Minimalist Marriage: How to Have Less Drama and More Happiness in Your Relationship

There is a quiet but exciting revolution happening in our society. Many people have had enough of having too much and are consciously, even courageously, choosing a more minimalist lifestyle. They are learning to distinguish between what they need and what they need to get rid of. And they are finding profound freedom in that. They are also finding more time, more money and more peace of mind.

It’s the same thing with married life. When you learn what to cling to and what to let go of, married life is simpler. When you learn how to interact with your spouse, how to prevent and respond to conflict, and when you learn how to do those things in the simplest terms possible, married life is happier. When you work together to clear the clutter – physical, emotional and mental – you’re left with just the good stuff. That’s what a minimalist marriage is all about.

So if you’ve ever stood back after cleaning out your closet or garage and thought “Wow, I feel better,” and you’d love to feel that same sense of streamlined simplicity and accomplishment in your married life, this little book is for you.

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