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His “Midlife Affair” Bundle // For Wives

An Online “Crash Course” Bundle Available in the USA & Canada

"His Midlife Affair" Bundle // For Wives - Marriage SOS Crash CoursesIf you’re struggling with your husband’s midlife crisis-related affair, you may find that multiple programs apply to you. If so, consider this 4-course bundle. It includes the courses most relevant to your situation. ** Learn more about each individual course, and then come back to this page to purchase the bundle, below.

If you’re tired of scouring the Internet for piecemeal advice, if you’ve had enough of feeling powerless, confused and hurt by your husband’s behavior, this “all in one” resource is for you. These premium online programs (audio/multimedia) target and tackle the problems that you’re most likely seeing and can be accessed from any device (i.e. cell phone, tablet, desktop).  You will not find a more assertive, effective or convenient way to learn the insights and strategies you need to prompt a real change in both your life and marriage.

The His “Midlife Affair” Bundle // For Wives contains the following four programs:

Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives - Marriage SOS Crash Courses

Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives: Eye-opening, usable insights to handle your husband’s self-focused behavior, plus powerful strategies to regain his love.

Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses: Powerful insights and real guidance to manage your spouse’s affair and difficult behavior with clarity and confidence.

Getting Through The Day // Stay Strong, Smart & Focused - Marriage SOS Crash Courses

Getting Through the Day // Stray Strong, Smart & Focused: Stop obsessing about your marriage problems or over-analyzing your spouse. Have more peace, clarity and self-control.

Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy To PassionTransform Your Marriage // From Apathy to Passion: Essential insights and energizing ideas to get out of the roommate rut. Revive your spouse’s love and affection for you.

Purchase His “Midlife Affair” 4-Course Bundle for Wives

"His Midlife Affair" Bundle // For Wives - Marriage SOS Crash Courses

Contains over 16 hours of intensive audio guidance plus a variety of multimedia supporting content (video, workbooks and print materials, Q&A’s, etc.). COST: $500.00 USD ** Available only in the United States & Canada **

Purchased separately, these online programs would cost $750.00 USD.  (Already purchased a course but now want the bundle? Email webmaster@debramacleod.com to receive full credit for your previous purchase.)

Because each crash course is a stand-alone program, you may find some slight repeat content when you purchase a bundle; however, you will also find many new insights, strategies and applications, so that you can address your issues in a thorough way.

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