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woman listening to Marriage SOS program

Marriage SOS Online Programs 

Need help this second? I have a solution for that. Thanks to my intensive audio-based “crash courses,” you can start binge-listening to everything you need to know about your marriage problem, starting now, from whatever device you’re on. Whether you’re faced with a spouse’s emotional or physical affair, midlife crisis or just apathy, time is your enemy when it comes to marriage troubles. So find the program that targets your problem, press ‘play,’ and start making some real headway today.

woman holding mobile phone

one-shot phone sessions

Book a one-on-one telephone consultation with me for no-nonsense relationship help from the comfort of your car or favorite park bench, with a cup of coffee in hand. Conversations are informal, supportive and solution-focused. I try to make as much progress as possible in a single session – the goal is for me to offer insights and key strategies that can help you reach that all-important pivot point in your marriage, when things can start to change for the better. One hour can help you turn an important corner.