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Marriage SOS Audio Crash Courses

Debra Macleod’s online multimedia crash courses can make you a mini-expert in the relationship problem you’re facing (i.e. an affair, poor communication, loss of intimacy, midlife crisis, etc.). Start listening now from whatever device you’re on.

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Marriage SOS Telephone Sessions

Book a telephone session with Debra Macleod for fast, no-nonsense help to overcome relationship problems such as affairs, constant arguing, miserable interactions, loss of intimacy and marriage-shattering midlife crises.

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Marriage SOS Self-Help Books

“Debra’s books could kick-start a wreck of a relationship back into high gear.” – Sue Johansen, Oxygen Network.

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Marriage SOS For Men

It can be a challenge for men to find straightforward, unbiased and man-friendly relationship help; however, I’ve worked with countless men over my years in practice, everyone from roughneck oil workers to surgeons and businessmen.  I get you guys.

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Marriage SOS For Women

Today more than ever, it is a challenge for a woman to keep her relationship and family together.  We’re pulled in more directions than ever, and nothing ever seems to be good enough.  I should know, since I’ve experienced this first-hand, both professionally and personally.

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