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how to help your husband during his midlife crisis

Three Big Ways to Help Your Husband During His Midlife Crisis

As I sit down to type this article, ignoring the little crack in my knee as I adjust my chair, I’m reminded that spouses really do have to help and support each other through the changes that midlife, and beyond, bring.

Some of those changes—if the fates have been kind—are good. Financial security, the ability to have more control over the way you spend your time and who you spend it with, and the liberating “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude that comes with being of a certain vintage.

Some changes aren’t so good. Like the cracking joints or the sagging skin or the faltering energy levels. These are all reminders that we’re marching a little closer to… well, you know.  People, couples, handle this in different ways. Some grow closer, but others grow apart.

While both women and men can experience the so-called midlife crisis, they often do so in different ways. Unfortunately, I consult with many women who are dealing with a husband in the midst of a marriage-damaging midlife crisis, specifically the kind that involves skyrocketing levels of self-focus and self-indulgence, and even infidelity. The midlife affair is a real thing.

A great trio of tips

What follows are three overarching ways you can help your husband during his midlife crisis—or at least during the early phases of what you suspect is an encroaching midlife crisis. Because when it comes to this type of crisis, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure.

1. Make him feel appreciated. Whether it’s for his years of hard work and being a good provider, whether it’s for supporting you and your career or passions, or whether it’s for being a great dad to your kids, be sure to show your husband that you appreciate all he’s done for you and your family. Don’t assume he knows that you’ve noticed his contributions or sacrifices. Talk about them in detail, acknowledge and appreciate them, and you’ll see him light up with appreciation for you.

2. Make him feel youthful. You’ll notice that I chose the word “youthful” instead of “young.” That’s because even a very elderly person can have a youthful spirit and a youthful zest for life. It’s all in the twinkle of the eye. So look for new adventures and break out of your comfort zone—because if not now, when? Very importantly, don’t neglect your sex life. No, you won’t be swinging from any chandeliers, but there’s nothing stopping you from pushing your boundaries a bit in the bedroom and keeping your husband feeling like a man in his prime… at least when it comes to pleasing his wife.

3. Make him feel like he’s lucky to have you. This is a big one. Really big. Maybe the biggest. Why? Because when it comes to those marriage-damaging and self-focused midlife crises that I mentioned earlier, it often happens that a man begins to take his wife for granted. This can make it easy for him to descend into the kind of behavior that can cause real problems, including rewriting your history and being unfaithful. So make him realize just how lucky he is to have you. This doesn’t mean thinking too highly of yourself or behaving like a diva, it just means being the type of wife, and woman, that no man would risk losing.

Because this article, and my approach, isn’t just about helping your husband—it’s actually a lot more about helping you dodge the type of male midlife crisis that can do damage to your marriage and to your sense of security, well-being and dignity.

But if it’s too late for that and things have escalated—or if you simply want to be proactive and prevent things from escalating—my book The Shut-Out Wife: Breaking Through Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis (tap image below for buying options) may be a good fit.

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It can help you manage things in a way that gives your marriage the best chance of surviving your husband’s midlife crisis and of emerging from it with a marriage that is a happier one for both of you.

And if that isn’t right, or if infidelity is already seriously factoring into this midlife episode, you’ll find other options on this site that might be exactly what you need to help you turn things around.

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Debra Macleod, BA, JD, is an international marriage author-expert whose plainspoken style and proven resources have empowered millions worldwide to save their marriage.