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Technical Issues

Rats!  Nobody likes technical problems – so let’s see if we can get you up and running again right now.  Happily, the Q&A’s and troubleshooting steps on this page resolve 99% of issues without further delay.  So let’s start there.  And if you’re that unlucky 1% who still has tech problems, don’t despair – we’ll help you figure it out!

Question: I can’t sign-in to my account because I forgot my password.  Can you send it to me?  Can you help me change my password or the email I signed-up with?

Answer:  For privacy reasons, I do not know or have access to the password you would have used to create an account and sign-up for a crash course.  Also for privacy reasons, I cannot help you change your password or the email you used to create an account and sign-up for a course.  If you need to reset your password or change your email or account details, you can do so at: programs.debramacleod.com/users/sign_in.

Question: How is my course laid out?  How can I access the different parts, especially the audio portion?

Answer:  Once you sign-in to a crash course for the first time, you will need to spend a few moments finding your way around.  You will need to locate the menu button and your student dashboard. Once you begin (or resume) your course, you will see that it is arranged in three distinct parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  Each of these three parts contains a brief welcome, the main audio portion, and a program supplement.  To access the audio content, click on the part of the course you want to listen to – Part 1, 2 or 3 – and then click on the corresponding audio content for that part.  You will then see the playback bar.  This playback bar usually appears at the top of the screen, with the audio time markers and course topics listed below it. You can drag the audio playback bar back and forth to locate certain topics.  Please bear in mind that a course and its various features will appear and function differently on different devices, models and browsers.  I am confident that you will enjoy an easy, comfortable learner experience after a few moments of orienting yourself.

Question:  Why doesn’t my audio playback bar show the time?  Why can’t I find the play button?

Answer:  Because there are many different devices, models and browsers on the market, the particular elements of a course – including audio features like the playback bar – will appear and function differently depending on the device, model and browser you are using.  For example, the way a course and the audio playback bar appears or functions on a late-model android using Chrome may differ from the way it appears or functions on an older laptop using Internet Explorer.

If you’re having problems like this (i.e. playback bar not showing time, can’t find play button), please check your browser settings to ensure that pop-ups are allowed.  You can also try clearing your cache and/or re-starting your device…that’s a magic move that often helps. If you continue to have trouble locating certain elements of the course or getting them to work on your device, we ask that you try another device and/or browser to see if that works.  This will help us zero in on the issue.

Question:  I want to re-listen / fast-forward to a particular topic.  Can I do that?

Answer:  Yes, you can adjust the audio playback bar back and forth by dragging it.  If you wish to locate or re-listen to a particular topic in the audio content, please refer to the audio time markers which are usually located just under the audio playback bar.  You can drag the playback bar to the approximate start-time of your preferred topic. Because these are streaming courses, time markers are approximate: we recommend that you drag the bar to a spot two or three minutes before the topic you want to listen to. It may take a moment or two for the audio to load/adjust, so please be patient.  If you continue to have trouble with the playback bar, we ask that you try another device to see if that works.  Again, we will need to know whether the issue is with your device or our platform, and you can help us zero in on that.

Question:  The audio won’t load / play smoothly.  What’s wrong?

Answer:  Because your course is a streaming program, problems with audio playback are almost always due to the Internet connection you are using. It’s no different than using Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc. – if your Internet connection isn’t working properly, you’re going to experience problems.  Checking your connection and/or refreshing the page should help. Again, it may take a moment for the audio to load, especially if you are moving the playback bar back or forward. If you experience frequent problems with playback, try a different device or contact your service provider to see whether there is an issue.

Question:  I can’t access my course and/or the page at programs.debramacleod.com – could the website be down?

Answer:  It’s an unpleasant reality of the Internet, but services can be interrupted by periods of website maintenance, server issues and other technical matters that are beyond our control. Although our servers and third-party sites are the most reputable and reliable ones available, it happens. If it’s happening to you, please accept our apologies and know that our excellent partners are working hard to restore service to you and to the millions of other people who are swearing at their screens!

Question:  None of this solved my problem.  How can I contact you for personalized help?

Answer:  If these solutions do not work, please email webmaster@debramacleod.com and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Please let us know what device you’re using, whether you had the same problem on other devices, and what browser you’re using or have tried.  It is very helpful if you can send a screenshot of what you’re seeing.  My tech guru will investigate and respond to you via email as soon as humanly possible – sometimes this is within minutes, other times it may take longer. Please know, however, that I am as annoyed by tech issues as you are. If you report an issue, you can be confident that we’re on it!  In fact, because this website and its features are monitored daily, it is likely we’re already aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.

  • Reset password (if you’re having trouble signing-in)
  • Check your device: find and learn how to navigate the course’s features on it (i.e. ensure the volume is up, locate the menu button or parts of the course on your screen, etc.)
  • Restart your device
  • Ensure pop-ups are allowed
  • Refresh the page
  • Clear your cache
  • Sign-out of the course and then sign-in again
  • Try a different device
  • Try a different browser
  • Check your Internet connection
  • Contact your service provider regarding possible Internet connection issues
  • If the issue stems from a server problem or third-party site, please give it some time and check back…in such cases, millions of users are affected and the powers-that-be are working furiously to restore service
  • Take a deep breath, play some relaxing music and remind yourself that we’re investigating and will get back to you ASAP!