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Technical Issues

PLEASE READ:  Marriage SOS Inc. is a multi-course, multi-client platform. The fastest way to receive help is to review this page and submit the requested info. We strive to provide excellent service – so please, help us help you!

The course platform is monitored daily to ensure everything is working across all devices and (not to brag or anything!) we have never had a single tech issue that was attributable to our services. Nonetheless, we are here to help. Please follow these steps:

  1. Quickly run through the Q&A’s and troubleshooting steps below. This resolves 99% of issues immediately.
  2. Check out the walk-through video tutorial further down this page (skip to 5:50 for the mobile walk-through).
  3. Contact the webmaster for personalized help (see bottom of page).
I can't sign-in to my account! What's wrong?
How is my course laid out? How can I access the different parts, especially the audio portion?
I'm in my course, but I can't find anything to click on to get going...I'm stuck. What do I do?
Why doesn't my audio playback bar show the time? Why can't I find the play button?
The audio and/or video won't load / play smoothly. What's wrong?
I want to re-listen / fast-forward to a particular topic. Can I do that?
My course says that it is complete / certain parts are complete. Can I listen to it / them again?
I can't access my course and/or the page at programs.debramacleod.com - could the website be down?
    • Spend a few moments learning how the course loads, appears and functions on your particular device and screen (i.e. find the menu button, drop-down bars, Parts 1, 2, and 3, etc.). You may wish to watch the video walk-through tutorial, below
    • Refresh the page
    • Give the page or feature (i.e. the audio playback bar) time to fully load
    • Clear your cache
    • Sign-out of your account and course, and then sign-in again
    • Re-start your device
    • Try a different device
    • Try a different browser (FYI we usually recommend Chrome)
    • Check your Internet connection
    • Contact your Internet service provider regarding possible Internet connection issues
    • If the issue stems from a server problem or third-party site, please give it some time and check back…in such cases, millions of users are affected and the powers-that-be are working furiously to restore service
A Video Walk-Through for Course-Takers

Using the course on mobile? Jump ahead to 5:50 for the mobile walk-through.


Please note that we will require certain info to A) identify your account and B) identify your issue quickly, without excessive back-and-forth email. Kindly provide the following info in your email to webmaster@debramacleod.com:

  • your full name
  • the email you used to enroll in your course
  • what specific course you’re having problems with
  • what device and browser you are using – please provide this info
  • whether you had the same problem on other devices or browsers – please test this
  • what troubleshooting steps (see above) you’ve already tried – please provide this info
  • it is also helpful if you can send a screenshot of what you’re seeing

You can be confident that my tech guru will investigate and respond to you via email as soon as humanly possible – sometimes this is within minutes, other times it may take longer; however, please know that we hate tech issues as much as you do! If you report an issue, you can be confident that we’re on it! In fact, because the course platform is monitored daily, it is likely we’re already aware of any issue and working to resolve it. We know you’re frustrated and we really do want to help!