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I had no idea how impossible it was to find real help until I dove into the Internet cesspool of marriage advice. I don't know what would've happened if I hadn't found you.

I was in so much pain and panic, Deb. Thank you for listening with such compassion but not letting me descend into self-pity. Because of you, I am a stronger and wiser person now than I was before the affair and that is what has saved our marriage and family.

Our marriage has been in choppy waters from the very beginning. Your website with the life preservers made me laugh and was exactly the kind of "rescue" we needed. With both of our parents divorced and with failed 2nd marriages already, I knew he didn't want to get divorced anymore than I did, but we just couldn't find the right help and finally he refused to waste more time or money on counseling. I am relieved and grateful beyond words that I found you when I did. It was a steady improvement since the first day I talked to you, and it's still improving.

Your style is great and your advice is even better.

As a lawyer, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of analyzing her side of things. Obviously not. I appreciate your bluntness - it was pretty diplomatic, considering what you had to work with - and I especially appreciate your professionalism and effectiveness. Things are infinitely better, and that is because of you.

I hadn't finished introducing myself on the phone before I started bawling. You said, "Well, good, that's out of the way." I remember laughing and, honestly Deb, you have been a lifesaver for me. Your advice was so incredibly empowering. He has stopped seeing "her" and we're actually talking and getting somewhere.

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You have a direct and confident manner - I probably wouldn't have tried anything you recommended if you didn't. Thank you for your outstanding guidance and services.

I delayed for years, but as soon as we started talking, I knew I had made the right choice. You have this demeanor of "hit me with it, I've heard it all" and it made it so easy to open up and talk to you. You cut right to the chase and your experience definitely shines through. I absolutely, 100% could not gotten through the last month and saved this marriage without your words floating around in my head.

My husband and I tried to distract ourselves with keeping busy, travelling, and dog training, but after 30 years and the kids grown and gone, we just weren't enjoying each other, and had nothing to say. You helped me do a hard reset, and fall in love with him all over again (he feels the same way, thankfully!).

My mom sent me the link to your website. It just proves that moms really do know best. Thank you.

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