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Marriage SOS For Women

Marriage SOS for WomenIt’s never been tougher for a woman to keep her marriage together.  But take heart:  I’ve successfully helped countless women over my years in practice.  I’m committed to helping women regain their husband’s devotion and go on to enjoy happy, secure marriages.  Moreover, I specialize in situations where a wife is currently more motivated than her husband to save the marriage.

So don’t panic!  I provide resources that you can use privately and conveniently, so that you can get a handle on what is happening on your own. Importantly, I’ve consulted with many male clients and sought my own author-husband’s honest insight when creating my materials. No doubt you are hurt and confused by your husband’s behavior; however, I strive to provide you with the kind of insights and information that can help you understand it, so that you and he can reconnect in a loving, respectful, lasting way.

Some of the most common complaints I hear from women include having a husband who:

  • is having an emotional or sexual affair and refusing to end it
  • is having an inappropriate female friendship
  • has become secretive with his behavior or phone
  • gives you mixed messages or seems less committed to the marriage
  • doesn’t appreciate or support you
  • has lost his desire for you or is apathetic about your relationship
  • complains about a lack of sex or is less interested in having sex with you
  • refuses to communicate or is a poor communicator
  • is critical or quick to blame you for the marriage problems
  • is having a midlife crisis 
  • says “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” 
  • seems “confused” about his feelings for you
  • has developed a mean-streak
  • is threatening divorce
  • is threatening to move out or has already moved out
  • spends too much time on social media, his computer or his phone
  • lives “like a single man” or displays immature behavior
  • refuses to help with household chores or is financially irresponsible
  • has a short fuse or throws adult temper tantrums so that you must “walk on eggshells”
  • seems disinterested in his own children or doesn’t spend enough time with them
  • doesn’t prioritize “couple time” or family time
  • refuses to “fight for the marriage” or for you
  • doesn’t show you as much patience, affection or kindness as he used to
  • doesn’t listen to you or fulfill the promises he’s made
  • shows divided loyalties by “siding with” or valuing other people more than you
  • has a self-focused view of life or has a streak of narcissism

Yet as they say, it takes two to tango. You may be faced with the consequences of some of your own poor behavior or choices. Your husband may be threatening to leave the marriage because of ill-treatment or an infidelity on your part.

Regardless, there are steps you can take to manage your situation and your husband’s behavior (as well as your own), reestablish your connection with him, and save your marriage, even if you must take those first steps alone. That is something I provide specific resources to help you do.

Your Options

From affairs to midlife crises, from arguing to marital apathy, my intensive online programs provide the kind of guidance that can help you turn things around. Surprise your husband, and yourself, by learning to handle things the smart way, not the impulsive or self-sabotaging way.

The goal of my informal, friendly one-on-one phone consults is to make as much headway as possible in a single session, and to brainstorm ideas that can prompt a change. So book a consult, find a private place to talk (your car or couch, even a park bench!) and wait for my call.