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Marriage SOS for menIt can be a challenge for men to find straightforward relationship help; however, I’ve worked with countless men over the years, from oil workers to CEO’s, and successfully helped them rebuild their marriage on the foundation of a romantic partnership. I’ve also been married for over twenty years, and I am no stranger to the dynamics between a husband and wife, and the ups and downs of married life – you’ll benefit from that in my materials.  

That’s especially so if you are presently more motivated than your wife to save or work on your marriage. In fact, that’s a situation that I specialize in. You might be hurt and confused by her behavior, but I’ll do my best to help you understand it so that you and she can reconnect in a loving, mature way.  So don’t panic.  Do what’s right for your marriage in the long-term, and see whether the resources on this site can help. I designed their content and delivery with men in mind – plainspoken, private, convenient, and gadget-friendly – knowing that many men would rather have a root canal than visit a stranger’s office!  That’s okay.  You have options when it comes to receiving relationship help, and you deserve a method that works for you.

Some of the most common complaints I hear from men include having a wife who:

  • is having an emotional or physical affair and refusing to end it
  • is having an inappropriate male friendship
  • has become secretive with her behavior or phone
  • gives you mixed messages or seems less committed to the marriage
  • has lost interest in sexual intimacy or withholds sexual intimacy
  • is always angry, negative or overly emotional
  • has grown apathetic about you or the marriage
  • is going through the changes that midlife can bring
  • talks too much, “nags” or micro-manages your time
  • refuses to communicate or is a poor communicator
  • texts excessively when you’re at work or socializing
  • doesn’t appreciate you or what you do for her or your family
  • puts the children before the marriage or doesn’t let you parent in the way you want
  • has a short fuse or throws adult temper tantrums so that you must “walk on eggshells”
  • spends too much time on social media, her computer or her phone
  • is critical, self-focused or quick to blame you for the marriage problems
  • doesn’t help with finances or household chores
  • doesn’t get along with in-laws or extended family
  • has stopped showing you as much patience, kindness or affection

Yet as they say, it takes two to tango. You may be faced with the consequences of some of your own poor behavior or choices. Your wife may be threatening to leave the marriage because of ill-treatment or an infidelity on your part.

Regardless, there are steps you can take to manage your situation and your wife’s behavior (as well as your own), reestablish your connection with her, and save your marriage, even if you must take those first steps alone. That is something I provide specific resources to help you do.

Your Options

Whether your wife is having an affair or just starting to pull away, or whether you have made a mistake, my intensive online programs provide practical guidance that can help you turn things around. Private, accessible, and powerfully effective, you can think of them as the secret weapons in the fight for your marriage.

The goal of my relaxed and friendly phone consults is to make as much headway as possible in one session, regardless of whether you’re fully committed to saving your marriage or you’re just not sure. Either way, find a private place to talk (your car or desk, even a park bench!) and wait for my call.