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For Singles

Are you tired of being lonely?  Are you fed up with rude, self-absorbed or superficial dates who stare at their phone, can’t hold an intelligent conversation or who make you wonder whether they’re…um…entirely stable?  Are you disillusioned by constantly hoping for the best but being disappointed by the worst?  Or do you feel that the problem lies with you?  Maybe you’re not confident or experienced with the opposite sex, or maybe you don’t know what’s expected of you in the modern dating scene.  Regardless, take heart.  I’ve helped many single men and women find quality, lasting love.  It does happen!

Marriage SOS for singlesI’m not your typical untrained or self-appointed dating expert.  I began my career as a divorce mediator.  My job was to help couples dissolve their marriages and families as amicably as possible.  Yet after seeing how many couples were divorcing after counselling, I decided to evolve my practice into one that would offer struggling couples a more effective alternative to counselling. That’s what Marriage SOS does.  It helps individuals and couples save their marriages.  And it does this very well.

But what does this mean for you?  Well, it means that I know what it takes to build a relationship from the ground up, and I know what it takes to keep it strong.  I can help you in two ways:

First, I can help you MEET the right person. As a top-tier dating expert, I can show you how to present yourself as a highly desirable partner who has his or her pick of equally desirable partners. And I’m not just talking about “hotness” or hooking up for the night. Both are easy to find and do. Rather, I’m talking about meeting that one person who can bring an entirely new level of happiness, meaning and intimate companionship to your life. That person you won’t just date for a while, but with whom you will actually build a life.

Second, I can help you KEEP the right person. As a marriage expert and couples mediator, I know the pitfalls that can sabotage relationships, both in the early phases and later on. More importantly, I can help you sidestep those pitfalls so that your relationship remains loving, fun, sexy and committed for many years to come.  Why bother dating, falling in love and committing to each other only to separate down the road?  You’ll only end up where you started – single and searching – although a little older this time around.

So if today’s dating world isn’t working for you, book a telephone session with me.  I work with men and women of all ages and with a variety of relationship histories.  We’ll figure out how we can get you to really stand out from the crowd and how to find The One who stands out to you.  Click here for my online scheduler.