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For Professionals

When it comes to providing professional relationship help, it can be useful to have a variety of resources to draw from.  I accept referrals and provide case consultations for  practitioners who work with individuals or couples, including:Couple working with a professional counsellor

  • general & couples counselors
  • psychologists & psychiatrists
  • life & relationship coaches
  • physicians & health care providers
  • social workers & government agencies
  • clerics & other advisors

Are you struggling to make headway with a challenging case or higher-conflict individual or couple?  Perhaps your clients are mired in terrible communication and destructive interactions.  Perhaps they are on the brink of divorce.  Or perhaps they are dealing with infidelity or a midlife crisis that is threatening the stability of the marriage. 

 As those of us who work with couples know, it sometimes takes a specialist and a different approach to manage these emotionally-charged and uniquely challenging issues.

I work with professionals on two levels:
  • I accept referrals if you simply feel my professional method and/or areas of specialization could benefit your clients.  Please note: Your clients are welcome to reach out to me directly.
  • I offer case consultations and general support around cases at my regular hourly rate.  This is a good opportunity to get a fresh perspective and add to your skill set in the process.  You can book a time via my online scheduler or email me at contact@debramacleod.com and we will find a time that works for both of us.