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What are your fees for phone sessions & online crash courses?
What is the Debra Macleod Method™? What is relationship coaching?
What kinds of issues do you deal with?
Who should NOT use this service?
Can I purchase a crash course from any country?
How long is a crash course? What does it include and how do I use it?
How do I access my crash course after I've purchased it?
I forgot my password and so I can't access my crash course. Can you send it to me?
I have a technical issue with a crash course. How can I get help quickly?
How can I book a tele-session?
How do I cancel a tele-session? What is your cancellation policy?
I had a tele-session booked for 1 pm but it is 1:15 pm and you haven’t called. What should I do?
Do you offer office sessions?
Do you offer Skype sessions?
I purchased a crash course and/or tele-session but did not receive a confirmation email and/or receipt. What should I do?
Is your service only for married people?
Do you consult with same-sex couples?
Do you consult with couples together, or just one-on-one?
My partner is reluctant to talk to anyone. Can I do this alone?
How many consults in total can I expect to have?
Can you guarantee to save my relationship?
Do you bring up religion?
Can I claim this under my insurance?
Who is your literary agent? How do I contact you for media purposes?
I am having trouble purchasing a crash course. What should I do?
I am having trouble booking a tele-session. What should I do?