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FAQ & Policies

I've made an honest mistake with my purchase (i.e. bought the wrong course). What can I do?
Don’t panic! If you have any issues or questions about your purchase or enrollment, email webmaster@debramacleod.com.  He will work with you in a fast, friendly way to make things right, whether that means adjusting your payment or changing the course(s) you’re enrolled in. We’ll fix it!
Do you offer refunds or guarantees?
Refund Policy: Like most companies that offer non-returnable digital products, Marriage SOS Inc. has a no-refund policy; however, if you feel your situation is a special circumstance, please contact webmaster@debramacleod.com who will consider your request. NOTEAny deceptive, exploitative or fraudulent behavior relating to the credit card purchase or use of a Marriage SOS Inc. crash course will be passed on to our legal team who will have access to the buyer’s transaction details, the course’s activity feed, etc. We respect our purchasers – please respect our products and policies. We have provided the audio introduction and an accurate description of contents for each course. We provide reliable service and support, and our payment processors use fraud filters to authenticate the transaction. Your purchase is therefore as informed and secure as possible.

No “Guarantees.” Many years of education, training, research and experience have gone into my courses. I take pride in providing an excellent resource to help you overcome the problems you’re facing in your marriage and I believe my programs can both equip and empower you to do that; however, I cannot “guarantee” to save your marriage. No credible practitioner would guarantee to save a marriage that is already struggling with the higher-conflict issues that my practice specifically tackles. What I can tell you is that my practice flourishes on word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients and receives wonderful feedback from course-takers.

Explain it to me quickly - what is a crash course? How does it work?

Crash courses are immersive, instantly-accessible online programs that tackle specific marriage problems (i.e. infidelity, inappropriate friendships, apathetic marriages, midlife crises, etc.). They are an alternative to couples counselling, one that gives people a choice and allows them to obtain marriage-saving guidance (i.e. insights and strategies) as quickly and conveniently as possible. They are designed for individual spouses who are working alone or taking the initiative to save their marriage, particularly if the other partner is being unfaithful, uncooperative or apathetic.

Each course includes an on-demand audio component (mp3) and audio with calming video (mp4) component conveniently divided into three parts according to its subject matter and topics. The audio-only and audio with background video components contain the same information; however, this dual format gives you the option of streaming audio “on the go” or watching / listening at home as you work through the accompanying materials. Courses are user-friendly and can be accessed from almost any device (i.e. cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.).

Each course also comes with an excellen