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What does a crash course include and how do I use it? What format is it in?
Can I purchase a crash course from any country?
What is the Debra Macleod Method™?
Who should NOT use this service?
Will my invoice / statement show that I've made a purchase from your website?
I have a technical issue with a crash course. How can I get help quickly?
My partner won't participate / isn't motivated to save our marriage. Can I do this alone?
Who is your literary agent? How do I contact you for media purposes?
How can I book a tele-session? How do I prepare for a phone session?
Do you talk to / consult with couples together, or just one-on-one?
I had a tele-session booked for 1 pm but it is 1:15 pm and you haven’t called. What should I do?
How can I reschedule or cancel a tele-session? What is your cancellation policy?
Is your service only for married people?
Do you bring up religion?
Are you married?
Do you offer office or Skype sessions?
Do you guarantee to save my relationship? Do you give refunds on courses?
What are your fees for phone sessions & online crash courses?