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FAQ & Policies

I bought one course, but should've bought the bundle. Can I get a credit?
Absolutely. Email webmaster@debramacleod.com with your request. He will adjust your payment so that you receive full credit for the course you previously purchased.
I've made an honest mistake with my purchase (i.e. bought the wrong course). What can I do?
Don’t panic! If you have any issues or questions about your purchase or enrollment, email webmaster@debramacleod.com and explain your situation. He will work with you in a fast, friendly way to make things right. We want you to be fully satisfied with your program and purchase.
Do you offer refunds or guarantees?
Like most companies that offer non-returnable products, Marriage SOS Inc. has a no-refund policy. We have made it easy for you to make an informed purchase decision by providing the audio introduction and an accurate description of contents for each course. NOTE: Any dishonest or fraudulent behavior relating to the credit card purchase or use of a Marriage SOS Inc. crash course will be passed on to our legal team who will have access to transaction details, the course’s activity feed, etc. We respect our purchasers – please respect our products and the policies you agree to when you purchase a course.

Many years of education, training, research and experience have gone into my courses. I take pride in providing an excellent resource to help you overcome the problems you’re facing in your marriage and I believe my programs can both equip and empower you to do that; however, I cannot “guarantee” to save your marriage. No credible practitioner would guarantee to save a marriage that is already struggling with the higher-conflict issues that my practice specifically tackles. What I can tell you is that my practice flourishes on word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients and receives wonderful feedback from course-takers.

Explain it to me quickly - what is a crash course? How does it work?

Crash courses are immersive, instantly-accessible online programs that tackle specific marriage problems (i.e. infidelity, inappropriate friendships, apathetic marriages, midlife crises, etc.). They are an alternative to couples counselling, one that gives people a choice and allows them to obtain marriage-saving guidance (i.e. insights and strategies) as quickly and conveniently as possible. They are designed for individual spouses who are working alone or taking the initiative to save their marriage, particularly if the other partner is being unfaithful, uncooperative or apathetic.

Each course includes an on-demand audio component (mp3) and audio with calming video (mp4) component conveniently divided into three parts according to its subject matter and topics. The audio-only and audio with background video components contain the same information; however, this dual format gives you the option of streaming audio “on the go” or watching / listening at home as you work through the accompanying materials. Courses are user-friendly and can be accessed from almost any device (i.e. cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.).

Each course also comes with an excellent three-part (PDF) program supplement (workbook, review tool, action plan) and a variety of relevant multimedia supporting material – from recorded client Q&A’s to printable relationship “lifelines” – that is regularly updated. While the core audio or audio/video content of a course can stand alone, many people find the supplement / workbook and supporting material helpful in terms of implementing or complementing the course’s content.

You can access your course as many times as you like for a one-year period from the date of enrollment. This gives you ample time to implement and review its insights and strategies, and to revisit the course if your problem recurs. Many course-takers will regularly re-listen to certain parts of the course to remain clearly focused on what is happening and what must be done. Your year-long access also allows you to take advantage of new supplementary material that may be added over the term of your enrollment.

After you purchase a course, you simply sign-in to your online account and click on the part of the course you want to access or re-access. When you enroll in a course, you will receive a “getting started” email that offers a number of tips to ensure your listener and learner experience is as enjoyable as possible. There is no faster, easier or more affordable way to receive the high-quality, innovative relationship help that your marriage deserves.

Visit the main Crash Courses page to learn more. For more information on my method, click here.

Are your services available outside of North America?
While my books can be purchased via Amazon in many countries, my online crash courses and telephone sessions are at this time for customers in the United States and Canada only. To provide the best level of service and support that I can, I have had to restrict my business to these countries and I do apologize to those elsewhere.
Might your crash courses contradict what another resource (i.e. book, coach, program, etc.) has said will work?

I sure hope so! Because if you’re here, obviously what they’ve advised isn’t working. I pride myself on offering clients and course-takers a perspective and product that stands apart from the ordinary, rather than one that blends into it.

Instead of falling back on theories or vague advice, I provide usable insights and precise, sometimes unconventional strategies that bulls-eye the problems and behaviors you are seeing. That’s why I offer issue-specific courses – you need targeted information and ideas to tackle the challenges that typically attend affairs, inappropriate friendships, midlife crises, etc. My goal isn’t to prolong your problems so that I can book more sessions – it’s to help you move past your problems in a purposeful way, and to get on with life as quickly as possible. The insights and strategies I provide in my crash courses are the ones that have been the most useful and effective for my clients over the years.

My “hard” background in law and couples mediation, balanced with my “softer” approach as a marriage/intimacy author and relationship coach makes my method, and the way I deliver it, unique in this business. I don’t patronize, I don’t slow-talk, I don’t surprise you with unexpected religious content and I don’t fall back on fluffy advice. If you’re ready to empower yourself and do what you can to save your marriage, my goal is to provide you with the tools to do that in a relevant, real-world way. You can learn more about me on the About Debra page. For more information on my method, please click here.

What is your method and background?
When you’re reaching out for relationship help, it’s important to be proactive and informed, and to find the right approach, service and practitioner for your circumstances – you do have choices. You can learn more about me on the About Debra page. For more information on my method, please click here .
Who should NOT use this service or a crash course?
My service (including telephone consults, crash courses, books and blogs) is not psychological counselling or therapy, and is therefore unsuitable in cases that involve any kind of abuse in the marriage or home (whether physical, emotional, verbal or sexual). It is similarly unsuitable in cases of mental illness/disorder, trauma, addiction, serious emotional distress or where crisis intervention is indicated. Those in such situations must consult the appropriate resource (i.e. the police and/or a lawyer, or a mental health practitioner) as soon as possible. Crash courses, books and blogs are informational in nature and are not intended to provide help on an individualized basis.
Will my online payment be secure? Will my email receipt and/or credit card statement show I've made a purchase from your website?
Yes to all.  Payments are securely processed through third-party payment processors at Stripe.com or PayPal.com.  Your order confirmation / email receipt and your credit card statement will show your purchase from Marriage SOS Inc. / Debra Macleod and may also show the name of the crash course you purchased.  Please be sure you are using your preferred payment method and email address, as order confirmation / receipts and other necessary correspondence will be sent to that email address.  If you have a PayPal account and use that to complete your purchase, a receipt will be sent to the email address associated with the PayPal account.
I have a technical issue with a crash course. How can I get help quickly?
Online courses are monitored daily to ensure they are functioning across all devices: technical issues are very rare.  If, however, you do have any technical issues with a crash course (or just need some pointers), please visit the Technical Issues page where you can troubleshoot the problem and contact the webmaster for personalized help.
Can I access the program more than once?
You can access all parts of your course as many times as you like during the one-year period of your enrollment. In fact, you will want to check back now and then to stay “on track” and also to take advantage of any new or additional content.
Do I take the course alone or with my spouse? Should I ask my spouse to take a course (i.e. if he/she is having an affair)?
Each crash course is designed to be taken by an individual spouse, not by both partners. The insights and strategies in each course are tailored for one spouse’s particular circumstances and will not be relevant, or helpful, to both spouses.

For example, the Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses course should only be taken by the betrayed spouse – that is who the content is specifically written for, and it can be counter-productive for the other partner to receive this content (remember, your course is your “secret weapon” in the fight for your marriage). If the spouse who committed the infidelity wishes to participate, he/she should take the Overcoming Infidelity // For Spouses Who Stray course; however, he/she must take the initiative to do this without pressure (or pleading) from you. You should never pressure a reluctant spouse to participate. That will backfire every single time. You are better off to focus on your own course and, if you need more help, to book a telephone session with me to decide how to handle your uncooperative or unfaithful spouse.

The only exception to this “one spouse” rule is the Stop “Fighting” to Get Along // For Individuals & Couples course: this course can be used by one spouse working alone or by both spouses, if they feel the material is relevant to both of them.  If you do both choose to take this course, however, I still recommend you take turns listening to it instead of listening together. A solo approach tends to foster a more open-minded, less defensive mood.

Do you bring up religion?
Although I welcome and respect clients of different faiths, this is not a religious service and religion will not be discussed during consultations. None of my crash courses contain any religious content.
Do you work with same-sex couples?
Yes, of course. A heads up, through – my books and programs do use gender-specific wife / husband language and examples, in addition to the gender-neutral spouse / partner. If you are in a same-sex marriage or relationship and wish to enroll in a course, I’d encourage you to look past that and focus instead on the behaviors, insights and strategies described. Ultimately, marriage problems (and solutions) are about behavior and choices, not gender or sexual orientation. For the record, I do plan to offer more gender-neutral products in the future to better and more respectfully serve my same-sex clients and course-takers.
My spouse has asked for a divorce. Should I still buy your course?

That’s up to you. Do you want to accept it or do you want to try something else?  I do not offer “scammy” guarantees that my courses will save your marriage.  What I can tell you is that the insights and strategies you will hear in my course can be used, and used effectively, at any stage of the separation process. I can also tell you that they are significantly less costly than a divorce. I wish you luck, but I’m afraid that’s all I can say.  I provide an excellent product that has turned countless marriages around; however, I do not offer grandiose promises to people who are already struggling in their lives.

How do I book and prepare for a tele-session? Do you talk to couples together or one-on-one?
Tele-sessions are booked online via the Telephone Sessions page. Before booking, please review this website to ensure you understand my method (i.e. this is not psychological counselling). You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for a session; however, you will want to find a private place to talk, whether that’s in your car, at your desk or on your couch. You may also want to jot down in advance any specific questions you want to ask me. Although we will cover as much as possible during your session, sometimes a question can slip a person’s mind.

I consult with clients on a one-on-one basis via telephone sessions. If by chance you and your spouse are doing this together, I will speak with each of you during separate appointments: that is how my style of marital conflict resolution works. This allows me to a) assess the situation in the fastest and most straightforward way and b) offer tailored suggestions to each partner so that they can each do their part and work “as a team” to save the relationship.

In most instances, however, I am working only with one partner – the one who is taking the initiative to improve the marriage. Reaching out for help on your own is much more effective than forcing, threatening or begging an unwilling spouse to participate. There is much you can learn and much you can try on your own to initiate a positive change.

I had a tele-session booked but I think I missed your call / forgot about the appointment. What should I do?
Please note that my incoming call will be private and will not show caller ID: also, for privacy reasons, I will not leave a message if you do not answer. I make three attempts to call clients at the scheduled time and at the phone number they provide.  Yet every now and then, a client forgets about an appointment…and confusion ensues!

If you think you missed my call, please email me directly at contact@debramacleod.com. If there is sufficient time left to have the appointment, or if I happen to have some extra time that day, we may be able to make it work; however, 48 hours cancellation notice is required for a refund.

I had a tele-session booked for 1 pm but it's 1:15 pm and you haven’t called. What should I do?
Please note that my incoming call will be private and will not show caller ID: also, for privacy reasons, I will not leave a message if you do not answer. I make three attempts to call clients at the scheduled time and at the phone number they provide. Yet every now and then, a client inadvertently enters their wrong or incomplete telephone number or their incorrect time zone when booking…and confusion ensues!

If you did enter everything correctly, please email me directly at contact@debramacleod.com. If I don’t respond within a few minutes, it may be that I’ve been abducted by aliens…or more likely, that some unforeseen happenstance has come up (i.e. power outage, personal emergency, etc.).  If that is the case, please know that I will be in touch as soon as I possibly can via email or phone to offer my sincere apologies and your options to reschedule or receive a refund. Be assured that I only cancel appointments if absolutely necessary: I know you have arranged your schedule around this appointment, and I respect your time and efforts.

How can I reschedule or cancel a tele-session? What is your cancellation policy?
When you book your telephone session, you will receive a confirmation email: on that email, there is a red “change/cancel appointment” button. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, simply click on that button and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can email me directly at contact@debramacleod.com. Please note that 48 hours cancellation notice is required to receive a refund.
Who is your literary agent? How do I contact you for media purposes?
I am represented by the David Black Agency in New York. I welcome all media requests, so please feel free to contact me directly.
Is your service only for married people? Are you married?
I respect the lifestyle choices of all individuals and couples, and happily consult with those who are married, living together or dating. Similarly, my courses apply to both marriage and cohabiting situations. And yes, I am married and have been so for many years. My husband and I have a son. It is a first marriage for both of us.
Do you offer office or Skype sessions?
At this point, my practice has transitioned into providing online crash courses and telephone sessions only: these are effective and more convenient than office sessions. Because services like Skype and video conferencing are notoriously unreliable, and because poor or unpredictable service can disrupt the flow and focus of a consult, I do not currently offer this service.
Are your services covered by my work insurance plan?
There are many different insurance companies and plans in North America – you will have to check with your plan administrator. (My credentials can be found on the About Debra page.) Unfortunately, many insurance companies restrict your choices to a local general counselor (who may or may not report back to your employer). Most of my clients and course-takers choose to pay out-of-pocket for this level of high-quality, specialized service.
What are your fees? What is your per diem?
My fee for Tele-Sessions:

  • $250.00 for 1 hour
  • $300.00 for 1.5 hours

For crash course fees, please visit the description page for the course(s) you are interested in purchasing.

Please note: Taxes and long-distance charges are included in the fee.  All fees are in USD.

I am available on an on-location basis for corporate or industry clients, and other high-profile clients. Please contact me directly at contact@debramacleod.com and we can discuss.

Where can I find your Terms of Use and other policies (i.e. refund policy, privacy policy)?
You can find Marriage SOS Inc.’s full Terms of Use, including all associated policies, by clicking here. If you have enrolled in a crash course or booked a telephone session, you would have been asked to review and agree to these terms in advance.