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Date Night – To the Moon and Back

This illuminating date night is courtesy of relationship author Don Macleod.

For most of us, the car is a utilitarian thing—it takes us to and from work, to and from the grocery store, to and from our kids’ school, whatever. Sure, we might take the occasional summer road trip with our family—but that’s not typically packed with romance is it? It’s not like we’re climbing in the backseat and fooling around. If we look into the backseat at all, it’s to see what our kids spilled back there.

But for this date night, you’re going to use your vehicle to transport you—just the two of you—to the moon and back. Sort of. You’re going to take a night drive out of the city and do something we don’t do nearly enough these days. Look up into the night sky.

Unless you’re an astronomer, you’ll probably need to do a bit of research before choosing the right evening for this date night. A quick Google search for “upcoming celestial events” will tell you what is on the month’s calendar and in what regions (and what times) the events are best seen. This event doesn’t have to be anything as rare as an eclipse or meteor shower—although you should take advantage of those when you can—but it should at least be a full moon on a cloudless night.

Before you set out, pack a couple blankets and a pair of binoculars (most decent binoculars can provide a good view of the moon). To set the mood, do a quick clean of your car’s interior before you leave. Throw out the trash and wipe the dash with a fresh-smelling cleaner. It’s just a nice way to travel on a date night. It also lets your spouse know that you put some effort into the occasion.

As you hit the road to drive away from the city lights, grab some food. It doesn’t have to be junk food, although you’re forgiven if it is. Sometimes you just NEED onion rings and a root beer. If that isn’t your thing, pack a picnic beforehand so that you can eat on the hood of your vehicle. As the sky darkens above and you enjoy the freedom of the open road, play some Frank Sinatra—“Fly Me to The Moon” is a fitting choice.

When you arrive at your predetermined location, find a safe place to park. Wrap the blankets around you—and then look up! Spend some time in the invigorating night air. You’ll soon feel the sheer exhilaration that comes from witnessing the beauty of the night sky and from immersing yourself in the natural world.

This is an amazing and special date night. No crowded movie theaters, no loud or expensive restaurants, no shifting uncomfortably in your seat at a never-ending opera. This starry evening happens on your own schedule and doesn’t need to cost more than a tank of gas. So enjoy.


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