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Date Night – Things That Go Bump in the Night

date night idea from marriage SOS

Picture this. It’s Friday night, the end of a long work week, and you and your sweetheart have a date night planned at home. You’ve found a nice bottle of wine and you’ve ordered in a favorite meal. You’ve lowered the lights and you’ve both changed in something more comfortable. To get in the mood and spend a little quality time together, you’ve found the latest romantic comedy and you’re cuddled on the couch. You press play.

The movie proceeds.  It’s okay. There are a few laughs, but it’s nothing special. Even worse, it hasn’t done much to keep you awake. It’s been a long week and you’re tired. So by the time you pile the plates into the kitchen sink, brush your teeth and climb into bed, you discover that your spouse—who has outpaced you by a few minutes—has already fallen asleep.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Look, I’m fine with the occasional romantic comedy, but if your goal is to get the blood pumping and stay awake—very awake—then I suggest a different genre on date night.

Horror.  Press play on a horror classic like The Amityville Horror or The Exorcist, or power through a classic horror franchise like The Omen.  Or try one of my and Deb’s favorite road-trip thrillers like the original Vacancy (2007) or Joy Ride (2001). There is no shortage of fun horror flicks, classic and modern, that are guaranteed to give you a good shot of adrenaline, get your heart going, and especially keep you awake so you’re in a heightened state when you climb into bed.

So think strategically. The next time you’re choosing a movie for date night, choose one with a purpose.  A bloody good one.

– Written by special contributor and relationship author Don Macleod


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