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Date Night – How to Be a Five-Star Couple

Marriage SOS date night

This date night idea is courtesy of relationship author Don Macleod.

I recently read somewhere that people are ten times more likely to leave a negative review online than a positive one. That means that negative reviews may often be disproportionately represented. On top of that, just think for a moment about how impossible it is to please people these days. A meal or a certain service or product can be completely adequate, even quite good, but if a waitress makes an innocent mistake on a bill, or a new cell phone case takes an extra two days to arrive in the mail—look out!—there’s that one-star review, miserable proof that too many people in this world are just looking for something to bitch about.

That’s why you and your spouse are going to change the world. Tonight, the two of you get to feel good by making others feel good. Make a stop at your favorite wine or spirits store, or even a boutique coffee or tea shop if that’s more your thing, and pick up a libation or liquid of your choice. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant, or try somewhere new. At each location, make a point of being friendly and thanking the employees for their help.

When you’re finished your meal and snuggling in for the night, look up the store or boutique, and the restaurant, on Google (and/or whatever social media they and you use), and leave a positive review. Five stars. Not four, not three…five. Put a smile on a hard-working owner’s face.

Why? Because positivity is contagious. Choose to make your marital outlook and your couplehood a positive force in the world. Take the advice of Thumper’s father: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

But if you do have something nice to say, shout it from the rooftops in the form of a five-star review. You’ll make someone feel good. And as importantly, you’ll feel good as a couple. You’ll also learn that perfection – whether from a waitress or from your spouse – isn’t necessary. So lighten up. Be more forgiving and less demanding. You’ll both be a lot happier.

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