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Date Night – A Splash of Color

Do you know what one of the biggest trends is right now? Adult coloring books. Some of them are gorgeous and the pencil crayons that go with them are definitely a step up from those broken-tip cheapies you had stuffed into your pencil case as a kid. The popularity of this craft speaks to the stressed out world we live in, and our desire to return to the simple things or perhaps a simpler time. Art allows us to indulge our creative sides while also indulging in some desperately needed downtime.

Tonight, you and your spouse are going to get creative. You can keep it very simple by purchasing an adult coloring book—they have intricate themes, such as marine life or flowers—and a high-quality set of pencil crayons. You can even color in bed together if you really need to relax.

But I suggest you put a little more effort into it, because you’ll have a lot more to show for it. Because this can be a wonderful hobby for couples, you may want to visit an art store and invest in an easel or two (or make your own at a lower cost), and purchase some quality painting supplies. Ask the staff for recommendations that are affordable and best for beginners (i.e. paper or canvas, acrylic or oil paints) and don’t get intimidated if this is new to you. It’ll take you no time to figure it out. You can finger-paint if you want to. Who cares? There’s a reason those kids in playschool are so damn cheery.

Decide whether you want to paint together on the same surface, or whether you want to each create your own paintings. Then set up your supplies in your living room and unleash your creative selves. Choose a theme or subject—landscapes, animals, the planets, something abstract—or just load up your brush with color and go. As with all date nights, the idea is to relax, not stress out. Let your inspiration and instinct be your guide. You aren’t doing this to make a career in art. You’re doing this for fun, to decompress, and to do something different together as a couple.

Eventually, you will create something that is suitable for framing, something that you can actually hang on a wall and enjoy each time you pass by…even if just for the wonderful memory it summons of this colorful date night. That’s how getting creative together can add color to your walls and your marriage.

– Written by special contributor and relationship author Don Macleod


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