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What Course-Takers Are Saying

marriage sos home programs (audio crash courses)So…you like the idea of an online audio/video crash course – it targets your problem and you love the on-demand delivery. You’ve listened to the audio introduction and it sounds like exactly what you need. You’ve reviewed my credentials and no-nonsense method, and you like that, too.

But you’re still not sure. Things are stressful right now, and it’s not easy to make a decision. Well, here’s what some of my course-takers from around the world have had to say. These are folks just like you – women and men who have faced tough times in their marriage, and who felt my crash courses were able to help.

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Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses:

I read the hyped-up books by big-name psychologists, dragged him to counseling and took the programs that are plastered all over the Internet. They had ZERO effect. All they did was prolong the miserable status quo of his shitty behavior and me putting up with it, always hoping tomorrow would see a change. They worked AGAINST me. They were just too weak, too watered down. Your course cut through all the bullshit and was truly the voice of clarity and reason. I probably listened to it six times – you really have been my “lifeline.” Everything you said was so spot-on that I just kept shaking my head, thinking “Why didn’t I find this first?” If I had, the last few months would have played out a lot differently, I’ll tell you that. I will never go back to the way it was. And now that I know what’s really happening and what to do about it, I don’t have to. Me and my marriage are getting stronger every day. You have a hug and a great cup of coffee waiting for you in Seattle if you’re ever in town. Love ya xo – Chrissie, Seattle, Wash.

The best thing about your course was learning how to get my husband to fight for our marriage. He was the unfaithful one – so why should everything revolve around what he’s willing to do or not do? Like you said, it has to be the other way around! He should be tripping over himself trying to win me back. I shouldn’t have to convince him that his behavior was wrong or beg him to work on our marriage. I tried your strategies and they worked exactly like you said they would. They were crystal clear and direct from the get-go, and your course was the ONLY place I learned anything truly NEW. Thank you for showing me how to make it about “us” instead of just about him, and for still managing to keep things positive and fair to both of us. – Seanna, Jersey City, NJ

When I found out about the affair, I Googled for help. It was obvious the market is flooded with books and programs, but all of them seem to borrow from each other (unfortunately I wasted some time and money before I tried you). You have a very authoritative voice and approach, and you were critical in helping me know what was going on in my wife’s head and heart…which was tough to hear at times, but necessary for the greater good. I appreciated the course’s strong and specific instruction. My thanks. – Jeff, London, England

An invaluable course that gets right to the point. It had broad scope, a huge instructional component, incredible detail and application, and a personal, sometimes forceful tone that kept me going. I learned how to trust myself – it WAS an affair, not an innocent friendship – and I learned what to do about it (other than arguing and crying!). I can’t imagine finding a more forthright or useful course to help a person get through something like this and come out with a stronger marriage. – Anika, Sacramento, CA

My wife has been doing this our whole marriage…constant flirting and ‘friendships’ with other men, always dismissing my concerns as controlling or paranoid. After almost ten years of it, I was sick of it and done. I listened to your crash course for betrayed spouses and saw how I was enabling it. I instituted your strategies and was willing to walk away if she didn’t change. She surprised me with her openness to listen to the program for unfaithful spouses and surprised me even more by changing. Maybe it was as much of a wake-up call to her as it was for me. Maybe she realized I saw through it all now. I guess it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we’re doing very well and I’m not going to live like that anymore.” – Glenn, Los Angeles, CA

All I can say is…holy **** did this open my eyes to what was happening, and FAST. I’ve taken back control of my life and marriage and I’ve never felt so confident in either. I thought this course might be vague, but the detail was unbelievable. You checked off every box and then some. I can honestly say we’d be divorced if I hadn’t listened to it. It pulled the curtain back on everything – why it happened, her behavior, what to do, how to recover, all of it. Even now I’ll re-listen to certain parts if I feel us slipping and then we’re good again. I’ve also recommended it to a couple friends who are dealing with their own nightmares. Thank you, Debra. – Allen, Vancouver, BC

I listened to the whole thing in my car on an overnight road trip. Not only did it keep me awake, but it served me better than three months of counselling with two different counselors. Absolutely life-changing stuff, Deb. You hit every nail on the head. After a year-long sexual affair and being a regular on dating sites, he’s a changed man and treats me like solid gold now. – Hannah, Melbourne, AU

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.com

Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives:

I saw a counselor and then took a couple other online programs, all of which basically told me to be nice, accommodate him and wait for him to come to his senses and realize how awful he was being (like he didn’t know that?!). Yeah. All that did was make it easier for him to screw her and me at the same time, while I felt like a doormat. I knew it wasn’t working but I didn’t know what else to do. I enrolled in your course and literally felt the anxiety and confusion and fear leave my body with every passing word that you said. You EMPOWERED me. You PROTECTED me. You gave me my clear-thinking and self-respect back. And it was like you scripted the whole thing – he came back, just like you said. And he came back on my terms, not just his. – Veronica, NYC

Deb, you’re the snake-charmer of midlife men. You knew every move my husband was making and you showed me how to manage him so he couldn’t do any more damage to me or to our marriage. How do I thank the person who showed me how to make my husband fall in love with me all over again? Listening to the course was such a pleasant experience, too. The instructional aspect was in-depth and indispensable: you have a very take-charge, deliberate approach. For me, it was exactly what I needed to stop my emotional flailing and to assertively and stratetically “conquer” his behavior. – Toni, Acton, England

From the first word to the last, I felt like you literally reached into the chaos of my marriage, sat me down at your table and said, “Now listen up, sweetheart, this is what you’re going to do.” I did it. It worked. I truly thank you. – Cara, Atlanta, GA

You are the voice that every wife who is going through this gut-churning, head-spinning, soul-sucking ordeal needs to hear in her ear. There were times in this program that I wanted to get on a plane, show up at your office and wrap my arms around you. Your insight and instructions were my lifeline. They pulled me out of the desperation and despair, and back to a place of confidence and certainty. I have him back and I didn’t have to sacrifice my dignity to do it. – Becka, Houston, TX

This crash course should be required listening at every married woman’s 40th birthday party. It is a rite of passage into middle age. Had I listened to this BEFORE it all blew up, I could have avoided months of emotional anguish and uncertainty. – Denise, Seattle, WA

I was doing every thing wrong. I was so consumed with the panic and desperation and fear and humiliation. I probably would’ve let those drive me into an early grave if I hadn’t found this course. Maybe I knew, deep down, that so much of what he was doing was manipulation but I was too afraid to do anything about it. That fear only doubled when he moved in with “her.” Thank you for taking me by the hand and walking me into the clear light of what was happening. Thank you for giving me my power back. Thank you for saving my marriage and my dignity. I feel authentic love from him and for the first time in years we are excited about continuing the journey of our life together. – Tama, Perth, AUS

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.com

Conquer Her Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Husbands:

Society has this idea that men are just mindless hunks of meat that bring home the bacon and are clueless about relationships. No, I wasn’t perfect but I always supported my wife and I KNOW that I was a good husband. I was there for her and our kids for 25 years of marriage. But when she started to say that she “loved me but wasn’t in love with me,” and she started going out with men (including the one she eventually had an affair with) where was the help I needed to deal with that? All the stuff I read about women and midlife basically held women out as misunderstood or mistreated by their husbands. That isn’t always true. If anything, it was the other way around in my marriage. I cannot thank you enough for being honest about what goes through the minds of some women and how a “good guy” should handle it. – Jeffrey, Orlando, FL

The biggest skill this course taught me was how to knowing what was on ME, and what was on HER. And yes, I promise to use my powers for good, not evil! – Conor, Vancouver, BC

I prefer your matter-of-fact experience as a mediator and your “take it or leave it” advice over the psychologists out there. That includes the counselor we saw who seemed to side with my wife before I opened my mouth. You were unbiased but not afraid to call a spade a spade. Thank you for providing a desperately-needed resource for men. – Maxwell, Bristol, UK

Equal parts professional and “pull your head out of your ass.” I’m not sure many pros could pull that off, but you managed. – William, San Antonio, TX

My wife was withdrawing, delving into self-help, saying I never listened to her – I did, but probably not enough. She wrote me a list called “25 Complaints Over 25 Years.” Everything was my fault and look out if I said that I didn’t feel appreciated or that I didn’t like the way I was expected to say nothing no matter what she did, including sending 100+ texts a day to another guy. I love my wife very much but that isn’t right. I never said I was perfect. I was busy. I was never an asshole. Anyway, I definitely came at things with more confidence and clarity after my “sessions” with you (that is, my workouts where I listened to the course). Greatly appreciated. – Nathan, Paris, France

I learned more about women in this five-hour course than I did in seventeen years of marriage. There’s no just beating around the bush with you, is there? – Kurt, Malibu, CA

Was beginning to feel real emasculated here, Deb, and the word “divorce” was being kicked around by both of us. Thanks for giving me my balls back. I listened to half the course waiting in the airport, and the other half in the air. I could feel the knot in my stomach letting to by the minute. By the time I landed, I was shaking my head at how different the whole shit-show seemed to be now. Clear as glass. Funny part was, it was almost like my wife was more relieved by the change in me than I was. Maybe she was waiting for me to take the lead. – Frank, Norfolk, VA.

I admit that men can be really defensive. At first I had my back up a bit – like, wait a minute, it’s all her fault – but as I went through the course I saw where you were going with that. I am doing a much better job of being aware of what she’s going through in life and loving her, but at the same time not letting her cry or lie her way out of everything. You’re right that it has to be about both of us being happy. – Gavin, Perth, AUS

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.com

Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship:

When I listened to the course, it was already to the point where I felt like they were married to each other and I was the annoying outsider who couldn’t take the hint to leave them alone. Talk about degrading. Worst part was, my wife knew exactly what she was doing to me. She was doing such a damn good job, though, that it took this course (hard to listen to at times, Deb, but so necessary) to make me clue in. Thank you for that and for giving such clear instruction. It’s one thing to know it’s happening and another to know what to actually do about it – you did it all. – Terry, Lakeville, IN

I read one of your anti-opposite-sex friendship blogs a couple years ago and thought you were crazy. Yeah. Then I saw the picture my husband’s “work out buddy” sent him. Her toned tummy and, yep, everything south of there too. All the predictable stuff followed. The downplaying, saying I was overreacting, and then eventually admitting that he found her “amazing” and was just so drawn to her. Ugh. I am indebted to you for saving my marriage and my self-respect. Your course was equal parts inspiring and instructional. With a good kick in the ass for good measure. – Kay, Miami, FL

To me, the course was like being sprung from jail. You broke me out of my victim role. – Adrian, NYC

Were they in love with each other? I’m not sure. If they weren’t, it was getting there. She was almost obsessed with him. She couldn’t go more than ten minutes without checking her phone, and if I said anything – look out. The fight was on and it was always my fault. I feel like I caught it just in time. The most surprising thing to me has been how ending that friendship has given us a new beginning as a couple. There’s a more mature and united feeling to “us” now. – Josh, Leicester, England

I spent a year of my life second-guessing myself and feeling my stomach sink every time my husband leapt from his chair to text her back. That whole year I was either on the verge of tears, panic or rage. Your course gave me the knowledge and the fearless attitude I needed to break free of that. I never would’ve thought so (especially in the thick of it) but he dropped her fast once he knew he couldn’t have it both ways. It actually made our marriage better. There’s no doubt he values me more now. – Hina, Canberra, AUS

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.com

Stop “Fighting” to Get Along // For Individuals & Couples:

We went through counselling, coaching, therapy and a really, really creepy couples retreat. That’s how desperate we were to stop fighting and just feel a glimmer of love or hope again. I cried at the end of this program. Not because it was bad but because it left me thinking, “I am not going to let one more day go by fighting with this person that I love more than anything.” You were the ONLY person that showed me how to do that instead of just throwing irrelevant theories or vapid love quotes at me. – Kristen, Canberra, AUS

I could weep when I think of how many years we WASTED fighting about bullshit nothingness. This hit every single nail on its head. Bang. Bang. Bang. It made absolute and total sense from the first word to the last word. I really love the way you simplified what I’m sure are some very complicated strategies and showed us how to just slip them right into the marriage, like they’d always been there. Just beautiful. – Carter, Portsmith, UK

Deb, we each put in an earbud and listened to the course in one day. Every time we thought, “Maybe we should turn it off now,” you’d say something else that hit home and we couldn’t stop listening. We hung on every word. It was EXACTLY what we needed to hear (although not always easy to hear). It saved our ten-year marriage, it saved our family and it saved our sanity. – Mikel, Los Osos, CA

You delivered some really ugly messages with equal parts cold truth and warmth. You took the gloves off but I knew you were fighting for us the whole time. – Arpita, London, ON

And all this time I thought my husband was the ass and the person doing everything wrong. Imagine my surprise to learn that I was just as bad! Thanks for the wake-up call, Deb, and for showing me how to dig my marriage out of the hole we’d thrown it into. XOXO – Michelle, Chicago, IL

You should be sitting on a mountain top somewhere wearing a robe and handing out this info on a golden platter. But I suppose a streaming mp3 will do. – Ryan, Santa Fe, NM

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.com

Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy to Passion:

We spent so many years working our asses off to get ahead and get these kids out the door and on their way. And then when we had the time and money to enjoy each other – nada. He sat on the couch and watched TV and I sat at the computer and lived on social media. It seemed like such a waste. I begged him to go for a walk, a bike ride, take a trip, take a class, say something. Nada. What I loved about this course was that it taught me how to spark a huge change in such a subtle way. He didn’t see it coming and that’s probably why it worked. Thanks Deb, from the great state of Texas. – Melissa, Frisco, TX

What an uplifting, refreshing and USABLE course. I dove right into it. I locked myself in my office, got into the zone with the video in the background and followed every word in the workbook. I thought, “I’m just going to do every single thing, without thinking about it or making excuses.” I don’t have to tell you how it worked. But it did. Brill stuff. 🙂 – Elizabeth, Bristol, UK

I had a front row seat to a dying marriage. We didn’t openly fight – oh no, that would’ve been too much work! I bought relationship books. Sex toys. I tried other programs. I was ready to give up. Can’t blame me, a person can only take so much rejection and you get sick of being the only one who is trying. I have a girlfriend who used another one of your courses and recommended your service. I suppose I owe both of you. Very happy now and very thankful for your wonderful and unique course. – Mary Ann, Toledo, OH

My wake up call was finding his online dating profile. He hadn’t contacted anybody, but he was definitely spending time on there, I think just trying to feel something, anything! I don’t know if he would’ve cheated on me or not (I don’t think so) but it breaks my heart that that even crept into our marriage. What I loved about your course was that it didn’t go into a bunch of theory because to be brutally honest I didn’t care. I just needed real things to try. I’ve listened to the course twice and will review it now and then to stay on top of things. – Mariel, Norfolk, VI

My wife was addicted to her phone like some kind of mindless drone. I went from feeling mildly irritated at being ignored to feeling absolute contempt for her. The sight of her staring at her phone like an automaton disgusted me. She wasn’t present, she just took up space. I’d ask her to put it away and it was always the same response. “I just have to check one thing” or “I’ve hardly been on it today.” If she did put it away, well, then we were both irritated for different reasons. There’s a ton of good stuff in your course but the best thing I learned was how to get her off that phone. Can’t thank you enough for helping me break through that “tech based” apathy that was killing my marriage because I would’ve divorced her before living with it much longer. I’m not exaggerating. So far so good, though. – Jeff, Gold Coast, AUS

Get instant advice from any device with an audio "crash course." Listen anytime, anywhere. Available worldwide | debramacleod.com

Overcoming Infidelity // For Spouses Who Stray:

“I’ve walked out of two counselors offices because they were $%#@ing patronizing, religious, clueless, or all three. I know I can be defensive, but I can’t listen to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I got goosebumps listening to you, itemizing and simplifying exactly what I was doing and feeling. I can’t believe I sat through the whole thing, and then the next day, played it again. It was like you wrote it for me. Sorry for swearing.” – Louis, Augusta, Maine

Our marriage had been unhappy for a long time. I wasn’t sure I had the motivation to fix what I’d done. I wondered whether it was worth it. Your crash course made me realize that I wasn’t just fixing things for my husband, but for me, too. I found it struck a balance between making me account for what I’d done but respecting that the marriage had to work for me, too. That’s what kept me motivated to work through it and it paid off. – Joy, Atlanta, Ga.

“The day after I listened to this program, my wife asked me if I’d had shock therapy. So that says it all. Thanks for having the kahunas to lay it all out for me without making me feel worse than I already did. I needed a shake since I was clueless and panicking and trying to avoid the situation entirely. I listened in my truck and every time you’d say something that made perfect sense, I’d hit the dash. It’s dented now but who cares. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Trevor, Calgary, AB

“I had very strong feelings for a good friend and was really struggling to end it. Your program helped me see what I was doing in a BIG PICTURE way that made me look at it clearly and rationally and make some decisions about my life. You helped me see it from all angles which I definitely wasn’t doing. I know without a doubt this saved my marriage because my husband was close to leaving me, although I was too caught up in things to see that. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Alexis, Leeds, England

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