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Crash Course Reviews

Crash Course Reviews

I read a couple popular marriage books and dragged him to counseling. Those had zero effect. All they did was enable the miserable status quo to continue, with me putting up with it, always hoping tomorrow would be different. Your course cut through all the BS and double-talk and was truly the voice of clarity and reason. I probably listened to it six times, and each time I seemed to learn something new – you really have been my “lifeline.” Me and my marriage are getting stronger every day. You have a hug and a nice cup of tea waiting for you if you’re ever in town. Love ya xo – Constance

After my third appointment with a counselor, I felt like I was getting nowhere fast. I decided that my marriage and well-being were worth taking a chance on something different - your course. Wish I would've taken it from Day One (the day I discovered the affair) but better late than never. You are excellent at your job, Deb, and your course is amazing. - Ana

You checked off every box.  Even now I'll re-listen to certain parts if I feel us slipping and then we're good again. I've also recommended it to a couple friends who are dealing with their own nightmares. Thank you, Debra. - Allen

What I loved about your program was learning how to make that "shift" from me doing all the work (asking him questions, checking his phone) and worrying, to him finally fighting for our marriage - he was the unfaithful one. I shouldn't have to convince him that his behavior was wrong or beg him to work on our marriage. He should be tripping over himself trying to win me back. I tried your strategies and they worked exactly like you said they would. They were crystal clear and direct from the get-go. Thank you for showing me how to make it about "us" instead of just about him, and for still managing to keep things positive and fair to both of us. – Seanna

An invaluable course with broad scope and real-world guidance. I did every page of the workbook, although it didn't feel like work. It felt like a weight being lifted off of me as I felt myself taking my power back. All the pieces fell into place. I learned how to trust myself - it was an affair, not an innocent friendship - and I learned what to do about it, other than arguing and crying. I can't imagine finding more forthright or useful guidance to get through something like this and come out with a stronger marriage. You have a personal yet sometimes forceful tone, and I needed that.  Loved the Questions & Answers you included too.  All those little 'extras' (the lifelines, self-assessment, What NOT to Do!!! etc.) were so helpful. He ended the affair, and we are doing better than we have in years. I have hope again. - Anika

As if my wife's affair wasn’t bad enough, she kept flip-flopping between saying she’d end it and saying she wasn’t sure, since our marriage might not survive anyway. So she didn’t want to risk ending the affair. And yet she was willing to risk our marriage? It didn't make sense until I listened to your program. I finally felt like I could get through it regardless of what she did, and once she saw that change in me, she knew she had to make a change. We are doing better now than we have in a long time, Deb, and I’ve used every part of this program over the past few months. – Chris

I stumbled upon your program less than 48 hours after I found out about my husband's year-long affair. He was stubborn and refused to end it. I was almost in hysterics, thinking I wasn't young enough, slim enough, pretty enough. Your voice calmed me down and got me thinking straight. I had my doubts that a program like this would work, but I decided my marriage was worth the risk. I listened to you and did what I thought was best. He ended the affair at that point. Your course helped me see there were many reasons the affair happened, and my husband and I are now working together for a better tomorrow. I often re-listen to you to regain focus when I need to and still rely on the material. Thank you for saving my marriage. - Iris

For me, it wasn't really a was more like a road map that kept me "on course" through the whole thing. It gave me that big picture idea of how to get through my husband's infidelity - what was reasonable to expect or ask for, how to deal with the "Other Woman," how to react to his impatience, how to come together again and actually start to pick up the pieces despite all the pain and flashbacks. You covered it all and I've relied on this course very heavily through it all. - Hannah

I saw a counselor, spent hours researching midlife crises online and tried a couple other approaches that left me feeling like a doormat, just waiting for him to come and step on, so to speak. I knew it wasn't working but I didn't know what else to do. I enrolled in your course and felt the anxiety and confusion and fear leave my body with every passing word. You empowered and protected me. You gave me my clear-thinking and self-respect back. And it was like you scripted the whole thing - he came back on my terms, not just his. - Veronica

Your program was my refuge, my guiding light, my everyday reminder that I could get through this. I listened daily for 2 or 3 weeks, re-playing certain parts or listening to the new Q&A’s you’d post. Your advice (and yes, sometimes your "tough love") helped me regain his love and respect. After hearing nothing but "I don't know what I want" for so long from him, it is beyond wonderful to feel wanted by him again. I will always be grateful to you. - Suyin

Debra, yours is the voice that anyone who is going through this gut-churning, head-spinning, soul-sucking ordeal needs to hear. There were times in this program that I wanted to get on a plane, show up at your office and wrap my arms around you. I have him back and I didn't have to sacrifice my dignity to do it. - Katherine

You knew every move my husband was making and you showed me how to manage things so he couldn't do any more damage to me or to our marriage. How do I thank the person who showed me how to make my husband fall in love with me all over again? Listening to the course was such a pleasant experience, too. It was in-depth and indispensable: you have a very take-charge, deliberate approach. For me, it was exactly what I needed to stop my emotional flailing and to assertively and strategically manage his behavior. - Toni

From the first word to the last, I felt like you reached into the chaos of my marriage, sat me down at your table and said, "Now listen up, sweetheart, this is what you're going to do." I listened to the whole program twice over the span of one weekend, and then went back and completed the workbook, which to be honest was a very personal and emotional experience for me. So basically within two or three days I was a changed woman! I am still surprised by how precisely your program mirrored what was happening to me, and how fast things changed once I wised up and started using your strategies. Even now I re-listen to certain parts to stay on track. I truly thank you. - Cara

This crash course should be required listening at every married woman's 40th birthday party. It is a rite of passage into middle age. Had I listened to this BEFORE it all blew up, I could have avoided months of emotional anguish and uncertainty. By the way, your "What NOT To Do!!!" tip sheet is my new screensaver. Love it. - Denise

I was doing everything wrong. I was so consumed with the panic and desperation and fear and humiliation. I probably would've let those drive me into an early grave if I hadn't found this course. Maybe I knew, deep down, that so much of what he was doing was manipulation but I was too afraid to do anything about it. That fear only doubled when he moved in with "her." Thank you for taking me by the hand and walking me into the clear light of what was happening. Thank you for giving me my power back. Thank you for saving my marriage and my dignity. I feel authentic love from him and for the first time in years we are excited about continuing the journey of our life together. - Tama

I read your beware-opposite-sex-friendships blog a while back and thought you were crazy. Then I saw the pic my husband's "work out buddy" sent him. Her toned tummy and, yep, everything south of there. All the predictable stuff followed. The downplaying, saying I was overreacting, and then eventually admitting that he found her "amazing" and was just so drawn to her. Ugh. Your course was equal parts inspiring and instructional, with a supportive kick in the ass for good measure. I am indebted to you for saving my marriage and my self-respect. - Kay

She seemed obsessed with him. She couldn't go more than ten minutes without checking her phone, and if I said anything - look out. The fight was on and it was always my fault. I feel like I caught it just in time. The most surprising thing to me has been how her ending that relationship has given us a new beginning as a couple, and you got us there. - Josh

To me, the course was like being sprung from jail. You broke me out of my victim role. - Adrian

I spent a year of my life second-guessing myself and feeling my stomach sink every time my husband leapt from his chair to text her back. That whole year I was either on the verge of tears, panic or rage. Your course gave me the knowledge and the fearless attitude I needed to break free of that. I never would've thought so (especially in the thick of it) but he dropped her fast once he knew he couldn't have it both ways. It actually made our marriage better. There's no doubt he values me more now. - Hina

I never fell out of love with my wife, I was just more bored and for whatever reason that manifested as resentment. Belittling. She did the same to me, and to say that things had cooled off in the bedroom is an understatement. I listened first, then she did. Hearing different speakers, the female and male, made the content feel even more relevant and interesting. A great program. - F.L.K.

I had no idea why I was so angry all the time, but my wake-up call came when my wife asked me for a divorce. Had I not binged this program over the weekend and made some drastic changes, she would've been gone on Monday. It prevented me from losing my wife and making the worst mistake of my life. I needed to hear every word of this. I can't believe how clueless I was. - Al

I've read every marriage communication book in the English language. I've bought more "spice it up" books than any woman should own. Nothing has come close to this outstanding program. THANK YOU. - Magie

If my husband wasn't ignoring or criticizing me, he was acting like a total jerk. I hadn't felt actual love from him in years, never mind something as impossible as respect. A month after this wonderful program, and we're better than ever. He looks at me in a totally different way and it makes me feel so good about myself. - Jean

Oh Deb, you put those life gurus to shame. They've got nothing on you. Your advice was powerful but unpretentious.  - Vera

As usual, Deb, you're my go-to gal when I need somebody to get me through it all. Your Betrayed Spouses course laid it all out - how to get through her affair - but this course was all about me and I needed that so desperately.  - Arron

I  needed this.  I needed this.  I needed this. - Edie

This wasn't a course. It was a life-saving spiritual experience for me. I'm not kidding. I have listened to parts of this course every single day since the day I first heard it. It is the only thing that's given me shelter from the chaos of my husband's midlife crisis and given me the strength to do what I needed to do. Thank you my dear friend. - Diya

I've walked out of two counselors offices because they were $%#@ing patronizing, religious, clueless, or all three. I know I can be defensive, but I can't listen to someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. I got goosebumps listening to you, itemizing and simplifying exactly what I was doing and feeling. I can't believe I sat through the whole thing, and then the next day, played it again. It was like you wrote it for me. Sorry for swearing. - Louis

The day after I listened to this program, my wife asked me if I’d had shock therapy. So that says it all. Thanks for having the kahunas to lay it all out for me without making me feel worse than I already did. - Trevor

I had very strong feelings for a good friend and was really struggling to end it. Your program helped me see what I was doing in a big picture way that made me look at it rationally and make some decisions about my life. You helped me see it from all angles which I definitely wasn't doing. I know without a doubt this saved my marriage because my husband was close to leave me, although I was too caught up in things to see that. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Alexis

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