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No matter where you are in the world, I am available to help. My practice is in Calgary, Canada and serves clients worldwide with telephone sessions and online audio/video crash courses.

QUESTION?  If you have a question about my services (fees, policies, purchase enquiries, booking, etc.), you will likely find it answered on the FAQ page.

TECHNICAL ISSUE?  If you are experiencing any technical issues with this website or its products/services (including crash courses), please click here to report the problem to the webmaster and run through a brief troubleshooting checklist which, happily, resolves 99% of issues without further delay. This site and its services are monitored daily to ensure everything is up and running. I take pride in providing a world-class, worldwide service and I want your experience to be as positive as possible.

CONTACT DEBRA:  Email: contact@debramacleod.com / Phone: 1-888-295-2843

Office address:
888 3 St SW
Calgary, AB