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Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives

Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives

husband having midlife crisis

If you’re losing your husband to a midlife crisis, it’s time to stop analyzing, questioning or tiptoeing around him. It’s time to start doing things differently.

This empowering online “crash course” provides crucial—and at times unconventional—strategies to win him back without losing yourself. It helps you end this midlife marriage crisis and secure a happy future for both of you.

It isn't hopeless and you aren't powerless... things can change, starting today

Men who show midlife crisis-related behavior can act in surprisingly similar ways, from aloof and unhappy to self-focused and unfaithful. The effect on wives tends to be similar too—worry and pain, a loss of dignity and identity, fear and confusion. 

If you’ve realized that your husband isn’t going to “come around” on his own, and that whatever you’ve tried hasn’t worked, I’ll show you how to support him while acting strategically enough to rekindle his affection, interest and devotion.

It used to take me months of private sessions to convey this guidance; however, this streamlined and accessible format lets me do it much faster and more affordably. Best of all, it gives you the crucial insights and customizable strategies you need to start turning things around without further delay or speculation. No doubt you’ve had your fill of those.

When his midlife crisis leads to a marriage crisis

Even men who deeply love their wives and have shown no previously hurtful behavior can exhibit the kind of divisive midlife crisis behavior that can bring a marriage to the brink of divorce. This empowering program is keenly aware of these marriage-harming behaviors and equips you to decode and manage them. From rewriting your history and sending mixed messages to narcissism and secrecy, and everything in between, you can successfully navigate this.

A lot can happen during a husband’s midlife crisis. Your husband may still be living at home or maybe he’s moved out… or just starting to talk about doing so. He may be a fitness nut or a couch potato. And whatever he is doing today, he might be doing something different tomorrow. 

That’s why the insights and strategies in this program are versatile enough to apply to almost any set of circumstances. They are also thorough enough to apply to any stage of a so-called midlife crisis, whether it’s just beginning or fully underwaySo whether you are still connected to your husband or whether he has become focused on himself (or someone else) instead of you, don’t panic! Just be prepared

The benefit of doing this alone

In a perfect world, you and your husband would work together to resolve this crisis; however, the nature of some midlife crises means that just can’t happen. Instead of letting the distance between you continue to grow, you can build a bridge out of wifely support + strategy and do everything in your power to protect your marriage.

Indeed, most women who take this course do so quietly. They worry that if they said, “I learned this in a course,” their already resistant husband would grow even more resistant… and they’re usually right about that.

Reconnect and reinforce your marriage

You have the power, so start this crash course today. It can be streamed (repeatedly) on most devices: listen “on the go” on your commute or watch the calming background video at a café while you listen and work through the program supplement. You can also take advantage of the diverse supporting material and new content I add to ensure my premium guidance remains dynamic.

Because I know you love your husband, and despite what is happening, you want to support him and save your marriage. He probably wants that too, even if he’s not acting like it right now. All the more reason for him to see you acting with confidence, reasonableness, dignity—and yes, hope—during this challenging but conquerable time in your life together. And if you haven’t been doing that, it’s okay. Just start doing it from now on.


  • Instant access to over six and a half streamlined hours of specialized, step-by-step core audio guidance presented in three key parts
  • Core audio (as above) with optional calming video
  • Printable workbooks / program supplements
  • Must-watch video shorts and inventive exercises to reconnect with your husband
  • Audio/video Q&A clips: “Hard Questions, Straight Answers – from Deb’s Desk” (Note: new Q&A’s are added regularly, so you can keep benefiting from fresh insights and tips to handle the toughest scenarios)
  • Other purposeful content (e.g. “marriage lifelines” to keep your marriage afloat, “What NOT to Do!”)

Note: The online crash course Conquer His Midlife Crisis is no longer available for purchase.

However, you will find its core content—including the topics outlined in the audio introduction above—in the book The Shut-Out Wife: Breaking Through Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis.