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Spouses Drifting Apart

“How Can I Make My Wife Love Me (Yes, and Have More Sex)?”

couple in bed together

By special contributor Don Macleod. I remember the moment I knew I needed to up my game. My wife and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie, and I was feeling a bit frisky. I reached over to give her a little squeeze, but she swatted my hand away and continued to watch… Read More

8 Reasons Your Husband May Be Falling Out of Love With You

I can’t tell you how many unhappy husbands I’ve seen in my office over my years in practice. They present with all kinds of issues, from infidelity to in-law troubles and everything in between. Yet despite the variety of marriage problems that can arise, there are some complaints that are so prevalent and so shockingly… Read More

Stop Talking Your Relationship To Death!

Many of us have been in a work meeting that went on for waaaay too long. The same people, saying the same things, over and over again. The same people complaining ad nauseam, using the meeting structure as an opportunity to vent about everything that is wrong with the company, its policies or their co-workers… Read More

Why It’s Sometimes Okay for a Woman to ‘Need’ a Man

happy young couple hiking

It’s a question that single women often ask me: “Why does my friend — who is unemployed, a basket case, and who has seven kids with seven different men — get a ton of dates, but I don’t get any? I have a great career, my own house and I am totally independent. What’s up… Read More

Controlling Behavior: Yes, Some Women Do It, Too

woman shouting at man

Those of us who work with couples will tell you that there is no shortage of men who try to control the women in their lives. Yet we often neglect to talk about the flip side: that is, the way that some women seek to control the men in their lives. Female controlling behavior can… Read More

How to Avoid Throwing a “Texting Tantrum”

woman angrily looking at mobile phone

My husband Don and I were out for dinner the other night when, at the table next to us, a three-year-old boy launched into a classic temper tantrum. After being denied his third glass of soda — an injustice of epic proportions when you still use a sippy cup — he proceeded to throw his… Read More