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Spouses Drifting Apart

“My Husband / Wife Won’t Fight for Me. How Can I Make Them Care?”

wife grabbing onto husband who is leaving

I hear it all the time from a hurting spouse:  “My husband was the one who cheated, so why isn’t he fighting for me?  Why do I have to convince him that what he did was wrong?” Or “My wife is the one who caused this mess…so why am I the only one who seems… Read More

“How Do I Know When it’s Time to Give Up?” (And the Power of Letting Go)

unhappy couple on bed

Here’s a question I’ve been asked more than once: How do I know when it’s time to give up and stop trying to save my marriage? That’s a tough question, because the answer is one that people usually feel in a very personal way….and you can only feel it when you’re being brutally honest with… Read More

“Why Can’t I Communicate With My Husband / Wife?” What To Do When Your Marriage is Falling Apart

Defensive husbands. Emotional wives. Marriages full of heated arguments, cold shoulders, adult temper tantrums, childish meltdowns, constant criticism and stupid misunderstandings that lead to even more problems. Threats of divorce. Bedrooms full of resentment and devoid of intimacy. What’s behind it all? As a couples mediator and marriage conflict specialist, I could give you all… Read More

“My Husband Is Getting Bored with Me. What Can I Do?”

unhappy couple

By Special Contributor Don Macleod. We’re all invested in our marriages, and not just financially. We also invest our emotions in our marriage. We put our love and trust in our spouse, and—for better or for worse—much of our happiness, sense of security, and even identity hinges on the state of our marriage.  That’s why… Read More

My Husband / Wife is Threatening Divorce. Why? What Should I Do?

wedding rings and divorce papers

If you’ve ever heard your husband or wife say, “I want a divorce,” or “we should just get a divorce” or even “maybe we should try a separation,” then you know how frightening, how paralyzing, how stomach-sinking it can feel. Well, guess what?  So does your spouse.  In fact, that may be why they’re saying… Read More

When You Fight About Money

paying bills online

Relationship problems run the gamut, but there are a few issues that are particularly ripe for conflict. One of the ripest is money. But why? No doubt part of it has to do with one’s background. A person raised in a wealthy household, whose parents paid for everything from their college tuition and designer clothes… Read More

Are You a Helicopter Spouse?

husband texting in secret

I like to think I’m a fairly easy person to live with.  But like anybody, I can slip into bad habits.  It happened the other night.  I was trying to finish some client files and keeping an eye on the stove, while my husband was fielding last-minute work calls and trying to figure out why… Read More

8 Reasons Celebrity Marriages Fail – and Why You Should Care

celebrity couple

I recently read a study that claimed celebrity marriages fail at twice the rate of other marriages.  As a marriage conflict specialist who has worked with higher profile couples, I wasn’t surprised.  Here, I’ve listed eight common reasons why celebrity marriages flounder.  Yet before you take comfort in your anonymity, know this: they’re the same… Read More

Marriages Crash When Sex Falls Off the Radar

couple in bed together

When it comes to marriage, emotional and sexual intimacy are two sides of the same coin.  In successful marriages, we see a pretty decent balance.  We see a couple who is going through life as best friends, and who just happen to think the other is pretty damn hot. Sex is a “use it or… Read More

8 Relationship Time-Bombs You Want to Defuse

couple sitting back to back, angry with each other

When it comes to relationships – especially long-term relationships – underlying issues can silently tick along for months or even years before finally blowing up and causing major damage. Here are eight of the most common: Ignoring your partner’s complaints. For whatever reason, people often stop listening to their partner’s legitimate complaints about the relationship… Read More

Why Being an “Alpha Mom” May Be Killing Your Marriage

wife nagging at husband

A few days ago, I was trying on some clothes in a fitting room when – just as I pulled the shirt over my head – a sudden wall-shaking bang just about made me fall over.  I waited a moment and then, there it was, another wall-shaking bang.  And then another.  And another. And then… Read More

What is Gray Divorce and How Do You Avoid It?

happy couple on beach

With the recent news that certain high-profile mature couples are divorcing, the term “gray divorce” is in the headlines, almost as if the trend is something new. It isn’t. In fact, as someone who began her career as a divorce mediator, I distinctly remember seeing waves of couples in their fifties and sixties filing for… Read More