How to Change the Tone of Your Marriage

headphones and flowers

As someone who specializes in marital communication and interactions, I often talk to people about how important voice tone is in terms of a marriage’s overall tone. But I recently realized that there’s another way to improve the tone of a marriage. And that’s through music. I came to this realization while out for supper … Read more

Fair, but Aware – The Marriage-Saving Approach You Should Know About

After I graduated from law school, I thought I had all the answers. I was trained to be an adversarial thinker—I mean, just think of any legal case. So-and-So “versus” So-and-So. The “versus” says it all. When you’re faced with marriage problems, the same kind of adversarial tone can easily set in. You can become … Read more

Do You Need Non-Religious Marriage Help?

couple driving in car

When I started my Marriage SOS practice decades ago, I did so with the firm belief that people who are looking for marriage help should have a choice. That doesn’t just mean a choice between psychotherapy or mediation-based help or coaching, it also means a choice between religious or non-religious help. While my practice is … Read more