Did Your Marriage Fall Prey to a Spouse Poacher?

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When dealing with infidelity, it’s useful to know who initiated the extramarital relationship.  Was it the unfaithful spouse or the other woman/other man?  Here, I want to talk about the latter case: where the other woman/other man pursued the married person. It’s a sobering thought, but the unhappy fact is that an otherwise loving and … Read more

What To Do When Your Wife Cheats

man upset and drinking because wife cheated

It’s abundantly obvious, and understandable, that a person who discovers their spouse has been unfaithful will experience a range of emotions, from shock to sadness and everything in between. The expression a “storm of emotions” is certainly fitting when it comes to infidelity. But all storms end, and this one will too. That’s why it’s … Read more

How I Went from Mediating Divorces to Saving Marriages

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After law school, I opened a divorce mediation practice—and let me tell you, you see all types. Some are there because they truly want to remain on good terms with their soon to be ex-spouse and have a collaborative divorce. Others are there only because they’ve been told it’s cheaper than having lawyers battle it … Read more

The Shut-Out Wife: When His Midlife Crisis Shuts You Out of His Life

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You’ve heard of the male midlife crisis. You’ve heard of gray divorce. Well, in the middle of that unhappy intersection stands a woman that I call the shut-out wife. And believe me, if anyone ever felt overwhelmed and undersupported by the position she finds herself in—frantically navigating a thousand moving parts to avoid a wreck, … Read more

How to Make a Second Marriage Work With Kids and Stepkids

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Second marriages have higher divorce rates than first marriages. You’d think it would be the opposite. You’d think that people would learn from their mistakes and go on to “get it right” the second time. Indeed, many people do. Second marriages can be very happy and can last. They can also be miserable and destined … Read more

The Secret to Saving Your Marriage

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A lot of people claim to have a secret way to achieve something. The secret to weight loss, the secret to financial success, the secret to solving a Rubik’s cube.  After all, people are always looking for some kind of hidden formula that, once revealed to them, will result in easy and guaranteed success. Nowhere … Read more