When an Unfaithful Spouse Refuses to End Their Affair

cheating spouse unhappy couple on bed

When most people imagine a scenario involving a “cheating spouse” being caught having an emotional or sexual affair, they assume said cheating spouse will react apologetically.  “I’m so sorry!  It meant nothing, you’re the one I love and want to be with! I’ll do whatever it takes to fix this!” There is also an assumption that … Read more

Did Your Marriage Fall Prey to a Spouse Poacher?

cheating woman

When dealing with infidelity, it’s useful to know who initiated the extramarital relationship.  Was it the unfaithful spouse or the other woman/other man?  Here, I want to talk about the latter case: where the other woman/other man pursued the married person. It’s a sobering thought, but the unhappy fact is that an otherwise loving and … Read more

Cheating and the Midlife Crisis: When Your Husband has a Midlife Affair

husband's midlife affair

It never rains but it pours, right? That’s the idiom that comes to mind when I think of the midlife affair.  It’s like two tornados combining—the midlife crisis and infidelity—and creating a storm that has the power to knock down your whole marriage. A husband’s midlife affair may strike when life is good. Maybe too … Read more

When a Platonic Friendship in Marriage Turns Flirtatious

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Some things are built for two. Teeter-totters. Loveseats. The Porsche Boxster. And yes, marriage. Which begs the question: Can a married person have a platonic friendship with another man or woman outside of their marriage? Yes, of course they can. Platonic friendships are very possible…providing there’s no attraction between the two friends and no chance … Read more