Cheating and the Midlife Crisis: When Your Husband has a Midlife Affair

husband's midlife affair

It never rains but it pours, right? That’s the idiom that comes to mind when I think of the midlife affair.  It’s like two tornados combining—the midlife crisis and infidelity—and creating a storm that has the power to knock down your whole marriage. A husband’s midlife affair may strike when life is good. Maybe too … Read more

10 Signs Your Husband is Having a Midlife Crisis

husband putting wedding ring in pocket

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is my husband having a midlife crisis?”  Maybe his behavior has changed so suddenly, so dramatically, that you’re wondering whether there’s an impostor living in his body. Or maybe this has been building up for a while and you’re starting to get seriously worried. Either way, here’s a quick … Read more