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His Midlife Crisis

When His Midlife Crisis turns into Marital Terrorism

man in midlife looking confident

Ah, the stereotypical male midlife crisis – it summons images of a middle-aged man cruising around town in his red convertible, trying to recapture the feeling of lost youth.  Who can blame him? Nobody wants to get older.  We all want to cover those grays, one way or another.  And hey, it’s only in midlife… Read More

10 Signs Your Husband is Having a Midlife Crisis

husband putting wedding ring in pocket

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is my husband having a midlife crisis?”  Maybe his behavior has changed so suddenly, so dramatically, that you’re wondering whether there’s an impostor living in his body. Or maybe this has been building up for a while and you’re starting to get seriously worried. Either way, here’s a quick… Read More