When a Platonic Friendship in Marriage Turns Flirtatious

happy couple embracing

Some things are built for two. Teeter-totters. Loveseats. The Porsche Boxster. And yes, marriage. Which begs the question: Can a married person have a platonic friendship with another man or woman outside of their marriage? Yes, of course they can. Platonic friendships are very possible…providing there’s no attraction between the two friends and no chance … Read more

No, They May Not Be “Just Friends.” It May Be an Affair (or Getting There).

man and woman flirting

So, I’m just wondering… whatever happened to trusting one’s own gut? Is it unfashionable to do so? Politically incorrect? Fattening? There must be a reason that so many people have stopped doing it, especially when it comes to their own relationships. As a marital mediator who works with spouses trying to overcome infidelity and broken … Read more