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Date Night Ideas

Date Night – A Smart Move

Tonight, you’re going to class up date night with a game that every couple should know—chess. Not only does the ability to play this sophisticated game provide a wonderful way for you and your spouse to spend time together, it also makes you smarter. Yes, it really does. Playing chess has been proven to sharpen… Read More

Date Night – Brie and Beyond . . .

happy couple having a meal

This bite-sized date night idea, courtesy of relationship author Don Macleod, incorporates the three F’s—food, film and fun. Food: Baked brie with all the fixings What you’ll need: A wheel of brie cheese; a jar of green pesto sauce; a jar of red pepper jelly; bagel crisps or crusty bread; whole olives; red grapes This… Read More

Date Night – To the Moon and Back

This illuminating date night is courtesy of relationship author Don Macleod. For most of us, the car is a utilitarian thing—it takes us to and from work, to and from the grocery store, to and from our kids’ school, whatever. Sure, we might take the occasional summer road trip with our family—but that’s not typically… Read More

Date Night – A Splash of Color

Do you know what one of the biggest trends is right now? Adult coloring books. Some of them are gorgeous and the pencil crayons that go with them are definitely a step up from those broken-tip cheapies you had stuffed into your pencil case as a kid. The popularity of this craft speaks to the… Read More

Date Night – The Godfather of Good Pizza

couple enjoying a night together

This date night idea, courtesy of relationship author Don Macleod, incorporates the three F’s—food, film and fun. It’s Friday night. You’ve had a busy week, and you’re beat. You want to make something different for supper, but you don’t have the energy for a fifteen-ingredient gourmet meal that’ll have you laboring over the stove for… Read More

Date Night – Drive Home and Drive-In

happy couple enjoying themselves

I know a lot of date nights involve a couple going out to eat or see a show. But the truth is, after a hectic week of work, Deb and I are often so beat that all we want to do is crash at home and avoid seeing other people. Being the party animals that… Read More

Date Night – How to Be a Five-Star Couple

Marriage SOS date night

This date night idea is courtesy of relationship author Don Macleod. I recently read somewhere that people are ten times more likely to leave a negative review online than a positive one. That means that negative reviews may often be disproportionately represented. On top of that, just think for a moment about how impossible it… Read More

Date Night – The Best Non-Date Night Ever!

I’ve had some great date nights with Debra. Fun nights. Romantic nights. Humorous nights. But one of my favorite date nights probably doesn’t meet the criteria to even be a date night. I had been working non-stop for nearly a month and a half—quite literally without a single day’s break in that time—and was getting… Read More