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Should I End My Marriage or End My Affair?

An unfaithful spouse is an easy target to demonize. That’s why so many spouses who have strayed from their marriage find it a challenge to track down non-moralizing help when...Read More

Micro-Cheating, Entanglements, and Infidelity

couple kissing with sunset in background

The first time I heard the word entanglement being tossed around the internet, I was encouraged – I thought the buzz was drawing attention to seal entanglements, an ocean life...Read More

“Why Can’t I Communicate With My Husband / Wife?” What To Do When Your Marriage is Falling Apart

Defensive husbands. Emotional wives. Marriages full of heated arguments, cold shoulders, adult temper tantrums, childish meltdowns, constant criticism and stupid misunderstandings...Read More

Is A “Partner Predator” Circling Your Spouse?

woman texting husband irritated

You’re having a nice coffee date with your wife when her phone chimes with a new text.  She reads it, giggles, and starts texting this other person back.  You know who it...Read More

When Your Husband Says He “Loves” The Other Woman

As if discovering your husband has had or is having an affair isn’t bad enough, it often happens – very often happens – that an unfaithful husband will say that he...Read More

Can You Save Your Marriage Alone? Yes – Try These 5 Tips

couple embracing

Can one spouse save a marriage?  The short answer is yes.  It can happen.  It happens all the time. In fact, the reason that I take a “one spouse” approach in my practice...Read More

“My Husband Is Getting Bored with Me. What Can I Do?”

unhappy couple

By Special Contributor Don Macleod. We’re all invested in our marriages, and not just financially. We also invest our emotions in our marriage. We put our love and trust in our...Read More

How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Husband’s Affair

worried woman

If your husband has been – or is being – unfaithful, or if he’s showing less love and commitment to you than he used to, it’s very likely you’ve heard words along...Read More

How to Handle the Holidays and Family that You Wish Wasn’t

two dogs in christmas suits

Every year as Christmas approaches, the inevitable questions begin to arise in households not just across the country, but around the world. “Do we really need to go to your...Read More

Beyond the Affair – “Can I Ever Trust My Spouse Again?”

man looking at phone in secret

It’s a question every betrayed spouse will ask at some point – “Can I ever trust him (or her) again?”  It’s a reasonable and yet unanswerable question.  The truth is,...Read More