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Are Marriage-Saving Online Programs the Future of Marriage Help?

Online Marriage Help

You’ve heard it before – the future is now.  There is no doubt that people are increasingly turning away from traditional brick-and-mortar and in-person services, and instead choosing quicker, more convenient options.  Retail stores are being supplanted by online shopping, law offices by online legal chat services, and bank tellers by online banking. It is no different when it comes to the marriage help profession.

The truth is, receiving in-person marriage help can be a real pain.  First, it’s often the case that only one partner wants to attend – that’s particularly so when it comes to issues like affairs, inappropriate “friendships” or marriage-damaging midlife crises.  It is usually the betrayed spouse who wants to go, while their partner is resistant, perhaps even continuing with the difficult or disloyal behavior.

If a hurt spouse does manage to convince their partner to attend, there is no guarantee that partner will be honest or cooperative during the session. As a result, the marriage problem may get even worse.  That’s what happens when you bang your head against a brick wall, even if that wall happens to be in a counselor’s or coach’s office.  The wound gets bigger.

And then there are the little things – the downtown parking, the scheduling conflicts, the awkwardness of sitting across from a stranger and telling them your problems, the necessary small-talk and piecemeal advice doled out over weeks or months, the ongoing appointments and payments.  It may be worth it – especially if both spouses are completely on board and find a great practitioner – but it’s just as likely that the whole thing will either be pointless or counterproductive. Marriage counseling has a poor success rate, partly because of these factors and partly because many people simply wait too long to get help (again, that’s what happens when a resistant partner won’t attend or won’t wholeheartedly participate in the process).

That’s why it’s only natural that many marriage professionals have taken their services online. That includes Marriage SOS, a leading site for targeted, online marriage help in the form of audio-based programs.

If you find yourself faced with a spouse’s infidelity or other problematic behavior, no longer must you reduce yourself to pleading or threatening them to attend an office session. No longer must you endure a pointless or counterproductive session, thinking it’s your best and only shot.

Rather, you can begin to educate and empower yourself, as an individual, to manage the situation almost immediately, at your own pace and convenience, in your own private space.  You can begin to equip yourself with the usable insights and practical strategies you need to navigate your partner’s uncooperative or untrustworthy behavior and your responses to that behavior.  Isn’t that exactly what you hope to learn in a professional’s office?  If so, online marriage help – right now – may be your best chance of giving your marriage a future.




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