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About Don

Don and Debra Macleod in NYC

Don Macleod is an internationally-published relationship and intimacy author, a frequent contributor to Marriage SOS, and the taller half of Debra and Don Macleod.

You will find some of his articles on this site – you’ll recognize them from the tag “- A Man’s Perspective.”

Don is the co-creator and co-narrator of the Marriage SOS online program, New You, Renewed Marriage // Improving Interactions & Intimacy.

While Debra’s background as a couples mediator means that she tends to focus on issues such as infidelity, inappropriate friendships and so on, Don’s experience as an intimacy author means he tends to focus more on the physical side of things. He believes that “the couple who plays together stays together” and his various top-selling books demonstrate this philosophy.

In this way, Debra and Don take a “work and play” approach that has helped thousands of couples overcome areas of specific marriage conflict (e.g. affairs) and then go on to enjoy the best sex lives possible, tackling everything from disparate sex drives to bedroom boredom.