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5 Tips to Rebuild Intimacy After an Affair (or other Marriage Problem)

5 Tips to Rebuild Intimacy After an Affair (or other Marriage Problem)

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For couples who are emerging from the storm of an affair or other serious marriage problem, one of the biggest challenges can be how to reclaim their intimacy—specifically their sexual intimacy—once the crisis has passed and they’re basically on the road to recovery.  

This is something Debra Macleod talks about in her materials, but here, her author-husband Don Macleod offers more “hands on” (if you’ll excuse the  pun) advice on to how to approach your love life after an infidelity or other issue that has strained your marriage.

I’ve had betrayed spouses say that sex with their spouse, even after they’re well into the healing period, “feels wrong” or “feels dirty” or “feels mechanical” or some sentiment that similarly expresses the feeling that intimacy isn’t….well, intimate.  That’s why instead of focusing on the mechanics of sex, you may wish to focus on the bonding aspects of it, specifically those delivered via the principles of Tantric sex.  Here, I’m just going to distill what is obviously a very large area of practice down into five of its most essential elements.

Tip #1 - Have a "Sacred Space"

I always encourage couples to ensure their bedroom is a sanctuary and that concept comes from Tantric sex and the idea of having a “sacred space” within which to be intimate—because as far as Tantra is concerned, sex is a sacred activity for a couple to engage in. While you don’t need to drag a marble altar into your bedroom, you do need to make sure its design sets an intimate mood. When you know you’re going to be close, ensure your bedroom is free of distractions, including anything that chimes with a notification or has a tendency to claw at a closed door (translation: put the cat out!).  Prepare in advance for uninterrupted couple time.

Tip #2 - Have a "Pre-Sex" Ritual

Like any sacred activity, there’s a role for ritual. Instead of just jumping into bed and getting down to business, you can bring more meaning and intimacy to the experience by consciously preparing.  Share a bath or take a shower together, perhaps giving each other head-to-toe body shampoos, literally and symbolically “cleansing” yourselves for what is about to happen. It doesn’t matter if it seems kind of strange or silly. Once you get started, you won’t care.  

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Tip #3 - Engage Your Senses

Tantric sex is very focused on the senses. Therefore, try to engage all five of yours:

Sight: Try dim lighting like candlelight, or even a softly colored light bulb in your bedside table lamp.

Sound: Play some soft music or spa-type music.

If you have a TV in your bedroom, you can combine sight and sound by finding a romantic video online: I’m not talking about pornography or erotica here (although that’s fine if you’re both into it), but rather one of those “love frequency” videos that have soothing tones and pleasurable lighting.

Touch: The feel of new bed linen (satin feels great) to rest on, combined with a few nicely textured luxurious cushions, can quite literally change the way your bed “feels” against your skin.

Smell:  A bit of cologne or perfume can go a long way (guys: you’ll notice a said a bit of cologne!) Women may prefer to use a lightly fragranced body lotion and burn incense, fragranced candles, or another type of aromatherapy in your bedroom. 

Taste:  Rinse your mouth with strong minty mouthwash before meeting in bed.  Flavored body dust can also add a delicious extra to the taste of your skin (don’t skimp here—invest in a high-quality brand).

Tip #4 - Get Into Position

The “lotus” is the classic Tantric lovemaking position. The man sits cross-legged and his female partner straddles him: in this seated position, they can wrap their arms and legs around each other (if you’re not familiar with this position, look for an image online—a picture says a thousand words).  This position emphasizes closeness and eye contact in a way that no other position really does.  It also creates an aura of loving intimacy, since your bodies are so close.  Importantly, the lotus position naturally keeps the pace of thrusting and lovemaking slow and steady, thus avoiding the rush to reach climax.  So keep eye contact, focus on your breathing, keep talking and feeling that skin-to-skin contact, and let nature take its slow course.

Just a little more on this: many betrayed spouses feel that if they have sex with their partner they are somehow “rewarding” them. Betrayed spouses also regularly express the concern (or sometimes resentment) that their partner is only interesting in “getting off.” These concerns can be greatly allayed by the sweet, slow, and steady lovemaking that the lotus position creates.

Tip #5 - Post-Coital Cuddling

If you both want to fall asleep immediately afterward, great.  Do it.  However, if you’re the one who has broken trust in your marriage, you should ensure that you’re not falling asleep first. That’s often hard for men to do, but do it anyway – sit up, have some water, do whatever it takes. Take your cues from your partner.  If they want to stay up for a while and cuddle, or have some pillow talk, or even share a snack and watch a little TV, then follow their lead. This is all about reconnecting and reclaiming your intimacy as a couple, and there are many ways to do that.  Sometimes it’s sex, and sometimes it’s a snack tray.

How Long Will It Take To Reconnect?

That’s an impossible question to answer. Yet even here we can take a page from the ancient book of Tantric wisdom: keep looking into each other’s eyes, keep breathing, keep talking. Spend quality time together in an intimate way. Don’t rush the process. Like anything else, you’ll find your own ways to use the principles of Tantric intimacy. You’ll love some things that you try, and you won’t care for others. But as long as you care for each other, you will reconnect as loving partners.