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Marriage expert Debra Macleod, BA, JD, specializes in cases where one spouse is more motivated to save the marriage from an emotional or physical affair, midlife crisis, arguing or apathy. And if you’re facing any of those, you need to proceed smartly, quickly and confidently.

With their no-nonsense approach and high success rate, Marriage SOS™ Online Crash Courses deliver instant-access practical guidance to help you manage your spouse’s behavior, end this marriage crisis and reconnect in a renewed way. So choose your course below, press play on any device and start listening your way out of misery and conflict.

Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses

If your spouse had an affair, it’s time to stop crying, arguing, worrying or wondering. This essential online program can help you pull your marriage off the dead-end path an affair has put it on.

Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship

Maybe it isn’t an affair, at least not yet. But if you feel like there are three people in your marriage, this one-of-a-kind online program can help you end the divided loyalties and give your marriage a new start.

Overcoming Infidelity // For Spouses Who Stray

Whether you succumbed to an affair or a stupid mistake, whether you do or don’t care about the other person, this online program can help you think clearly, restore calm, and keep your marriage intact.

New You, Renewed Marriage // Improving Interactions & Intimacy

Has your marriage lost its warmth, good humor and intimacy? This creative, essential online program is a must-have resource for anyone needing to inject some passion and peace back into their marriage.

Getting Through the Day // Stay Strong, Smart & Focused

Stop letting your fears, emotions or obsessive, over-analyzing thoughts get the better of you! Stop letting them prevent you from doing what you know must be done to save your marriage.

All-Access Crash Courses Bundle

Perhaps you’re working alone and trying to learn everything you can to save your marriage, hopeful that your spouse will join in once you put what you learn into practice. Or perhaps you’re already working together. Either way, this 5-course bundle is an indispensable all-in-one marriage-saving option (and at a significant savings over individually purchased courses, it’s an economical one too).

Help for an Unhappy Phenomenon

The Shut-Out Wife: Breaking Through Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis

Based on the Marriage SOS™ Online Program Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives.

While a marriage can suffer from all kinds of problems at any stage, and while there is a variety of affair types—ongoing, tech-based, co-worker—there is one problem, and one affair type that is guaranteed to throw a woman’s life into turmoil precisely at the time she doesn’t need it. And that’s her husband’s midlife crisis and midlife affair.

Indeed, it is an unhappy phenomenon. A once loving husband turns cold and inaccessible. His attitude, behavior and choices—from self-focus and new female “friendships” to confusion and mixed messages, and even infidelity—create a divide between him and his wife, making her feel “shut out” of his life and locked out of her own marriage.

Enter Debra Macleod’s The Shut-Out Wife. Drawing on her background as a couples mediator, relationship author, “Fair, but Aware” approach and over two decades of experience working with couples, the author offers the shut-out wife a plainspoken, powerful guide to help her successfully manage her husband’s midlife crisis, break through his cold front, and bring both warmth and dignity back to her life and marriage.

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60-Minute Breakthrough Intensive

Marriage problems? Spouse won’t agree to get help? Maybe he or she won’t even agree to stop doing what they’re doing. Well, don’t panic. And don’t keep fighting about it.

Book a one-on-one 60-minute breakthrough intensive phone consult with Debra instead. You’ll dive into what’s happening and try to come up with some insights and strategies that can prompt a positive change in your situation, all from the comfort of your car, desk or favorite park bench. (Phone consults are only available in North America.)

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From the first word to the last, I felt like you reached into the chaos of my marriage, sat me down at your table and said, ‘Now listen up, this is what you’re going to do.’ I am still surprised by how fast things changed once I started using your strategies. I truly thank you.” – Cara

Is Marriage SOS™ Right for You?

When faced with your spouse’s unfaithful or otherwise uncooperative behavior, you need to cope with your feelings—but you also need to keep thinking. What are the best (and worst!) ways for you to handle what is happening in a practical sense? What words and actions are most likely to motivate your spouse to prioritize your marriage? Debra Macleod’s Marriage SOS™ resources can help you answer those questions and reconnect with your spouse. And since they’re cognizant of the urgency involved when it comes to marriage crises, they strive to do this as quickly and clearly as possible. You’ll know they’re right for you if any of the below points resonate:

Fast, Focused and Fair Help

It’s never been tougher for a woman to keep her marriage together. Debra Macleod’s resources rise to the challenge.

It can be hard for a man to find relevant, male-friendly relationship help. Debra Macleod’s resources deliver.

Meet Debra

image of Debra Macleod

Debra Macleod, BA, JD, is an international marriage author-expert. While working as a divorce mediator post-law school, Debra saw how existing forms of marriage help were failing too many people. Wanting to offer an alternative, she shifted the focus of her practice to marriage-saving mediation, thus pioneering a new and effective form of marriage help. Today, she offers premium guidance plus tricks of the marriage-saving trade to help the more motivated spouse reconnect with their distant or difficult partner.

Debra’s proven method, straightforward style, “Fair, but Aware” approach and 20+ years of experience have helped countless people rebuild their marriage on the foundation of a romantic partnership. She has served as an expert resource for major media worldwide, from The New York Times and Entrepreneur to ELLE and Men’s Health magazine.