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Hurt or confused by your spouse's affair, "friendship" or midlife crisis? Find out why Debra Macleod's

Marriage SOS

relationship-saving practice is unique, and uniquely effective

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“After law school, I specialized in mediation, soon opening my Marriage SOS practice and using my skill set to help couples stay together rather than divorce. As a mediator, I had to manage three things: 1. difficult, at times dishonest, people; 2. confusing, emotional situations, and; 3. myself, so that I could think clearly and strategically enough to create a fair and reasonably positive process, and achieve the desired outcome.

These are the same things YOU must manage to overcome your partner’s affair, inappropriate friendship or midlife crisis.

I can help you do that. In fact, I’ve been helping people like you for almost twenty years. My no-nonsense approach offers a powerful alternative to counseling and questionable coaching systems. My practice provides the kinds of usable insights and workable strategies that are often woefully lacking in the marriage help business, and is the go-to resource for individual spouses who are looking for plainspoken help – I’ll certainly do my best to provide it.” – Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B.

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Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses

Are you struggling with your spouse’s affair, untrustworthy behavior, manipulations or lack of cooperation? Do you need no-nonsense help to get through it and motivate your spouse to step up? If so, try this online audio + multimedia program. *Now on special.

Prevent Infidelity // End Their Inappropriate Friendship

Worried that your spouse is more than “just friends” with another person? This empowering online audio + multimedia program can help you assertively manage your spouse’s difficult behavior while motivating them to end the friendship and prioritize your marriage. 

Conquer His Midlife Crisis // Strategies for Wives

Has your husband said “I love you, but I’m not in love with you?” Is he self-indulgent, unfaithful or manipulative? If his love is fading, you need to act, and fast. This online audio + multimedia program helps you regain his love and desire. *Now on special.

Transform Your Marriage // From Apathy To Passion

Do you ever feel like your spouse has lost their passion for you? Are you tired of feeling unwanted, bored, alone or afraid it may be over? If you feel your marriage is fading, don’t give up! This enjoyable, empowering online audio + multimedia program can help you restore its vibrancy, fast. 

Stop "Fighting" to Get Along // For Individuals & Couples

Have things like bickering, negativity, blame, defensiveness, criticism and self-focus taken over your marriage? Do you and/or your spouse have unpleasant personality traits? This innovative, highly usable online audio + multimedia program can help you become lovers, not fighters! 

Getting Through The Day // Stay Strong, Smart & Focused

Do you obsess about your marriage problems? Do you over-analyze your spouse? Do you let your emotions or fears take over so that you’re sabotaging your own efforts to save your marriage? If so, this life-changing online audio + multimedia program can help you get a grip! 

Talk to me, One-on-one

“From problematic opposite-sex friendships to full-scale affairs, from midlife crises to a loss of intimacy, from arguing to apathy and marriages on the brink of divorce – I can handle it all. Book a telephone session with me for fast, focused help. Every day I talk to people just like you from their couches, desks and cars. So get yourself a good cup of coffee, find a private place to talk and let’s figure it out. One hour can make a big difference in your life.” – Debra Macleod

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From the first word to the last, I felt like you literally reached into the chaos of my marriage, sat me down at your table and said, “Now listen up, sweetheart, this is what you’re going to do.” I listened to the whole program twice over the span of one weekend, and then went back and completed the workbook, which to be honest was a very personal and emotional experience for me. So basically within two or three days I was a changed woman! And yes, that has made a massive change – for the better – in the way my husband treats me and the choices he is making. I truly thank you. (Cara, Troy, AL)