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Do you wish there was a faster, easier, and proven way to reclaim your marriage from your spouse’s emotional or physical affair, midlife crisis, or apathy?

Debra Macleod’s Marriage SOS™ has empowered millions of people worldwide to do just that, and can similarly empower you. Explore your options today.

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Take Back Your Life and Your Marriage

With her no-nonsense approach and high success rate, marriage expert Debra Macleod, BA, JD, Med, can help you make it happen. 

Her Marriage SOS™ online crash courses are packed with the insights and strategies you need to properly manage your spouse’s untrustworthy, uncooperative, or ambivalent behavior, end your marriage crisis, and reconnect.

No coddling, no ongoing sessions, no filler. Just effective expert guidance compiled over Debra’s years in practice, and presented in a format that can truly help you solve your problem and have the life and marriage you want.

Six Problems, Six Solutions

Read real course-taker feedback for specific Marriage SOS™ online crash courses. Or keep scrolling to find the program that applies to you, and tap on the image to see more.

“I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t found you.”

Resolve, Reconnect, Rebuild: The Smart Way

When faced with your spouse’s infidelity or other hurtful or marriage-undermining behavior, you need to cope with your feelings—but you also need to keep thinking, and thinking smartly. What are the best, and worst, ways for you to handle what is happening in a practical sense? What words or actions are most likely to motivate your spouse to prioritize you and your marriage?

Debra Macleod’s Marriage SOS™ is a powerful marriage-saving approach that helps you use your head, not just your heart, to properly manage and resolve this crisis, reconnect with your husband or wife, and rebuild a stronger marriage from the rubble of what has happened. You’ll know it’s right for you if any the below points resonate: 

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1-Hour Intensive Phone Consult

Phone consults with Debra Macleod are a little different. Instead of trying to book ongoing sessions, Debra tries to make as much headway as possible in a single purposeful yet low-stress session. If you’ve taken a crash course but need a little reassurance or extra support, or if you’ve never taken a crash course but are looking for some fresh insight and key strategies to help you turn things around in your situation, an intensive one-on-one phone consult might be exactly what you need. One hour can help you turn an important corner.

“I needed this. I needed this. I needed this.”

Fast, Fair, and Focused Help

It’s never been tougher for a woman to keep her marriage together – but you can do it, and I will do my best to help. 

It can be a challenge for a man to find relationship help that he can actually use – I do my very best to provide it.

Debra Macleod

About Debra

Debra Macleod, B.A., J.D., Med., is an international marriage expert, marital mediator and coach, and the creator of Marriage SOS™. Her no‑nonsense style, innovative method, “Fair, but Aware” approach, and two decades of experience have helped countless people rebuild their marriage on the foundation of a romantic partnership. Debra offers a professional alternative to counseling and specializes in cases where one spouse is currently more motivated to work on the marriage. She takes pride in delivering high value, relevant, and exceptionally practical content, and has served as an expert resource for major media around the world, from The New York Times and Entrepreneur to ELLE and Men’s Health magazine.