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Use your head, not your heart, to save your marriage.

Debra Macleod’s Marriage SOS offers a professional, practical and proven approach to help spouses save their marriage from their partner’s affair, midlife crisis, apathy and more.

For twenty years, it has been a no-nonsense resource for millions worldwide. See if it’s right for you.

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When faced with a spouse’s unfaithful, apathetic or uncooperative behavior, you need to cope with your feelings – but you also need to keep thinking, and thinking smartly. What are the best, and worst, ways for you to handle what is happening in a practical sense? What words or actions are most likely to motivate your spouse to prioritize you and your marriage, given what is happening in your particular situation? Debra Macleod’s Marriage SOS provides immediate, highly detailed resources that can help you manage and overcome your marriage crisis. You’ll know they’re right for you if any of the below points resonate:

Your premium online option 

Listen your way out of misery, conflict, and confusion with these immersive “crash course” style online programs. They deliver fast, focused insights and strategies to help you turn your situation around as quickly and painlessly as possible, and at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise take to obtain this level of top-tier marriage-saving guidance.

If your spouse has had – or is having – an affair, this essential program delivers urgent and at times unconventional strategies to pull your marriage off the dead-end path an affair has put it on.

If you feel like there are three people in your marriage, you need to stop worrying, wondering, and having pointless arguments about it. This crash course can help you turn things around.

If you’re worried that you’re losing your husband to a midlife crisis, it’s time to stop analyzing or questioning him. This bold program can remind him, and you, just how amazing your marriage is.

Whether you succumbed to an affair or a stupid mistake, whether you do or don’t care about the other person, this program can help you think clearly, restore calm, and keep your marriage intact.

Has your marriage lost its warmth, good humor and intimacy? This crash course is a must-have resource for anyone needing to inject some passion and peace back into their marriage.

Stop letting your fears, emotions or obsessive, over-analyzing thoughts get the better of you! Stop letting them prevent you from doing what you know must be done to save your marriage.


From the first word to the last, I felt like you reached into the chaos of my marriage, sat me down and said, “Now listen up, sweetheart, this is what you’re going to do.” I am still surprised by how precisely your program mirrored what was happening to me, and how fast things changed once I wised up and started using your strategies. I truly thank you. – Cara

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talk to debra, one-on-one

Book a one-on-one telephone consultation with Debra for relaxed and plainspoken relationship help from the comfort of your car, couch, or favorite park bench, with a cup of coffee in hand. Conversations are informal, supportive and solution-focused. Rather than rebooking endless sessions, Debra tries to make as much headway as possible in a single consult – the goal is to fast-track you to a better understanding of your problem and brainstorm ideas that can actually make things better.  

Fees: $400 USD / hour

Debra Macleod

About Debra

Debra Macleod, B.A., J.D. is a marital mediator and coach whose innovative method, “Fair, but Aware” approach, and two decades of experience have helped countless people rebuild their marriage on the foundation of a romantic partnership. Debra offers a practical, plainspoken alternative to counseling and specializes in cases where one spouse is currently more motivated to work on the marriage. She takes pride in delivering high value, relevant and usable content, and has served as an expert resource for major media around the world, from The New York Times and Entrepreneur to Bridal Guide Magazine and TODAY.


You have a personal yet sometimes forceful tone, and I needed that. He ended the affair, and we are doing better than we have in years. I have hope again. – Anika

fast, fair, and focused help

It’s never been tougher for a woman to keep her marriage together – but you can do it, and I will do my best to help. 

It can be a challenge for a man to find relationship help that he can actually use – I do my very best to provide it.


After hearing nothing but “I don’t know what I want” for so long from him, it is beyond wonderful to feel wanted by him again. I will always be grateful to you. – Suyin